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    Kash Patel joins Steve Bannon and he’s amped about Elon Musk’s release of the #Twitterfiles but he has a beef about him not going far enough. He says Musk appears to be withholding communications between the Twitter brass and FBI. He says it’s not rocket science to just release them and that we need to strike while the hammer is hot.

    Others say that Musk’s strategy is to drip the files out slowly, to utterly crush the Fake News in a war of attrition. If he were to dump it all in one drop, the story would be over in one news cycle but if he dribbles it out over a long period of time, it will become Chinese Water Torture for the criminals and it will smoke out different segments of the Cabal, associated with each crime revealed.

    COVID and the Death Shot are next.

    Psychopaths have no self-awareness and their reactions tend to implicate them, as different segments of the Cabal react to each drop, as the details come out about what was going on behind the scenes, when Twitter executives – in conjunction with treasonous bureaucrats – decided to de-platform the President and millions of Americans, the same Globalist goons who hatched the Russia Hoax.

    Kash says, “This is why I say that all roads lead to RussiaGate: It is the same operation that they, a private enterprise, is running with FBI and DOJ and I’m glad so many more people are forced to listen, because of the big platform that you and War Room have and Elon has and are finally forcing people to look at the suppression, the intentional malfeasance and likely, breaking of laws by the folks at Twitter.

    “And here’s the thing they have in common with the Government Gangsters at the FBI that ran RussiaGate: They never thought they would get caught.

    “They were so arrogant, they would write it down freely, just like the FBI Government Gangsters did during RussiaGate. And we found the documents, we found the receipts, as you say. And now, Taibbi and company are putting out the receipts.

    “But here’s the problem, Steve: We know they censored Donald Trump. We know they rigged an election. We know the players: Roth, Vijaya Gadde, Dorsey. I haven’t seen one email – and I’ve been challenging them to do this – that shows the communications between the FBI and Twitter Head Shed. It exists. And if it doesn’t exist, I’ve been calling on media companies, like Epoch Times, where I host my show: ‘Send FOIAs to FBI’.

    “Twitter is not a classified operation. Every meeting every FBI agent had with Twitter and Vijaya Gadde and Roth around these times is documented. Then we will learn the depths of government involvement, to break the law and violate Free Speech.

    “Like I said, I’m really happy this information’s finally getting out there but…Here’s the thing that the American People need to understand: We exposed that corruption in RussiaGate. It’s the same actors and the same cabal and the same groups at FBI that were authorized to meet by Chris Wray and Bill Barr with the Twitter Head Shed.

    “And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come in there and say, ‘Why aren’t we finding and exposing these documents?’ What I’m saying is, the promulgation of information is great but the problem we have is, right now, we have the momentum. Right now, we have the American public listening and we have to drop the hammer on the FBI’s involvement, because if we do it 2 or 3 months from now, they’re gonna come back and say, ‘Hey, that’s a War Room conspiracy. That’s Kash, he’s crazy.’

    “We have to tee it up before Congress gets the gavels in January: that the FBI was in on it. We know they were. They’ve admitted under oath to being there with Twitter. So why can’t we just release the Twitter documents with the FBI, with Vijaya Gadde and Roth?

    “That’s my biggest ask of Elon Musk. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, literally or send spaceships to the Moon to do it. You just have to release them. And the question I have for everybody, as good as they are is: why haven’t we seen that yet?”

    Steve Bannon then notes that when Kash Patel says “Government Gangsters”, it’s not like when someone at the War Room bandies about the term. Kash Patel has the highest security clearances of the US Government. When he says “Government Gangsters”, it means something and he asks Kash to elaborate.

    “It’s a term I came out with in my adult book that’s coming out in February, where basically, I list every Government Gangster that we ran into in RussiaGate, onwards. And if you go through them: the Gina Haspels, the Chris Wrays, the Rod Rosensteins, the Bill Barrs – these people – Peter Strzok, his lover and all these other people – James Baker – these people were in positions of senior leadership in government and they hijacked the service of this country for their own personal, political gain and I lay out, with specificity why these guys should be called ‘Government Gangsters’ and what they have done to destroy this country.

    “It’s not hyperbole. Go back and read the Nunes Memo. Go back and watch ‘The Plot Against the President’. Or in the spring, go read my book, ‘Government Gangsters’, which is out on presale now. 

    “The reason I came up with this term is because it’s so shocking – their conduct – that it can only be compared to Elliott Ness and Al Capone. What they have done against the American People, in violation of their oath of office has destroyed the Department of Justice, made the United States Military woke – and you’ve just reported on what’s going on on our border, as one example – and just weakened America across the globe, because they put their own egos ahead of the American People they serve and they think those offices – the FBI and the DOJ, DOD exist to serve their own ego and their own brand. And this is why they’re qualified as Government Gangsters.

    “There’s a list. I’m going to name every single one of them in my book by name. It’s probably going to get to be about a hundred people or so but you have to call these people out and we have to educate the American public to do it.

    “And this moment in time, with Elon Musk giving out all this information is our one chance at getting it all back, at educating people on RussiaGate and why RussiaGate is still prevalent today and why all roads – and these Twitter revelations – lead right back to RussiaGate.

    “They’re running the same playbook, with the private enterprise to destroy the American fabric of conservatism, because they don’t like it. And that is why those people need to go to prison.”   

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thank you Kash Patel and all those who have the courage and tenacity to dig and do that which is needed to SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

      • It is a little stretch to many people to suspect him of being a shill.
        But Elon’s success seems very similar to Zuckerburg’s success (which is said to be backed by CIA).
        After years of researches on things called “conspiracy theories”, I find that many of them seem to be true, and you can listen to many theories and put up puzzle of your own, BUT it’s safe NOT to trust anybody unless you know them in person.
        It’s OK to dig into rabbit hole a bit, but make sure to also dig into multiple directions that you won’t get stuck into one hole.

    • Looking at Brazil, where Bolsonaro has 80% approval ratings yet lost the election to a criminal. Then looking at millions of Bolsonaro supporters in the streets for more than a month in every city shows how real population with bolls behaves. Now, the military declared that Bolsonaro is the true president.
      Our people are in needs to surgically remove the sofas from their arses and show that we can be as good as the GREAT BRAZIAN PEOPLE.

    • “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” Just as soon as we can get these crooks out of office, we’ll be able to get our crooks back in office. This country has bee in a “state of emergency “, since FDR, put us in it in 1933. We have been held hostage by the Rothschild Banks for 240 years. Ever since George III, I mean George Washington, gave Alexander Hamilton, who used Rothschild Money, the first Charter for the US Bank. They have owned the US Treasury, from the start. And with that, they began to take more and more power from the people. With the bank, all things are possible. And until the the bank is crushed, nothing can be done. So keep putting phony Representatives in office, who are OWNED by the bank. “No one is more hopelessly enslaved as he who thinks he’s free “. Only Direct Democracy can free us. And people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claim, “…that’s mob rule “, are nothing more than controlled opposition. And yes, Direct Democracy is mob rule. The whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. Again, the lone voice in the wind thanks Alexandria, for a chance to speak. Capt Joe Kelley.

      • I guess that just about 90% of them are controlled opposition if not 100% whether they do it intentionally or not
        which is similar to us still depending on corrupt bank and money, because otherwise we won’t be able to survive on this planet
        We can’t really handle the truth 100% correctly, because our perception is slightly different
        What’s the truth? Define it yourself, respect others too and find the middle ground

      • Hey Joe
        My thoughts exactly:

        WE gotta have our own BIG TENT political party: THE CONSENSUS PARTY
        7/8s support or we draw a name out of a barrel (SORTITION).

        7/8s support or we rescind the law (RESCISSION).

        If you know somebody’s name (and they haven’t already been suicided) then the chance that they are too compromised or too inept, is too likely for them to ever be trusted with a leadership role.

        (And one of those two possibilities covers Trump’s personnel and other questionable choices.)


        As “government” may be defined (and notice how Rothbardians and other pseudo-libertarians NEVER define their “enemy”) as “one or more persons who claim natural resources, are willing and able to defend those resources, and make and enforce decisions regarding the allocation of those resources”, ANY Constitution is (in the immortal words of Dick Cheney’s puppet) “just a goddam piece of paper”. All that matters is whether or not you can enforce your decisions regarding the allocation of resources: right now, they mostly can and we mostly can’t; until that state of affairs changes (possibly by us all getting together in one CONSENSUS PARTY using SORTITION and RESCISSION to elect uncompromised public servants and get rid of all but COMMON LAWS) all talk about Trump and Q and devolution and maritime law and constitutions and gold (and on and on and on) are just circle jerks.


        I’m beginning to think this whole deal is merely a ploy to give electronic money a bad name, because with electronic money you can easily capture and tax wealth (instead of income). Let me think…what particular group of people on Earth would be willing to spend a VAST amount of money to make sure that a flat tax on wealth never gets implemented? In 2010 some entity calling itself “alanforcongress” published a plan that explained how easy it would be to accomplish that task. Adding $500/wk 5A compensation for the govt’s “taking” of every legal adult resident’s “right” to free access to the land (without which “right” any talk of a “right to life” is mere oligarchical lip service), replacing ALL personal and corporate welfare, makes the plan both Rawlsian and “Paine-ian”.


        With digital money controlled by US, we can “infrastructure maintenance fee” (ALL) wealth. Easiest thing in the world to do.

        Fix the money, fix the world.


        I guess it’s time to make the donuts.
        alanforcongress at yahoo
        AND leave a msg 58six-298-4943

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