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How’s your tummy feeling from your Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers?

This interview is very important and I want you t listen to every word that this woman has to say.

Thanksgiving is a traditional American feast that involves a lot of vegetable side dishes which, if grown in the US and if not Certified Organic, are made from produce that is most likely doused in the weed-killer, glyphosate, more commonly known by its Monsanto brand name, RoundUp.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT, says that glyphosate is the root cause of so many growing modern disorders, ranging from the digestive to the neurological, which have their origins in the heavy use of glyphosate in modern, large-scale agriculture.

She says the use of this herbicide has already cost many thousands of children and elders their health, with direct links to the neck-breaking rise of autism in recent decades, as well as in   Alzheimer’s, ADHD, celiac disease and in disruptions to the natural fauna of the intestinal tract, that have all become prevalent in recent years.

In her recent article, she makes a very stark warning, that by the year 2025, half of all American children born could have autism. That’s an alarming increase over one decade.

Is this on purpose?

Alexandra Bruce

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