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I thought it timely to run this piece, in light of the press conference held last week by Robert Kennedy Jr. in Dallas, where he reiterated his position that neither his uncle, President John F. Kennedy nor his father, Attorney General Robert Kennedy were assassinated by “lone gunmen,” as officially claimed.

This DYI video claims not only to prove that JFK’s assassination was perpetrated by forces within our own government but goes a step further; to show how George Bush Senior is connected to the murder of JFK.

Billed as a “thoroughly documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt, his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to murder John Kennedy,” this accusation came from a memo written by none other than FBI Chief, J. Edgar Hoover.

Furthermore, the film suggests that this treasonous crime constituted a “rite,” which created Bush Senior as a “Made Man” within the CIA, similar to the way that certain “hits” cause Mafia soldiers to move up the ranks.

The film “relies exclusively on government documents and the publicly acknowledged statements and histories of the guilty parties,” showing how Bush Sr. was appointed to increasingly high positions of power, no matter how many elections he lost.

It then goes on to suggest something even more shocking: that the untimely death of JFK Jr., constituted a similar “rite” for Bush Jr., who incidentally went missing for 18 hours after the 1999 downing of Kennedy’s Piper Cub in the Atlantic. One year later, Dubya was made President in the most controversial election in US history.

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