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    “Dedollarization”. Why is this word going around everywhere? Turns out, most likely, it’s a propaganda campaign from China.

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    • the US doesn’t care what currency trades are made in??
      um… Ok this guy apparently has no idea about the history of the US dollar.
      He might do well to study Kissinger and the OPEC negotiations.

    • The CCP was fish hooked by the DS into believing they would inherit the earth if they financed the operation to knockout punch USA Inc. so they commiefied the schools and media whores bought up the politicians (cheaper whores) and waited for their turn as masters of the universe. Surprise MFers you just sold out your own country with bankruptcy and will not pass GO and be collecting your $200 dollars. Funny thing is how stupid you have to be to trust a bigger crook than yourselves to win the booby prize lifetime award of dumbest shit on the planet. The fallout from having your hand in the poisoning of the world population will ensure that you stay in the background as untrustworthy warmongering partners of last resort. The play to grab Taiwan as a face saving move to show strength to the home slaves is sure to finish off whatever reputation you have left to lose. China’s double dealing and subservience to the DS will cripple all the progress being made on the world stage, congratulations.

    • Nonsense discussion with no actual documentation. Just another talking head. No mention that our debt is 125% of our GDP, and 20+% of that GDP associated with federal spending. We are 32 trillion in debt and climbing. It is much higher for future commitments and entitlements.

      The more important issue is central based digital currency….which will likely be crammed down your throat.

      The old dollar reserve system is slowly being dismantled since it can no longer be maintained as a trusted currency.

      Yes, dedollarization, of sorts, is occurring. China and Russia are just expediting this process through their marketing plans.

    • Yep I noticed he was turning into a doubter of Fake Facts, excellent and 100% right on target, I was wondering why In kept hearing two opposite stories about China!

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