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    by The Vigilant Fox

    “It’s now peer-reviewed and published. Ivermectin worked!” exclaimed Kim Iversen on her news show.

    Ivermectin, a controversially-discussed drug in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, was found in a 2020 study from Peru to significantly reduce COVID-related deaths. With the backing of a peer-reviewed publication, this assertion is more potent than ever.

    Dr. Pierre Kory, an early advocate for Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19, highlighted this particular study. At the time, it was merely a preprint – meaning it hadn’t undergone the rigorous peer-review process that acts as a hallmark for credible scientific research. Yet, the data was compelling enough for Dr. Kory and his associates at the FLCCC to champion widespread Ivermectin distribution.

    Detractors pointed out the lack of peer review, dismissing the study and likening Ivermectin’s use for COVID-19 to “taking horse medicine.” Fast forward two years, and this once-dismissed preprint has been rigorously examined and accepted by a renowned scientific journal.

    Breaking Down the Study

    The study delved into the effectiveness of Ivermectin in reducing excess COVID-19-related deaths across Peru’s 25 states in 2020. It was observed that different regions implemented varying degrees of Ivermectin distribution. While some states went all out and distributed maximum doses, others adopted a moderate approach, and a few limited its distribution.

    The findings were staggering: states with the most intensive Ivermectin use observed a 74% average reduction in excess deaths within 30 days post-peak deaths.

    When a subsequent Peru presidential administration limited Ivermectin use, there was a notable rise in the death rate. The correlation between Ivermectin use and decreased mortality seemed undeniable. Before Ivermectin use was restricted under the new president, Peru experienced a 14-fold reduction in nationwide excess deaths. However, this was followed by a 13-fold increase in the succeeding two months after Ivermectin’s restriction. So, that’s another piece of additional evidence that, indeed, yes, “ivermectin worked!”

    Ivermectin is vindicated — but it’s also too little too late.

    Dr. McCullough has reported that about 97% of Americans have already developed natural immunity to COVID-19, which offers strong and robust protection. And after mass COVID vaccination has nearly come to a complete halt, the FDA has now finally admitted that doctors can freely prescribe ivermectin for COVID. The timing, by no stretch, is suspicious.

    So, there you have it. Ivermectin works! But you probably already knew that two years ago. Let this be another tally mark for when the “conspiracy theorists” got it right all along.

    For more information on this story, check out Kim Iversen’s full video below:

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    • Most everyone who owns horses knows it works, as we will take about a pea sized dab of the horse past if we feel something coming on and you just don’t get sick! It works!

    • The price for an amount to be sufficient for prevention is still sky-high. Please don’t be misleading the ignorant. I’ll continue to get mine the same way I have been getting it, at a small fraction of the price that is available in the U$A. The info you posted is so misleading it turns my stomach.

    • No thanks to another pharmaceutical drug, I’ve got clean water freely available here.

      I’m generally critical overall these days, because I see this still going on a (speculating on ghostly SARS-COV2 without sufficient evidence, which is “isolation”).

      They are basically saying “We can’t see it…okay let’s assume it exists (so we can keep the medical license and continue on selling our drugs)”

    • Of course it worked, but the Warp Speed medical mafia Fuhrer Fauci did all he could to close down known safe and effective treatment which was sold by the way over the counter outside of the American big Pharma controlled market.

      He, the MSM, the medical mafia had put the fear of god in the hearts and minds of medical doctors and I was unable to find one doctor in my county who would prescribe it. I had to buy it on the black market and pay four times what it would normally sell for.

      I remember the deceptions coming out of the mouths of Trump, Fauci and Burke and the bald faced lies MSM was telling us. The CDC, the AMA were on board with it too. That and Fauci’s deadly emergency room protocols in which the government was richly rewarding hospitals for following – like a bounty! It was a manufactured military industrial complex nightmare and so many Americans are still fog bound!

      They can’t handle the truth!

      The only high profile leader with the courage to say what needs to be said is RFK Jr. The rest are shaking in their boots, too cowardly and dishonest to admit our homeland isn’t ours anymore. To admit it would after all entail having to do something about it, which they will not do until the sky falls in on them completely.

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