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The COVID Hoax and the Death Shot were planned for decades by the United Nations and the US Government.

In his book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, published in 1991, the late Bill Cooper detailed how House Bill 15090 provided $10 million to the DOD’s 1970 budget, to produce “a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

The project that produced the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was called MK-NAOMI and it was carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

SARS-CoV-2 contains HIV. It’s all part of this same depopulation project.

Fauci and many others in our 4th unelected branch of government were involved in this depopulation project for decades but as far as implementing the policy of lockdowns and school closures in 2020-2021 that collapsed the economy and damaged a generation of American children, the credit for that belongs to the Scarf Lady, according to Rob Montz, director of the mini documentary, ‘It Wasn’t Fauci: How the Deep State Really Played Trump’.

And for those bristling at the idea of letting Trump off the hook for the COVID Hoax and Death Shot, you may find solace in the recent statements of Catherine Austin Fitts in a 2023 interview with Greg Hunter:

She says:

“You had the President roll out something that, in March 2020, I was sure was going to harm and kill millions of Americans and he either has two reasons for doing it: He’s incompetant or he is breaking the law. Which do you want?

“I wasn’t there, I can’t say. But I know what I would do and I know what I hold him responsible to know and I know what he did. And I know what I would have done…I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.”

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  • Trump told the masses “It’s no worse than the flu and to take Hydroxychloroquine” DID HE NOT? YES HE DID. So all you babbling idiots whining about Trump killed off millions, NO he did not, YOUR OWN STUPIDITY DID

    • Doc Holliday,

      Right !

      Forwarded Message :


      Re : Deep State Machinations

      —Recall John Podesta’s captured e-mails,
      hinting at an impending murder of Scalia,
      mentioning “wetworks” and “vineyard”
      therein, BEFORE Scalia’s murder – Michael
      Savage had been adamant about that : as
      a MURDER – and a local sheriff handing
      everything ( including cremation ) without
      benefit of ANY Federal oversight. Anyone ?,
      Anyone ?—got half a brain !, as MSM and
      even conservatives just went MORONIC /
      STUPID ?

      —Recall John Podesta’s captured e-mails,
      hinting at a coded messaging about sex-
      trafficking kids—and “Pizzagate” ?

      —Recall John Podesta’s captured e-mails,
      hinting at a shadow government that
      “ANSWERS To No One” ?—his remark,
      about that 7th floor of the State Dept. : › wiki › 7th_floor_group
      7th floor group – Wikispooks
      A section of a partially redacted FBI document posted on Wikileaks which mentions the “7th Floor Group” as a “Shadow Government”. The 7th Floor Group was a US deep state faction made up of US StateDepartment officials. Over the years, the term has been used for the State Department leadership.


  • The Gabriels at have traced the coronavirus patent to Pirbrite Institute, in the UK, which should surprise no one. This evil came from the same place it always does, The British royals and the City of London. If we get off our trifling behinds and start dealing with the criminals who have been working against for 100 years, especially the bankers and these drug companies, DONT STOP AT FAUCI & BIRX.

  • “the People” are to Blame! We have had plenty of time to rectify the inconsistency of the Federal level of the government & the media dating longer ago then 911. Look at that other virus they throughout as a Psyop about 15 years ago, where they were frightening women not to get pregnant because their babies heads would be way oversized….the list goes on, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas Shooting, a boy named Floyd, 6 Million garbage……man on the Moon & Mars……
    Anyone that Participated in mask mandates or a covid shot called a vaccine is to Blame, period!
    We that are healthy by Body, Mind & Spirit are tired of carrying & caring for those that do Not take the time to develop cognitive thinking.
    For those that kept themselves “Clean before the Lord” it’s Time for us to move on. Any Tribe in ancient time did Not have the luxury of arguing with these type of people, they just moved on, regardless of the relationship. Could you imagine arguing about gay garbage or abortions as your enemy is approaching at the gate…..

    • Jay, good points all!

      Personally, I try to stay the course set before me, like a compass. But, if I refuse to engage in conversation even with those who disagree, then I am not getting the big picture. This is one of the reasons why I frequently get back to basics—education! Western Gentiles have a really bad habit called ignorance, especially in America! As a race they relax their grip on education at every turn. They can hardly wait until their education stops and entertainment kicks in. I suppose the one thing I do admire the most about Talmudic Jews is they never stop educating themselves from early childhood on. As a result they dominate in scholastic achievement. Western Gentiles on the other hand are quick to slouch. I’m a Celtic Gentile that has learned that education is the expressway to government and Western Gentiles are losing that race because they are so easily distracted by those who are more intellectually developed. -JD

  • Interesting video, but he doesn’t make the case that Birx was responsible and nobody could stop her. The traitor Pence played a big part: he WAS and elected official and he seemed to want Trump to fail the country, which Trump did. Trump had the power to do far more than he did to stop the poisonous Birx, but the way I remember it, he truly believed that the disease was not that big a deal (which it wasn’t for most people), and that his vax was going to solve everything and he was going to get all the credit for that. Other non-deep-state actors who trashed the country who WERE elected were the monumentally stupid and overwhelmingly anti-Trump governors. Nope, I don’t buy the deep state argument at all. Birx did her part and deserves a trial and the death penalty, but so many others enabled her who didn’t need to.

  • Meh documentary, just more distraction finger pointing. “It was this person, no it was that person!” Everyone should be held accountable, the details of their democidal acts should be billboards on their backs, every person that made any decision from 2020 on-wards. However, some of the details I gleamed from this is; scarf lady was military controlled operator from the beginning, the deeper military continuity of government programs (international COG, d.u.m.b.s., deep state, club of Rome, multinational secret conglomerate that might as well be called umbrella.) DARPA DIA conspiracy that occurred internationally(who are these players?). We had several top Generals in Canada flat out resign or be tried for rape from 2019-2023! These generals were tied to our scamdemic response initially and were disposed of publicly. We have CCP education & WHO sponsored Theressa Tam who regularly met with other international NGO’s & agencies to collude our military response. I believe that if we track down the larger country money creation siphoning operations it will point us directly to the deeper military corporate for profit sub contractor state and their d.u.m.b.s!

  • O’sLimey ..

    ♦ January 9, 2017 – [Four Days after the Susan Rice oval office meeting with Obama, Biden, Comey, et al] The Obama Administration re-authorizes funding for the creation of SARS biological weapons. “Adoption of these recommendations will satisfy the requirements for lifting the current moratorium on certain life sciences research that could enhance a pathogen’s virulence and/or transmissibility to produce a potential pandemic pathogen (an enhanced PPP).“

    • it’s all tag team pro wrestling with the presidential election races . like the 4 horsemen could also just be horse racing place your bets be entertained but in the end you still lose , biggly.

  • I don’t buy this for a second. It is said that President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read, The Buck Stops Here. It still stops there. Trump could have stopped Birx but he didn’t. Whether that was due to complicity or stupidity or both, the responsibility is his. He did not exercise the leadership and power that he had. That’s actually made clear in the video despite the video’s overall theme that Birx is to blame, not Trump, and that he had no control over the bureaucracy.

    • FYI, The Director of this video is actually a Trump-hater. He’s not defending Trump, per se, he’s pointing the finger at the actual Deep State Colonel who took Trump down (not gleefully, just factually).

      This genocide was planned nearly a century ago. I saw other people, like Tore Maras skirt the topic during the Death Shot rollout period and I was extremely dismayed. More recently, she explained that she “would have been killed”, had she addressed it in her then-daily podcast.

      • Not buying Tore’s excuse. Sounds like more of her self-flattery.

        Whether the video’s director is defending Trump , likes him or dislikes him, while perhaps interesting, is not relevant. Nobody took Trump down. Trump took himself down through inaction.

    • I don’t believe Trump is that dumb. He gave people a choice to take it or not, he knows he can’t be blamed for any consequences. But he should be, he was the leader of the country.

  • the covid op body count has widened the shovel ready job labor shortage but lucky for us we have plenty of new laborers to fill that need . also ticking up the economic activity to help dispose of the vacant houses leftover when not enough family members are left living to occupy all the empty houses the newcomers can just grab one and move in with no finance or mortgage hassles obviously the biggest impediment to realizing the new american dream . now finding out who all was responsible for the covid crime of the century is easy just look for the presidential medal of freedom hanging around their neck it’s a dead giveaway .

    • I have seen one video, a woman saying the Cabal knew people would die, the companies took out insurance on the employees. When they are dead, migrants can move in. sounds about right—9/11 was at least in part an insurance scam.

  • Yeah, it was that stupid scarf / ascot witch. I think there was even an article at this site several years ago nailing her. Should be gallows trap doors awaiting so many of these people after Nuremberg style trials.

  • another Trump criminal AND murderer called Fauci protections service by so truly deeply untruthful ‘forbidden Knowledge’
    Why don’t you cite RFK’s book, ha? Because it points to Fauci??
    This tactics of mixing up real truths with LIES is totally damaging and INTENTIONAL, like Trumps executive order which PROCEEDED the Dec 2019, start of this ‘story’ here, by THREE MONTHS!!! Only criminals will continue protecting criminals.

    • If you read enough articles on this website you’ll see that nobody here is a Fauci fan. He belongs in the same docket. Nothing should be spared for him either. Shouldn’t run around half cocked.

    • This isn’t talking about the creation of SARS-CoV-2, this is about the policy of lockdowns that collapsed the economy and destroyed a generation of children. Maybe watch the film before commenting.

  • The scarf lady? Whoda thunk it?

    If we are to string her up, don’t forget good ole snake eyes Pence who enabled her, he was the same as threw General Flynn in the creek and later threw Trump and the whole nation in the creek! Those of us in the pro-life movement knew he was a political Judas, a Benedict Arnold back when he was yet back home in Indiana. The only reason we voted for him was because he pledged support for life. When the test came he threw us all in the creek to save himself. He’s a convenient unprincipled Evangelical, in name only.

    The plot was not difficult to figure out. This old country boy unraveled it by the first week in April and went screaming bloody murder, but the only people to respond were employees of the utility company that served as my internet server and they responded by cutting off my service.

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