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    by John Bowne

    At 1:27 in the morning on March 26, 2024, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, in Baltimore Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed after the Singapore registered container ship, the Dali, named after Salvador Dali, rammed into one of only two critical support pillars taking the majority of the 1.6 mile bridge down. The Dali was headed to Colombo, Sri Lanka, with two pilots and a crew of 22.

    Lara Logan detailed how the attack was perfectly executed, saying “The two critical components on that bridge are the two load-bearing pylons on each end, closest to the shore. They are bigger, thicker and deeper than anything else. These are the anchor points and they knew that hitting either one of them would be a fatal wound to the integrity of the bridge.”

    The Biden Administration’s response was par for the course. Red Flag, it is blatantly obvious that taxpayers will pay the bill so that insurance companies don’t investigate.

    The Gateway Pundit reported that “An unclassified Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency report said the container ship Dali ‘lost propulsion’ as it was leaving port and warned Maryland officials of a possible collision.‘

    Lara Logan adding that according to “Multiple intel sources: The Baltimore bridge collapse was an ‘absolutely brilliant strategic attack’ on US critical infrastructure – most likely cyber – & our intel agencies know it. In information warfare terms, they just divided the US along the Mason-Dixon line, exactly like the Civil War.

    Logan adds “The second busiest strategic roadway in the nation for hazardous material is now down for 4-5 years – which is how long they say it will take to recover. Bridge was built specifically to move hazardous material – fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen, highly flammable materials, chemicals, and oversized cargo that cannot fit in the tunnels – that supply chain now crippled. For every $100 dollars that goes into the city, $12 comes from shipping. Believe this will cripple the city of Baltimore at a time when they do not have the resources to recover.”

    The ship’s lights can be seen being turned on and off as the ship passes by the support column. Suddenly, the lights are turned back on as the ship turns toward the support column and slams into it.

    There are also reports that a fire began on the ship which caused the Tugboats to be released 17 minutes before impact with the Francis Scott Key bridge.

    The infrastructure of the United States has been under constant attack since Biden took office. And now a key domestic supply chain has been eliminated within its interior.

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