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    Former MMA fighter and ex-computer science student “Steven Jackson” of JWTV reports on the strange April 8th Solar Eclipse emergency situation. A sheriff revealed to him what he was told in a briefing with the Department of Homeland Security.


    “We’re back here, live with you because we have gotten in our second call from our source, the sheriff that’s been our source for at least over 6 months, out on the public but behind the scenes, we’ve been talking longer than that.

    “Now, we’ve got the other details inside of the Homeland Security meeting that he went to and we’re really about to break down some stuff and we also need to think about a defense plan.

    “So this is going to be very important. We’re going to have all that in here for you and the first video I told you, anti-government was a target list, anti-vaxxine, preppers, Trump supporters. That was the target list they initiated inside of the meeting.

    “Now, this next part, when I asked them more about the biological scenario, he said, “I said so.”

    “Is there any other things that they said in this meeting? Day two, he said – and I have my notes, here, because, again, I have to write down what he says, obviously for purposes of sensitivity. He said the day after the Eclipse, people might be acting “animalistic”, was what they said inside of the Homeland Security meeting.

    “Hence, we get back to the biological attack: he said they might have to get medical attention if people start acting “animalistic”, so the behavior we’re looking for is people acting animalistic, plus them dispersing whatever the biological scenario is.”

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