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Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies and his group of researchers have done a DEEP dive into the history and the lineage of the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab. He shares their shocking discoveries in this audio, with AIM4Truth’s Douglas Gabriel.

Klaus Schwab was born in Nazi Germany in 1938. His Jewish mother fled the country, forced to abandon her year-old son with Klaus’ father, whose family businesses were Nazi collaborators.

Over the course of Schwab’s life, he has ingratiated himself to the royal houses of the Holy Roman Empire, with the goal of consolidating Europe – and now the world – under the control of their Swiss bankers, aka “the Gnomes of Basel”.

Excellent background information on those who would would enslave you and the entire planet – do not miss this!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I think the time is ripe to beginn the fight avInst the LIBERLFASCISM of oligarchs and their hunting dogs…

  • “On the morning of 11 September 2001, Klaus Schwab sat having breakfast in the Park East Synagogue in New York City with Rabbi Arthur Schneier, former Vice President for the World Jewish Congress and close associate of the Bronfman and Lauder families. Together, the two men watched one of the most impactful events of the next twenty years unfold as planes struck the World Trade Center buildings. Now, two decades on, Klaus Schwab again sits in a front row seat of yet another generation-defining moment in modern human history.”

    • Bevor you talk about Switzerland, look about Delaware, City of London, Vatikan and then Listen to Corey Good, Smith and Gene Decode about the DUMBS and who/what is really behind all this, Then you’ll realize that Switzerland ist nothing against that‼️‼️

  • You confuse Ravensburg (Lake Konstanz) with KZ Ravensbrück 1000 km away north of Berlin. Kind regards from Germany

  • I am a Swiss and I woke up 20 years ago. Yes, Switzerland is the centre of all the evil, CERN, GAVI, WHO, UNO, Human rights which is a total scam, Basel 2 and 3 etc.

    We have even a fountain that is called the Kinderfresser Brunnen in Bern.

    Klaus is wellcomed in Davos. There are few Swiss who want to see the reality about our neutrality.

    Thank ou for this information

    Sibylle Gabriel

    • “Neutral Switzerland” is the epicenter of worldwide corruption! WHO, BIS (Headquarter of Central Banks), WEF, TIR, Glencore, Nestle, and so many other global players are settled here. Yes, Switzerland neutrally is in bed with Good and Evil.

      By the way, I’m also from Switzerland, living near Bern!

      • I think the time is ripe to beginn the fight avInst the LIBERALFASCISM of oligarchs and their hunting dogs…

    • would love to know more about the zeta agenda on the planet and the jewish dna… any links please

  • Douglas in this audio states that “Rastenburg should have been first in the allies Carpet Bombing campaign.” I find this alarming that he is advocating that it was O.K. to Genocide the Germans. Dresden itself was incinerated by the ‘Royal Air Force’ on February 13-14, 1945, this undefended city with one million citizens with refugees. This city was known for her beauty & was referred as ‘Florence of the north” which is another reason why Dresden was a target. Estimates of 400,00 burned alive in this holocaust was said to be a gift for Stalin from Britain. Other cities such as Hamburg had 100,000 burned alive, then there was Munich, Berlin, Nuremberg, Darmstadt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Wurzburg, the list goes on. These ‘Carpet Bombing’ carrying White Phosphorus is the reason why the Allies have to keep their Lies alive, there is No ‘Statute of Limitations’ for War Crimes!

    • I, too, have lived with the abhorrence to the monster who bombed Dresden and the power which allowed it to be executed. They all should have been arrested and executed.

      But isn’t the concept of a merciful war an oxymoron?

      However, in defense of Douglas, it is well to understand that we are in a war and have been, and each of us must decide the relative values of life versus slavery and subjugation subject to demeaning and dehumanizing torture of various sorts.

      Douglas appears to be fighting on the right side of this conflict and having been affiliated with and trained as a warrior. he understands the concept of peripheral casualties.

      All of these are difficult moral issues – war, conflict, purposeful murder of combatants and the peripheral death of innocents, but to say that our protection and the stability of civilization which comes with it does not necessitate armed conflict is not realistic.

      The world is simply not ideal. So how does one resolve the discrepancy between the moral ideal and the actual conditions of reality.

      I undestand Douglas’s emotion. I, too, am convinced that the genocide of the Royals is required in order to resolve their persistent commitment to tyranny over humankind.

      They will never quit. They will never go away. They are not sane humans and must be dis-empowered and either killed or permanently imprisoned. They must not regenerate their deranged genetics in the form of descendants. They all must die.

      Perhaps, Douglas shares this conviction which I hold and it found an impulsive expression.

      Douglas is manic, but a genius, as are many of us manics, and a poorly considered impulsivity is one of the signs of this brain function.

      • Douglas Gabriel spoke the truth back 5 years ago in an live video when he first appeared on ‘Aim4Truth’ It was an hour long as he was speaking to Americans where we are & how we came to this point. He explained things that I was familiar with & went into depth of all these branches of International governments, as much as he could for an hour. In that video he exposed what I had already learned throughout time, that these institutions are indeed the dictators of WW1 & WW2. Now 5 years later Douglas comes in full circle to put the blame on those big bad “nazi’s.” If you did not get that in this audio then you did not listen. & Yes, “our protection & stability” has never necessitated armed conflict. We went looking for it! WW1 & WW2 should have never been fought.

        • Victoria,

          Respectfully, are not these comments reflecting a view which is ignoring the condition of reality that the rule of violence is dictated by the lowest common denominator of human beings who are will to initiate It?

          Our Genes are 98.5% shared with chimpanzees and human history is nothing but a litany of territorial homicides just as with primate behavior.

          Murder and power have always been inextricably locked and the failure of people to see the obvious has continually confounded me.

          You are looking at a microcosm in your statements and not thinking of the broader history and nature of our human condition, in my opinion.

          Perhaps, our disagreement is more emerging from a difference in analytic approach and mentation than absorbing the opinions of others.

          Buddhist philosophy accurately teaches that the broader the system of reference, the better the intellectual vision.

          Kindest Regards,


          • Valdez is my husbands name, so I will not speak for him. I myself am European & I am not from a chimpanzee. You might want to visit a real anthropologist, Robert Sepehr website ‘Atlantean Gardens.’ Titles: The Rise of the sons of Aryas. & History of Atlantis and the Lost Tribes (Cro Magnon DNA). & Ancient DNA of Egypt and the Middle East (Caucasian blue eyed fair skin inhabited the Levant 6,500 years ago).

  • you mean he’s carrying out the FASCISM of the COMMUNISTS, the BANKSTERS
    the secret societies, the royals , all the elites..HITLER saved his country UNTIL the Jew zionists
    decided they needed another World War if they were ever going to get Israel

  • I can PROVE that “royalty” is NOT descended from God!

    They needlessly persecuted others, were unkind to those below them, did not follow the major tenets in the bible, and had to borrow, or take funds.

    BANG! One sentence, and I disproved EVERY claim!

    But what does it matter? I mean they have to convince the masses!!!!! 2/3rds of the planet would tell them to get lost, because they DON’T CARE, half of the remainder are likely full atheist, and over half of the remainder know better. Some others may have tests. FOR EXAMPLE, can they walk into the ocean, and end up on the next continent? Better yet, let’s make it simpler and clearer. Can they ALONE, simply walk on dry land, to the other continent.. ALL they have to do is control the atmosphere, and gravity, to hold back a few billion tons or so of water, fall gracefully down to the floor, walk a few thousand miles, and fly u to the coast of the other continent.


  • Schwab is of the Jewish faith but he is an AschkeNAZI. This is the name of the Khasar Jews that converted to the Hebrew faith in the 8th century. (See Arthur Koestler: The 13th tribe) They are Mongols and no Semites. They pretend to be Jews. Schicklgruber’s (Hitler’s real name) grandfather was Baron Rothschild of Vienna and his later wife, Eva Braun, was also an AschkeNAZI. So were 1/3 rd of Hitler’s generals and the main traitors of the Wehrmacht. When will the sheeple finally understand the obvious: NAZi is the abbreviation of Aschkenazi and not of National Sozialists. The AschkeNAZI want the 4th Reich – of the Rich.

    • Ashkenazi jews are European jews, they were the ones who were transferred to Palestine under ‘The Transfer Agreement’, also known as ‘Haavara’ 1933-1939. Sephardic jews are the Khazarian. There has never been any evidence of any connection between Adolf being jewish or working with the bankers.

      • To further expand on this, it was the Sephardic jews from the Turkish Region that was dictating to the European jews in Germany throughout the 1930’s. The German jews persisted to say to their brother jews “we do not have it bad here in Germany.” So the Sephardic are the ones who created this false narrative of the holocaust to get fire under their jewish distant (by blood) brothers in Germany. It was after WW2 their was a huge migration of Sephardic jews to the new Israel. This would cause a Race division among the 2 groups of jews. Saudi Arabia, which was formed after WW1 from the ‘Ottoman Empire’ are Sephardic jews as well.

  • Glad to ear from you again
    I still like to explain the plan : a political solution To unite all people on this planet.
    Part of the plan : OUR COMMON FUTUR
    The 1987 bruntland report.

  • Hi guys, thank you so much for this interview. I live beside Ravensburg, just 15 Miles away. You have such a profound knowledge about what happened here in my area in history. Everything what you say is so very true. But when I will speak this out in Ravensburg, they will stone me in the street, like they did it to Jesus. I worked in Switzerland in the Logistics and I saw all the illegal Transport they made. Especially for one Company in Losone which was connected to Escher Wys and Sulzer. You speak out the real truth here. There so many fake people around actually on all this channel s. You people are real truthers. Thank you so much and my best regards from down south Germany. One of the most criminal areas in the world. Criminals with white shirts and suites. Smooth criminals !!

    • Hi, bin auch aus RV, habe bei Voith gearbeitet, bin Logistiker und bin überzeugt von all dem Thesen. Eben ein echter Verschwörungstheoretiker👋

    • Reinhard, Keep in mind Douglas throughout this audio keeps stating “I think” meaning he does not have proper evidence for his claims, weather be “holocaust gas” (which has been disproven through test at the sites) or the gold, which by the time WW1 was over, Germany had no gold, if they did why could they not pay their reparations.

  • Planet of The Apes 1968 Charlton Heston
    Alien Experiment Gone Wrong?
    Test Tube Humans
    Geez sociopaths playing God
    Oh well
    At least words out now

  • Very interesting contribution! However, you should revise some of your historical views of WW2 that are outdated.

  • Who cares, the guy is 83 years old, already 2 years passed the average life expectancy in Germany. How long do you think he really has left, he is living on borrowed time.

    He might think his formidable fight is to rule the world but his real fight is with Father Time and the Grim Reaper. Some problems fix themselves.

    • They have access to unlimited numbers of transplants. Rockefeller lived to be 104 years old and had 6 hart tranplants . What other organs ? Who knows.

  • A DEEPER dive turns up Maurice Strong who co-founded the “World Economic Forum” in 1971. Then in 1982 Maurice Strong founded and Schwab co-founded the more exclusive secret “World Forum” with only 300 members, the first gathering was September 1982 at the Lodge at Vail Colorado. It was Strong who also organized the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 United Nations projects, Strong was a very high level Assistant Secretary General at the UN and was nominated to become the Secretary General. Kissinger was there in 82 at the Vail forum, it was he who rewrote the plans from Strong and Dr Muller, the plans for world domination with non-human assistance at the Baca Grande Ranch near the Sangre de Cristo, where Operation Paperclip psychics were before during and after the war.

    The director of Los Alamos Lab telling his scientist how the atom bomb was given by non-humans at Sangre de Cristo.

    It’s no secret about the UFO activity there, the early Spanish became aware of it around the time the Hapsburg dynasty arose.


      In A.D. 1695, Austro-Hungarian Count Franz Anton Sporck instituted the Order of St. Hubertus to honor St. Hubert’s memory and to promote responsible hunting and wildlife conservation. This order continues to this day as the International Order of St. Hubertus. The motto of the Order is “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligetes,” or “Honor God by Honoring His Creatures.”

      Scalia – What really happened?

      • Another piece of the puzzle !

        Herr Schwab’s WEF stakeholder ideology is Communitarian this is the brainchild of Amatai Etzioni born Frankfurt Germany 1929 named Werner Falk. Etzioni is a terrorist by his own written and published admission bombed a British Navy radar station then hero that he is ran away. Etzioni was tutored by Martin Buber ( Frankfurt School ). The EU is communitarian. Every time you see the words … change, diversity, common purpose, community etc etc you find his work being enacted. Even Bush 41 “thousand points of light” = Etzioni. Schwab recieved a million dollar cash prize from Etzioni’s adopted govt for his good works.

  • How to: how do I resume listening from where I left off.. please help? 🙏(Really awkward, I generally can’t take continuous time from work, parenting, living, to listen straight throug.. very interested, but 3rd attempt, I’m out.. much love, and thank you for your attention to this issue ✌️🙏🇺🇲🚀🦍

    • can you slide a arrow across the longest bar it shows minutes stop arrow on the bar where you left off.

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