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I like this guy from the Where We Go 1 We Go All YouTube channel. Some may recall that his 9/11 video went viral. His piece was particularly insightful because by day, he is a structural engineer in Manhattan. In covering Jeff Epstein, he’s perhaps not as well-versed on the many topics encompassed but he is thorough in capturing everything being chattered about in the boards of 8chan.

As we will see, the story of Jeffrey Epstein encompasses a vast dark underbelly of our world. It deals with pedophilia, child sex trafficking, child sacrifice, Pizzagate, the occult, Satanism, blackmailing operations, NXIVM, the State Department, Mossad, underground bases, Deutsche Bank, the monetary system, the Rothschilds, George Soros, House of Saud, the Bushes, the Clinton Foundation, Fake News, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Disney, Victoria’s Secret and on and on!

We discover that Jeff Epstein was “The Keystone” who connected to all of the above and more. It’s A Small World, After All.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I hope the bastard pedophile squeals, loudly, before they kill him.
    Nothing like someone in protective custody suddenly dropping dead.

  • Jeffrey almost was arkancided two nights ago. I am sure he isn’t going to be around alot
    longer. So be it. If this is WINNING I am ok with it. The ties to everyone is astounding…

  • I wish people would watch Richard D. Hall’s video on Madeleine McCann disappearance, the sketch of the Podestas is a false narrative…the Portugaise police believed that the parents were responsible for her disappearance, The English government came to the parent’s aid! We all know that the Podestas brothers are pedophiles but it does not help to use information that is incorrect. Much of the information in this video is accurate and informative and well made…thanks for this post! The world is a shit hole and people need to wake up to this fact!

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