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by Greg Reese

Former Italian Health Minister, Roberto Speranza is under investigation for homicide, after emails reveal that, from the very start of the vaccinations, he knew the shots were killing people and gave orders to local health authorities to conceal the deaths and serious side effects, in order to reassure Italian citizens of their safety and to not jeopardize the vaccintion campaign.

This story has been reported on both German and Italian news networks. I will now provide an English translation:

The Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Roberto Speranza, the Italian government’s Health Minister during the time of COVID measures.

He was responsible for the vaccination campaign. The investigations are a result of complaints related to the so-called AIFA emails from the Italian Medicines Agency. The former director of AIFA, Nicola Magrini is also under investigation.

The publication of these internal emails revealed that they had been aware of the dangers of the COVID vaccination from the start. The accusation is that the responsible minister and the head of the drug authority knowingly and deliberately exposed the unsuspecting Italian population to this risk.

Yes, they encouraged people to get vaccinated. Vaccination was even made mandatory for certain professional groups. Consequently, many side effects, including fatal ones came to light.

The investigations are for murder, serious bodily harm, and more, because Speranza and Magrini evidently gave instructions to the local health authorities to conceal the deaths and serious side effects that occurred immediately after the vaccinations began, in order not to jeopardize the vaccination campaign and to reassure the citizens about their safety.

The responsible minister and the head of AIFA are now expected to answer for these actions, according to the complaints from the police unions and the financial police, as well as from the private organization, Listen to Me, which represents 4,200 people damaged from vaccines.

In Italy, police officers and teachers were subjected to mandatory COVID vaccination.

Here is the former Health Minister, Roberto Speranza proudly announcing vaccination statistics in Italy: “We have now reached a massively significant percentage of vaccinated people in Italy, 89.41%. Therefore, currently in Italy, just over 10% of the population remains unvaccinated.”

Well, today, Roberto Speranza is under investigation for lies he allegedly told about vaccines. Among the criomes he is accused of are ideological falsehood and murder. 

Look, this is the document we are showing you tonight exclusively. It states that former minister Roberto Speranza along with Nicola Magrini, the former general manager of AIFA,are both registered in the investigative records of the Rome Prosecutor’s Office.

Last week, the House of Representatives of the Philippines passed a resolution to investigate over 260,000 unexplained excess deaths in 2021 and 67,000 unexplained excess deaths in 2022. The next day, they were hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Just 1 under investigation after almost few years have passed?

    & if Philippines wanted to speak out about C19 scam, could have done it much earlier, now are they acting like something is about to happen (when in reality, nothing but show comes out of corrupt governments)?

  • It’s scary that geo-engineering has reached a point of total weaponization and destruction. No wonder people are afraid 😳 These psychopaths must be prosecuted once and for all times. These guys were just paid off lackey psychopaths and I want the top of the pyramid knocked off their thrones.

  • White House Knew COVID Vaccines Were Killing People Over Two Years Ago

    Look up Megan Kelley’s interview of Trump. He was wiggling, writhing, squirming like a snake with all of his excuse making he could think of for his role in the now famous COVID pandemic. No straight answers! He now says he could not fire Fauci because he was a federal employee. Well, what has that got to do with replacing him? Nothing, it’s just excuse making noise!

    The USG, the CDC, the WHO, the AMA are still pushing COVID “vaccines”! Why? Its well enough known that viruses mutate all the time and that COVID viruses mutate faster than other virus families. Thats one reason why a vaccine for the common cold, a strain of COVID has never been put to use. Still local doctors and pharmisists keep pushing COVID vaccines. Why?

    Because they are afraid to step out of line and Trump is the leader of the nations excuse makers! We will never be free again as long as this stalemate exists. We must insist upon amnisty for all the immoral rudderless cowards who participated in this calamity, so that we may finally receive justice. Even then we are looking at many months and possibly years, so we better get busy.

  • Thanks Alexandra! Wow! I do hope that this is just the start. All of the health ministers need to be charged with murder for the proliferation of the democide under the guise of Covid-19! I guarantee if we do and are allowed a proper Freedom of Information Requests that the orders were issued by defense departments for our regional ‘health officers’ like Theresa Tam, Faucci, et all to carry out!

      • IDK there might be. You’re right too! It could all be hopium, might not, the NZ whistle blower is gaining momentum. Calling someone naive and dismissing something because of your pre-disposed beliefs is still that engineered divisive spark that ignites the nothing will come of it belief that only benefits the tyranny. What if we made this go viral against the Ai censorship and demanded international justice as a species? Instead of spending the energy calling someone naive maybe think what what can I do to spread this or make it better down to the level of our communities? Demand people come forward to spill the beans or be charged with treason in the highest annuls of our local to federal governments, military, corporate, finance/economy & weapons labs. I hope that you don’t think that resistance is naive as well?

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