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JUDGEMENT DAY: Nothing Can Stop What is Coming!

Last week, we heard Jim Jordan talk about 14 FBI whistleblowers who have come forward to him, with complaints about the weaponization of the Bureau against dissidents of the Biden Regime (i.e., parents at school board meetings, etc) and how the FBI is moving agents off of child sexual abuse investigations in order to, instead pursue political investigations of innocent, everyday Americans.

Then on Friday and Saturday, Dan Bongino did a blockbuster 2-part interview with FBI whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, with his firsthand accounts echoing those who contacted Jim Jordan – which I highly recommend that you watch. Here’s Part 1 & Part 2.

Also on Saturday, Pete Santilli was joined by former intelligence contractor, Lance Migliaccio (The Big Mig) to talk about a service they are setting up to assist federal whistleblowers with the help of some retired FBI officers who will escort them through the process.

On his Locals account, Lance said, “Our system is in place and we have everything needed to protect Whistleblowers! Contact us now”.

The two say they expect a tsunami of federal whistleblowers to come forward. Many “careers”, as they are sometimes called realize that if they don’t come forward, there will be no country in which for them to have their vaunted careers.

On Sunday, Lance posted:

This is an early message for Locals Community. I wanted you guys to see this before anyone else.
As you know we have been discussing whistleblowers on The Pete Santilli show and on all our social media accounts. What you didn’t know is that we already are working closely with 2 gigantic whistleblowers. They are meeting with our legal team right now to finalize the release of intel.
Our first Whistleblowers call sign is: GHOST REAPER
His first file release is called: JUDGMENT DAY
This will be never before seen intel. We have experts verifying the veracity of all information including checking the images and files have not been photoshopped or modified from original content.
If you see this image it will signify our first whistleblower. Each whistleblower and each file will have a different call sign and a different operation name:

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