When you look at military intelligence insiders, like Steve Pieczenik and Tore Maras, they are not worried about the outcome of our current national nightmare.

Tore says that it all had to be this way. We needed to see all of this; that to simply be told that there was corruption in our government would not have sunk into the marrow of our bones quite the way that seeing this past month’s spectacle has done.

She says, “The only time you’ll be able to see any investigation, any discovery…is after an indictment has been issued. Do you understand now?

“Do you understand why Barr made that statement [about there being no widespread fraud that would alter the election results]…

“Once that indictment is issued, then does the public get to see…We could not do it any other way, because then you wouldn’t be able to see. That’s what’s important. You need to be able to see; to see it for yourself…

“This cyber warfare has bled into everything. You need to understand that. It doesn’t just come at you by sneaking into your computer and stealing your credit card information…

“You had to see it. It had to be this way, so you can see it, so you understand just what’s at stake, here. So you understand how important your vote is, because that’s what we’ve lost sight of: The importance of our vote. The importance of our voice. Your vote is not only your voice, it’s a representation of your freedom…When you can’t vote or when your vote is stolen, you’re not free…

“It was necessary to be like this. Because, it’s only through this that you can see.”

Tore also makes interesting comments about Dominion software. She says it’s not Dominion software that’s the problem, it’s what it was built on – which is the Hammer, Scorecard and ShadowNet.

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  • This deaf dumb and blind BS, by the corrupt state reps, and governors is a stall tactic, if everything is not settled by Jan 20, Piglosi will be Pres Temp, if she is not in Gitmo first.
    I hope that Tore is right, and that is an understatement!

  • Although I understand and acknowledge your perception, voting does not represent freedom, in fact freedom itself is a persistent illusion. Voting in truth represents you compliance and willingness to submit your allegiance to percieved authority. Choosing between pre selected candidates only perpetuates the status quo, humanity is stuck in base consciousness and has lost the ability to see that the only problems any governmental system will fix are ones that are driven by a motive of profit. Nothing will ever change through voting, stop choosing your masters, the entire system has proven itself ineffective and illegitimate. Real change can only emerge from within before it can manifest without.

    • LOL Really…do you want the master who will beat you with his right hand or the master who beat you with his left hand…the choice is yours, choose freely!

      • A new world with new form of self-governing religion awaits us. Although, I recognise that the transition from our present crude masculine dominated world to the true feminine spirit world will not happen overnight. Thus, the present system will have to continue for the time being. The challenge will be to stop ‘Evil’ worming its pernicious way back in.


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