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    On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recognized Massachusetts’ status as a Sanctuary State when he gave 50 illegal immigrants a free ride via private jet to Martha’s Vineyard, in what was likely the most pleasant leg of their arduous journey from Venezuela.

    Despite all the woke virtue-signalling to the contrary, the racist white Limousine Liberals on Martha’s Vineyard were not happy about their new poor, brown neighbors, exclaiming that DeSantis had caused a “humanitarian crisis” in the billionaire enclave.

    The winter population of Martha’s Vineyard is close to 17,000. Every summer, the island happily hosts tens of thousands of well-heeled tourists, with the population swelling to as many as 200,000 – but we’re expected to believe that 50 extra people during the off-season is a “humanitarian crisis”?

    I think Styxhexenhammer666 nails it, here when he says:

    “Martha’s Vineyard voted 85% for Joe Biden. You voted for someone who explicitly stated, ‘Come, all ye unfaithful, we want the huddled masses, the border wall is racist, we want everyone in the country.’

    “And now you’re concerned about them being in your community. You don’t get concerned if there are a million people like that in Texas or half a million in Arizona. You don’t care if hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans and Cubans languish in Florida. You want those people to take care of them – meaning, the taxpayer money from those citizens in those states…

    “What they’re worried about is that they’re going to build a refugee center and other amenities somewhere in Martha’s Vineyard and it will…lower the price of their property…

    “I think they should be made to have them on tents in their front lawn. You should have to see the misery that open borders causes every single day. Maybe you’ll vote differently. “

    What these Champagne Socialists in Martha’s Vineyard also fail to grasp is that the open border policies they unthinkingly espouse – and that 85% of them voted for in 2020 – are part of a Globalist strategy to collapse the US and all sovereign governments worldwide, so the UN can then impose their own made-up regional governments, as Lara Logan explained so well to Steve Bannon on Thursday and about which the late, great Rosa Koire tirelessly educated the public.

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    • He does a great disservice to the woman who is a temporary hostel worker . She explains nicely and diplomatically what’s going on , but he tears into her, overlaying his negative rant ,with no constructive criticism..
      A slag off artiste,a pale reflection of a Russel Brandt projection,a half cooked waffle….
      At least she was polite and honest.

    • This action appears to be the MOAB for the elites. Keep sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. Next bus load please. Start targeting other elite enclaves as well. Blast the hell out of their neighborhoods with illegal immigrants.

      Get smart Governors! Keep up the “good work” of DeSantis.
      America appreciates it.

    • Good morning Martha’s Vineyard. Let us introduce ourselves. We are the interruption. Here. Have a plate of real world stew. Nobody leaves the table till you clean your plate. Seriously though, this whole staged world chaos so called “Reset” agenda originates off-world. It’s the UFO thing, the hybrid influence, the pacification, acquiescence and eventual enslavement to serve up the Earth’s resources to the needy mind controlling intruders. While we were searching the skies for life in the universe, we were invaded. We have been discovered. They come with green salvation, technological trinkets and pretty crop pictures but they are non-human. Get that. They are NON HUMAN. Thank you Alexandra for this wonderful space speak of freedom and human values like family and God. These human values are not respected and are even considered dangerous to the Borg type collectives who are competing for our world. Again thank you for your generosity in this space of truth, beauty and goodness. I am an Advocate for The Allies of Humanity. We need about 700 thousand more to read The Briefings and get it before the last windows of opportunity close and lock.

    • Yes, High Fives to Governor DeSantis for disrupting the atmosphere of sequestered Martha’s Vineyard folks. Rocking their boat for sure. Not that anything positive will come out of it but they sure were given a wake up call at least for a few minutes. It would be nice if some of the better attitude folks would get together and at least welcome the newcomers even if they somehow manage to get them off their island quickly. It would be a nice gesture on their part. I would think someone of the elite speaks Venezuelan and can talk with them. It would be a positive gesture to be NICE to them and treat them well until they be processed however they need to be processed. That enclave doesn’t need a further bad rep by chewing them up and spitting them out. We can hope.

    • A place like Martha’s Vineyard always needs food service workers, housekeepers, landscapers and folks who do boat maintenance. You would think they could find jobs for 50 people. A lot of their summer workers are college students who go back to school in the fall. And don’t tell me there aren’t some empty cottages that could accommodate these people until some proper low income housing could be built for them. They could be an asset to the community, but we all know the residents won’t see it this way.

      • Keep the flights moving to Martha’s Vineyard. And John Kerry has the huge Hienz Estate, that hundreds can squeeze into along with their yard tents for extra storage. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • All Republican governors should make a law and not allow border immigrants to live in their state , transport them to Democracy states who voted the open border

    • It is not that they don’t want the prices of their houses to go down. It is that they do not want the elite “class” value of their places to go down by having “lower lifes” able to be there. They have all the money that they could ever need available. “Diversity” is something to be used to degrade us lower class people and any organized resistance we might have so as to keep us there. This hypocritical scheme has been used forever because it works.

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