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    With their Russia Collusion Hoax definitively tossed out of court last week by Bill Clinton-appointed Judge Koeltl, The coup-plotters quickly shifted from “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” to “RACISM RACISM RACISM” to now to the imminent threat of “White Supremacist Terrorism”.

    For his part, Judge Koeltl said the DNC’s argument that Assange and WikiLeaks “conspired with the Russian Federation to steal and disseminate the DNC’s materials” is “entirely divorced from the facts.” Moreover, Judge Koeltl said Assange did not commit any crime.

    It’s getting scary out there. You have MSNBC anchor, Nicolle Wallace falsely claiming on a live national broadcast that the President is “talking about exterminating Latinos”. Presidential wannabes and a panoply of Deep State apparatchiks are foaming at the mouth and spewing outrageous lies that go beyond slander and beyond fraud and constitute full-blown sedition.

    The absurd demagoguery of these people is history being made before our eyes, all of it based on lies. It’s what they’ve been doing for the past three years but cranked-up to uncharted heights of hysteria.

    What they’ve reported about the mass-shooters over the weekend is false. Both shooters were the furthest thing from Trump supporters. Even CNN’s website had to concede that Connor Betts, the Dayton shooter was a Far-Leftist and it’s since been confirmed that he was an active member of Antifa.

    The El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius, like Betts was a registered Democrat. An ardent environmentalist, he wanted Universal Basic Income, the most Communist idea of all time, which he felt would be jeopardized by “The Hispanic invasion of Texas”. This coming from someone whose mother identifies as Hispanic-American, something that nobody is talking about.

    Former FBI Agent Steve Hooper was on with Mike Broomhead at 550 KFYI talk radio in Phoenix yesterday morning and shared what he’s heard through the grapevine about police and FBI interrogations of the El Paso shooter. Hooper says that it was the extreme politics of the Democrat candidates, particularly the offering of free healthcare to illegal migrants that pushed Crusius over the edge.

    Hooper says, “He felt he was justified, he felt he ran out of alternatives, doesn’t care about the consequences. You can see that. He’s sitting in the police station, spilling his guts. He has no problem telling them what he did. Why? Because he didn’t care what happened to him anymore.”

    The same could be said of the Fake News reporters at CNN, MSNBC, etc. Having whipped-up millions of Americans into a frenzy with their ceaseless political assassination of the President, they’re doubling-down in their demagoguery. They’re fostering a very dangerous climate for everybody and they need to be held accountable for their journalistic malfeasance as soon as possible.

    According to the Q-affiliated EyeTheSpy Twitter account, that won’t happen overnight and we can look forward to a very bumpy couple of weeks ahead:

    “As we near the end of the clown infestation, the push to divide you against yourselves will never be stronger.

    – When Coats is out [August 16th], things will move forward; exactly as Q has said.
    – Until then, expect a LOT of attempts to confuse, divide, and conquer.
    – Stay Strong!”

    Meanwhile, here is footage of Beto O’Rourke unable to control his psychopathic laughter in the wake of the El Paso shooting, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Robby Parker, the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting, who exhibited exactly the same behavior:

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    • yes, extremely odd expressions for people almost drowned in grief. which is how you’d expect people to feel if children near to them in any way had been killed. at any point in the past, let alone the very recent past. instead the expressions look exactly like grins of shyness, embarrassment, guilt and complicity. the kind of expressions you might see on a child who knew they were about to be questioned over some serious misdeed. a child who knew full well they had just done something very wrong. a child who also knew they were about to outdo themselves with an even more stupid and life-denying act- a careful and wickedly dishonest, or simply preposterous lie. a child that can’t, or doesn’t want to break their entanglement with badness, and who remains fascinated by the outcome of their next even more brazen misbehaviour. not a crime committed in secret, but now a bare faced lie to people clearly more intelligent and experienced than them. stakes raised ever higher, in an insane attempt to deny and perhaps outrun reality. not ‘daring the devil’- the daring OF the devil. maybe or maybe not the devil from outside originally, but definitely now the devil inside. and i agree the most likely motive of these people with this issue, is to try to disarm everyone else, so that they can then pursue their insane obsessions even further. i believe they know on some level that they are willingly or unwillingly enslaved to badness. also that they can’t, or won’t resist making what they know are ultimately pointless attempts to escape consequences. the only mystery to me, is why evil doing like this is allowed to continue by an intelligent universe. and the only explanations i can think of, are choice and chance. the choice we all get to make about how to behave in the first place. and the chance we all get to respond in a worse, equally bad, or better way. i completely agree the rest of us do need to respond, preferably in better ways, or these people could suck everyone down with them. which would be very wrong. for us- and for them. we deserve the chance to keep trying to lead good lives. and they deserve the chance to at least put a stop to their wrong doing- maybe start undoing it. there has to be chance for wrong doers too, or it would be a very cruel universe. imagine having to run forever from 1 mistake

    • O’Rourke’s laughter is EXACTLY the same as old man Bush’s eulogy at Gerald Ford’s funeral too when Bush mentioned the JFK assassination.

    • I’m telling you guys, I saw a video on Daily Mail and watched on the Sherrif’s dashcam stating that a second suspect entered a red car, three law and enforcement officers from the sheriffs’ dept. executed this man coming out of his car with his hands up… it was at a Wai-mart…this was all that was shown and I have not been able to find this video again…

    • Ever wonder why we never get to see “any” of the video footage of these shootings?
      Because, it would conflict with their narrative saying it was one person.
      It’s just like the videos from 911, at the Pentagon. The cameras were turned off that day for cleaning.
      Or Sandy Hook, which had just put in new security system, and cameras.
      More lies, same reason, to disarm the people of the United States.
      More distractions, and killings to come, by none other then our “big brother” looking out for us.
      So, they will NEVER show the videos of the truth.
      And this Bet o Crap in this video, can keep on putting up his tear streaked laughs.

    • Don’t mean to nitpick…

      But selecting a few insurers per state with government insurance rates for everybody is fascism, not communism.

      And as a matter of fact, the first politician EVER to bring socialized healthcare to an entrie publi was none other than…

      Adolf Hitler.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      As in the UK with Manic EU Remainers vs Brexiteers, the politics in the USA is being replaced by a fight by ‘just good men’ against ‘Evil’! Read the manic US Democrats and the UK’s fanatic Remainers as ‘Evil’.

      What is so bizarre amongst the deep state Luciferian paedophilic ‘Evil’ sect, is that they are so obsessed with winning their fight by any means foul, whilst at the same time depopulating the world, that unless we fight back with all our might, they will destroy humanity completely!

      The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing … by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion! Really!


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