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  • The Zircon is a scramjet-powered hypersonic cruise missile. Hypersonic cruise missiles are unlike boost-glide vehicles such as Russia’s Avangard and China’s DF-ZF, which rely on the initial momentum provided by multi-stage rocket boosters like those used on a ballistic missile to accelerate them to hypersonic speeds. Instead, hypersonic cruise missiles rely on cooled supersonic combustion ramjet engines, which use the flow of air at supersonic speeds, compressed by the forward motion of the missile, to drive combustion. To achieve this, a missile needs to be accelerated to high supersonic speeds by, for example, a rocket booster before the scramjet engine takes over. For instance, the experimental X-51 waverider relied on a rocket booster from the ATACMS missile. This necessarily means that hypersonic cruise missiles need to be relatively large to carry both the propellants and oxidisers needed for rocket propulsion as well as their scramjets, along with additional payloads such as sensors.
    The Low tech Biden/Obama Regime top weaponry is the “sanction” and the SCUD missile.

  • Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones, The same Flintstones who shot down a commercial Canadian Airliner frantically …

  • Stupid is as stupid does. Iranian leaders got suckered by Israel’s illegal attack on the Iranian embassy which is an attack on Iran. How long are people going to put up with children in adult bodies playing war games while neglecting their own nations? All these wars in defense of what? Who benefits?

      • Bosco, of course I know a whole lot more, it was a rhetorical question hopefully to cause some to shut down their entertainment routines and get serious with study, because I know this nation has already been captured and if we insist upon being fat, dumb and happily entertained we’ve no hope of taking that back which was stolen by studious, scholarly people who don’t waste time on the entertaining nonsense most Americans indulge in – including religious entertainment! As you know, their ain’t no free lunch. Thank you.

    • Both sides are playing their own game while sacrificing blood of innocents, perhaps riches are enjoining the show while “useless eaters” fight and depopulate each other.
      This is the same old problem from ages when people try to change things by force instead of peacefully dealing stuff (such as by simply not to comply instead of going out and throw rocks at the other).

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