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Juan O Savin joins Nino Rodriguez from Lahaina, Hawaii to survey and discuss the damage. Juan has no doubt that a sophisticated military Directed Energy Weapon was the cause of the damage seen there.

Furthermore, Juan says that we don’t have any representation in Congress, so it is up to citizen activists to raise awareness about Directed Energy Weapons and to demand that our representatives in Congress investigate this attack.

Juan says that our military has all of the relevant information and knows what happened but we need to force the issue to force them to protect us from future attacks. “Let the citizens that lives here come testify before Congress about what they’ve seen; bring the samples of what they’ve worked with. Let the experts come in and testify and then, if Congress wants to play a game, let ’em have their dopey-ass experts come in and tell us that this wasn’t a Directed Energy Weapon, here; that all of the military and people that came in here to stop us from looking at this – what fire in America have you ever seen that they went to such extremes to block the people from coming in and looking at it?

“Why? Because there’s evidence of Directed Energy Weapons having been used here…Let’s have an honest conversation and force those who represent us to prove it by having an honest investigation. And if they won’t do an honest investigation, if they pick a lane to try and further obfuscate and lie to us and piss on us and tell us it’s raining, then we take ’em out. We vote ’em out, we have recall elections.”

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