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    Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt interviews the extraordinarily polarizing figure of JZ Knight in what is the most intimate interview that I have ever seen of her, especially the second half.

    JZ Knight is probably less well-known than the discarnate entity whom she “channels”, Ramtha, who in turn, may be most well-known for being 35,000 years old. Although she had already made a nationally-televised appearance on The Merv Griffin Show in 1985 during which she channeled Ramtha on the air, I think that it was Shirley MacLaine’s endorsement of JZ Knight and of Ramtha, in her 1986 bestselling book, ‘Out on a Limb,’ which made Ramtha
    synonymous with the New Age movement, garnering so many followers, that Knight founded the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) in 1988.
    Decried as a “cult” by career debunkers, such as Michael Schermer and by insiders, including an ex-bodyguard and by her late ex-husband, the RSE has nevertheless attracted a constant stream of high-level scientists and other high-profile people to speak there for several decades. Recently, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke there on the dangers of Thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative used in many vaccines and its potential role in the rise of autism in the latter generations of children being born in the US.
    By the way, “channeling” is nothing new. It occurred on the banks of the Tigris River in the Torah/Old Testament’s Book of Dan; the messages of the Archangel Gabriel were channeled by Muhammad to produce the Koran and the 12 million-strong LDS Church’s Book of Mormon were the channeled
    messages of the Angel Moroni to Founder, Joseph Smith. As Gail Hartley, PhD a professor of Religious Studies from the University of South Florida has said, when comparing the obstacles faced by Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of Christian Science, JZ Knight and others: “…don’t forget that all religions were new at one time.” 
    Just over a decade ago, a book  I wrote about an independent film created by three of her students, ‘What the Bleep Do We Know!?’, which was a phenomenal underground success. The film was essentially about quantum physics and several prominent physicists were interviewed. However, it was edited in such a way that supported the RSE’s views and not those accepted by most of the 100-200 people on the planet who are respected players in
    the physics community. (In the book, I break down the four main interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, which I was going to attempt to summarize here – but that would make this article too long!) 

    I admit that Ramtha is a tough sell for me but having seen her speak live, while researching for the book I was very impressed by her command of the stage and how she brought the down the house. Never having been to the RSE, I don’t feel qualified to judge it.
    I’ll happily take swipes at political swine but it’s not for me to make disparaging statements about someone who has devoted her life to teaching self-empowerment to people – and very successfully, at that.  
    As I wrote in 2005, “Though her companies will not publicly disclose their operations’ income, ‘one observer pegs its annual income at $10M at least.’ Of that amount, $4.5M would be exclusively from the $1,500 yearly fees paid by her 3,000 established students for their required yearly group retreat and follow-up, per the information posted on the Ramtha site…As Knight has been at it since the late ’70s, that would make her the Bill Gates – or at least the
    Oprah Winfrey – of the New Age business.” And she’s probably been the hardest-working woman in that business, allowing herself to be possessed by an entity half the time and having thousands of students trampling through her ranch every year.
    Born into extreme poverty, 8th in a family of 9 children living in a one-room shack, on a cotton farm in Roswell, New Mexico, my biggest take-away, after writing the book about the film is that hers in an amazing American rags-to-riches story. What is never publicized is that she offers college scholarships to the entire graduating class of her local town (as college was out of reach for her).

    She’s an extraordinary businesswoman and an extraordinary woman, all-around, regardless of what seem to be rather disingenuous fibs around the reasons for why she does not look like a typical 70 year old.

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