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    The Truth Factory is back to talk about the Epstein case, which is much bigger than many realize and it implicates hundreds powerful people and institutions.

    The story begins with Ghislaine Maxwell, the favorite daughter of Robert Maxwell, the British politician and media proprietor suspected of being a triple agent. Maxwell had known links to the British Secret Service, the KGB and the Israeli Mossad, according to Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon Spies.

    In 1991, Maxwell died in a suspicious drowning accident off of his yacht, named after his daughter. He was eulogized by former Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, who said that Maxwell had “Done more for Israel than can today be said.”

    After his death, it was revealed that Maxwell had stolen hundreds of millions of British pounds from his own company’s pension funds. Ghislaine had a taste for the finer things in life and was connected to some of the most powerful people in the world but the family trust only allotted her 80,000 pounds a year. This is when she ran into wealthy American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who listed his net worth at the time at $559 million.

    No one on Wall Street knows how Epstein made his money but most agree that he likely didn’t make it by trading options or derivatives, as he claims. Ex-business partner, Steven Hoffenberg claims that Epstein’s company was financed through fraudulent Ponzi schemes.

    Between Epstein’s ill-gotten fortune and Maxwell’s connections, these two scumbags were able to gain access and influence to some of the most powerful people in the world. Some of the celebrities in Jeffrey Epstein’s 90-page address book include Alec Baldwin, Tony Blair, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael Bloomberg, John Cleese, Phil Collins, Prince Andrew, a bunch of Kennedys, Henry Kissinger, Courtney Love, Cheryl Mills who worked both with Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles Prince Salman, George Soros’ son Peter, Kevin Spacey, Ivana and Ivanka Trump and Chris Tucker. Other friends include Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Chelsea Handler, Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Woody Allen, former president of Harvard Larry Summers, Harvey Weinstein, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and even the late Stephen Hawking.

    The Truth Factory says, “It’s very likely that not everyone that Epstein knew was aware of or was linked to pedophilia. To most people, he was probably just the rich guy who threw large parties but to people like Bill Clinton, who flew on Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the ‘Lolita Express’ at least 26 times, he had to have been aware – or very likely, involved…

    “Jeffrey Epstein’s job was simple: to be a pimp and to find elite people in the US political and economic industries and to compromise them…a discreet room with a massage table lubricants and no doubt cameras stood ready off the main lobby. This footage was likely used to blackmail elites afterwards for hush money. Once you have that money, you can buy more mansions, cars more girls and have massive parties, where you can connect to even more influential perverts that you can extort to keep growing this disgusting empire.

    “But how do you make all that dirty money coming in look legitimate? Well, you run a shady hedge fund and have them all invest. The fund is offshore, off the tax books and no one can see your client list. In exchange for parking your money with Epstein, you gained access to his girls in New York, the Lolita Express and the Pedo-Fantasy Island, Little St. James. The blackmail material was collected in order to ensure that no one could snitch out others without implicating themselves.”

    Lawyers for the victims claim that hundreds of children were involved and were trafficked from all over the world. Perhaps the most astonishing detail is that Epstein’s 2008 plea deal essentially forced him to continue to gather intel for the Feds.

    It’s unreasonable to believe that a sloppy ring this size was an operation for this long without the full knowledge and cooperation of those in power. Clues about Epstein’s relationship to intelligence may be seen in a Bronco turboprop plane and a helicopter he owned, which shared tail numbers with craft owned by the US State Department and which were contracted to the private military company, DynCorp International. This State Department status would have enabled Epstein to bypass border security checkpoints and elude law enforcement and it suggests that Epstein’s illegal child trafficking may have been supported by or even funded by the United States government.

    If that sounds far-fetched, DynCorp has been implicated in numerous cases of child sex trafficking and child sex slavery in conflict areas all over the world. In 1999 DynCorp was caught doing just this in Bosnia. In 2004, DynCorp contractors were caught raping and video-recording children in Colombia, as well as distributing those videos for profit. In 2008, DynCorp was involved in a child kidnapping and prostitution ring in Afghanistan and in 2009, DynCorp officials were caught hiring a male child stripper to perform at a corporate party in Afghanistan and videotaping the abuse.

    “Hillary Clinton was well aware of this but continued to work with DynCorp and accepted their donations when she worked as the US Secretary of State under Obama.”

    In 2017, it was widely reported by NBC and others that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks in order to avoid scandal and protect the careers of high-ranking officials and an Ambassador.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • MCC and NYC are cabal strongholds and no way Eppy could have been removed to be ‘debriefed’ by the white hats. Like Hitler, a double was substituted (pic release). The real Eppy was sacrificed to satan the day after so as to align with an astrological grand cross cycle that occurred on the exact day 20 years ago. Stephen Hawkings is in his horrible physical state due to previous life activity as a satanist.

    • Dear Alexandra, not unlike the Mad Musk video you kindly provided only the other day, what truly astonishes me is that the average man and woman in the streets, do not have a clue of how big the corrupt paedophilic elite that controls our world rally is.

      They only thing that seems to unite society in both the UK and the US is the MSM’s hate for President Trump. But paedophilia, including that exposed in the Vatican, seems to be a blind spot for society. No doubt through the connivance of the MSM?

      In the UK recently, a low-grade paedophile, whom was abused as a child by a group of high-ranking politicians and military chiefs, has been jailed for nine years for pointing the finger. I promise you, on my life, this individual was telling the truth, and every one of those he named including Harvey Proctor and Edward Heath, were prolific paedophiles. But the establishment has been able to exonerate all the creeps by getting this sad individual sent to prison for telling the truth!

      No doubt this huge sordid Epstein matter will be halted, without it seeing the light of day, by the death of Epstein before he can be brought to trial. In the UK, the Epstein story is relegated to the insignificant sections at the rear half of newspapers. As for the utterly corrupt BBC!

      When we see the picture of Prince Andrew with his arm around that young girl, on the front pages, and the main feature on TV, we will know that the fight is finally being won. But do not hold your breath!


    • Oh, what an entangled web of elite perverts, and of course, “intelligence services”.
      Intel services, yeah, the black mail department.
      Place your bets folks, how long before Epstein takes his own life?
      Then a few “other people” fall on a knife, or fall off a boat, or, jump off a building?
      Don’t worry, the squeeze will continue, with most likely more of the same power players.
      What a world we “live” in?
      Same old rule applies here, power corrupts.

      • All this blackmail will continue without Epstein, he will go down but some other schmuck will continue on in his place…the hydra…governments are corrupt… where there is money there are nut jobs out there to do the bidding of the Luciferian ideology…

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