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    In round two of questioning in the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Hawley skewers DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his policies of allowing human trafficking to flourish to unprecedented levels at the Southern Border and of throwing the full weight of the US Federal Government into police the speech of everyday Americans.

    He cites specific emails which show that his department has been turned into a “censorship machine,” forcing social media companies to censor critics of the Biden administration.

    It is theater but it’s joyous, cathartic theater – the best kind of theater – and if it leads to the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas, who is clearly an enemy agent who is not working on behalf of the American People, so much the better.

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    • Is there a factory that churns out psychopaths to supply the democrat party with bald-faced liars? These guys lie right in the face of evidence to the contrary.

    • Keep putting in others to do your job for you and then wonder why they burned you. Let others make your laws and run your affairs and you will remain enslaved. I forgot the German philosopher’s name who said, “…no one is more hopelessly enslaved as he who thinks he’s free “. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • When your dad is the be as government and your mom is the media you can be as tyrannical as you want, and both parents will be covering for you. The word tyrant will never be associated with your name.

    • So, I, as the sole emissary of myself, bear witness to the fact that I am in no way interfering nor engaging myself with myself, no matter what your num-chuk Federal judge quacks…woof.

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