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    Technical masterclass for educators and researchers on SARS, by Dr Richard Fleming conducted by Miles Johnston at the Bases Project has been described as, “Without doubt the most accurate, informative interview on how scientists at the behest of Dr. Fauci and the military have created increasingly dangerous viruses, deliberately designed to kill mankind on a grand scale.

    “No detail is fudged and thus, it is without doubt, a must watch for anyone whom desires to know just what is going on and whom should stand trial for crimes against humanity, including orchestrated genocide.”

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    • Confitmed my thoughts from a year ago about bioweapon,d.o.d/wuhan,Fraudci traitor,Gates of death,chimera frankenvirus h.I.v./coxsackie and dormancy plus the use of nutrition and rx cocktail as is the case with h.I.v.Someone clas action sue Fraudci,Ecohealth,Baric,gov. Officials not allowing proper treatment,bigtech colluders,lyin pfizer,moderna,j. And j. Poisoners.They want us dead,its wuite obvious.h.h.s. Official cutting checks to thesr clone clowns also needs to be sued.Judicialwatch/Tom Fitton is suing Fraudci,please support them!! 🙂

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