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    9/11 Was Orchestrated by the Highest Levels of the US Government
    Ted Gunderson speaking at a 9/11 conference in May of 2004.

    by The Depop Agenda

    THE GREATEST COVERUPS: Former Head of the FBI confirms that 9/11 was orchestrated at the highest level by the U.S. Government.

    • Oklahoma city bombing, JFK, RFK assassinations, World Trade Center and Child Sex Trafficking by the Military, CIA and Politicians are all huge coverups.
    • It is confirmed through documented evidence that the FBI had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and did nothing to prevent this from occurring.
    • He goes on to say that It is very obvious that this whole thing has been orchestrated by the powers that be, at the highest level of our government and he wants the world to know about it.
    • They are using terrorism as an excuse to take away our constitutional rights and civil liberties, murdering thousands of innocent Americans. 9/11 was all orchestrated.
    • The Twin Towers and building 7 were imploded. The planes did not bring the buildings down. They were imploded deliberately.
    • In the Oklahoma city bombing they recovered a bomb inside the building that did not go off and it was made by the U.S. Army.
    • This was another U.S. Government terrorist attack against Americans on U.S. soil.
    • As a private investigator when he retired from the FBI he took on the Jeffrey Robert MacDonald case who was an American medical doctor and United States Army captain who was convicted in August 1979 of murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters in February 1970 while serving as an Army Special Forces physician.
    • During his investigations into the MacDonald case he received a signed confession from Helena Stoeckley stating that Jeffrey MacDonald did not do it, that it was her Satanic cult group that committed these murders.
    • The courts ignored the confession from her. Helena Stoeckley went on to confess that this was a large scale drug operation that was being covered up.
    • They were flying drugs in plastic bags in the body cavities of the dead GI’s coming out of Southeast Asia.
    • There were military Generals involved, other military personnel officers, Police Officers and investigators for the Army.
    • He also worked the Franklin Coverup Case involving illegal Government drug operations and Satanic cults.
    • They were taking children out of orphanages and foster homes privately flying them to Washington DC for sex orgies with U.S. Congressmen and Senators.
    • This was filmed and pictures were taken for blackmail control.
    • Through his investigation of the Franklin case it led him to a Washington DC organization called “The Finders” which is a CIA covert operation for kidnapping children and trafficking them internationally around the world.
    • The children are used for body parts, satanic ceremonies, human sacrifices and sex slaves.
    • In 1997 he received a tip from an airline employee that 210 children flew out of Denver to New York and then to Paris.
    • The airline employee asked the female adult and two male adults who were with the children, who are these kids?
    • The woman said “Child Protective Services, mind your own business.” The employee disappeared.
    • Some of these children are auctioned off and sold for up to $50,000 dollars each, their ages are between 2 years old and 21 years old.
    • This was all reported to the United States Customs and is on record with them, but nothing is being done about it. It is all being covered up.
    • We are at war, a war against evil. They have deceived us, they have terrorized us. They have murdered us and they have raped innocent children. They must be destroyed or imprisoned.
    • They are the Committee of 300 and all their puppets installed around the world at the highest level in our society.
    • Humanity must unite to bring them all down before they unleash more terror and death upon the world.Be brave, protect the innocent children, fight for freedom and life. Now is the time to act.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I was in California in an administrative position in a medical center. He came and put on a seminar with victims from McMartin, satanic cults, and a therapist who interviewed hundreds of the abused kids. They were teaching us how to recognize children who are brought into ER with trauma from satanic ritual abuse. The showed what things to look for.

      These people were honest and transparent and McMartin and the other cases that later were dismissed in court and debunked in the news, did really happen. They had massive amounts of evidence, so corruption was surely going on in court.

      I also, later worked with adolescents who were from 2-3rd generational satanist families. They were trying to escape the cult, and were being hidden by sheriff departments in the facility where I worked. The cults were trying to track them down to kill them, and the kids were constantly terrified they would be found. I heard the most horrible stories from them.

      This stuff is real.

    • I think it’s clear that these bombings had the objective of creating a closing noose of laws that take our rights in advance of the new world order. There were other objectives of 911…the profit of those who insured the buildings ahead of the bombings, creating war in the middle east that allowed central banks being installed there, drug lines to be opened, oil to be stolen and no doubt a chaotic situation where child sex trafficking was easier, these wars being the impetus for mass illegal immigration worldwide meant to destabilize the world, as well as allowing the Patriot Act, under which the Jan 6 people have lost their rights and eventually so will you. It is no surprise that 911 was run by the top levels of our government, which in case nobody noticed IS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT but is a worldwide criminal operation posing as governments globally with very likely an organizing alien presence behind it. Corrupt activities…the Fed monetary system and central banking, blackmailing, satanic child sacrifice and trafficking, CONTINUOUS WARS from which they make huge amounts of money are orchestrated by these aliens via their stooges, the people we call governments and the political process which is as Frank Zappa described it is, “the entertainment arm of the military industrial complex. Kennedy was assassinated because he discovered the alien presence and was going to inform Russia, as witnessed by one of the Watergate lawyers who was told so by Bob Haldeman. This alien presence is not “lights in the sky” but an ancient presence that has controlled the world since ancient times for their own purposes that probably includes a thorough harvesting of the population followed by eventual genocide and transhumanism that will serve them. Fantastical? Yep. But if you put the pieces together you see it….then you can’t unsee it. David Icke was not wrong.

    • Obviously ‘gee-sus’ doesn’t work … nor should it —
      1) — the letter “J” didn’t even exist until 1349 AD and still doesn’t in any of the classical languages of the area ….
      2) — the correct weekly Sabbath is Friday sundown until Satturday sundown …
      3) — guess “who” is the worshipful on the first day of the week, Sunday ???

    • If we do nothing else.. for God’s sake .. rescue/Heal, indict, punish, liquidate, and End this horrific, accepted practice ..

    • If we have to wait for humanity to unite – we will be extinct! No! Individually we must grow spiritually- train our minds away from double mindedness and distraction to singlemindedness using hermetic techniques- start with meditation and work your way to awaken our latent gifts … then we may attract fellow travelers on the path.

    • The “Muslim terrorists” attack in Moscow gives an opportunity to revisit the CIA recruitment of Islamists? Obama said in a speech “we are accelerating funding, arming, and training ISIS”.
      This one statement OFFICIALLY said it all for the normies, but, for the rest of us, we learned that the ISIS Muslim terrorists in Syria were treated in Israeli hospitals when injured.

      So, giving the above mentioned reality, it is now easy to reflect on the greater Israel project? To be the Supreme power in the ME, Israel must neutralize all its neighbors? However, it is more economical if they used our military because we have the deep pocket. HENCE THE CREATION OF ISLAMIC TERRORISM!

      Media creation of public anger, and suggested American flag wearing, and flag weaving made it clear to the normies that Muslim Arabs are the enemies, and we must neutralize them. Very few had the imagination that fanatic Muslims are the Saudies, and secular Muslims are the Iraqi, and Syrians.

    • It’s the same cast of characters behind the evil doers. They control ALL the 3 letter agencies in this country and most every secret society on the planet. These folks are NOT amateurs and have been at this a VERY long time. A friend is interviewed in this video but they left out a lot of assassinations. He included more in his book “The Secret Terrorists” but not all. This video is just a brief introduction to some of their activities!

    • We do know the who, what, when, where, and why of 911! Who benefitted the most? Who lost the most? And the nation was told not to believe their lying eyes, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. General Wesley Clark knew the truth and tried to tell the nation as much as he could get away with without being shut up.

      What international club benefitted at the cost of American liberty? It ain’t the committee of 300! The club that has always used Roman committees by whatever name to do their dirty work for them.

      Them as holds the gold makes the rules.

    • I believe most of what Gunderson said is true. However, some I disagree with. Remember, these intelligence guys don’t ever retire, other than in print.

      The Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald claims one of the so-called invaders said, “Acid is groovy. Kill the pigs.” Look, no self-respecting hippie ever uttered something like that. MacDonald must have been absorbed in the Manson case that was big headlines at the time. It’s the sort of thing a person insulated from civilian culture on a military base might think hippies were like.

      There was a woman that at some point lived in Woodstock, NY who claimed she was a mind control victim similar to Cathy O’Brien. Claimed surveillance, wave attacks, etc. She was interviewed at several group meetings that also devoted time to Cathy O’Brien, although I can’t recall her name. She was also interviewed a few times by Vyzygoth aka Keith Hansen. She had nothing good to say about Ted Gunderson but the thing was, when you went to her website, there was nothing of any substance, only diatribes against Gunderson and several others. I tended to believe she was disinfo.

      • I think you’re talking about Susan Ford but she had another name. She wrote a book, ‘Thanks for the Memories’. Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips told me she was a fake.

      • Your Thinking of Brice Taylor ,,

        Hippies did Say the word Groovy

        I even around hippies abd Military people ,

        Acid is s Groovy ,

        Back when I was in School in Oak Park Illinois Alternative School , Cause of getting into too much trouble,
        Few of The Teacher’s A8ds were Former Hippies !!!
        I remember John who Spoke to kids on the down low so much we could of got him fired for what he shared…
        But we don’t…
        Another aud I will call Billy nit his real name , was a major coke head with powder coke so much he burned his nose out with permeanant c holes in nose from Coke

        yeah hippies said Groovy all day Long

        I knew a guy through my brother who would do so much Tic , angel dust he would just Yeah and spin in circles…

        Ted Gunderson was The Man…

        I followed that McDonalds case from the get go ,

        They Charged McDonald cause he wouldn’t Shut Up by 1975 / 1977 McDonald started accusing the federal government and military of railroading him…
        Government got pissed went after McDonald, and government did what it said it would do to him….

    • I heard the inside job was outsourced to the mossad to insure that no token american hero might show up to ruin the party . they didn’t have a false flag attack to gain control of .gov they had that already , and the military knowing the civilian authority was compromised was never on our side and stood down allowing the iraq war with no apparent goals used to distract the shock and awed masses who are suddenly unified over an attack they were told was from terrorist from without . then they roll out the Q op and fed in anonymous intel wrapped in a game board storylined BS puzzle . Q+ rumored to be the trumpster , was the front man for the SSP psyop squad with 107 preaching the plan to make sure we wait until we see the color of their lizard eyes and you get lost in fake nostalgic americana flag waving BS and not be able dangered enough to figure out who the real enemy is . Now that we’ve seen how the bio-weapon kill shot has reluctantly woken us up to .gov f*ckery I think we should worry about what is happening now , no the miltary is not coming to save you that fantasy and more trump acting and election rigging is part of the plan we’ve been waiting so willingly for them to pour out over us . they are delusional terminator assholes and mean to end you unless you end their illusion first .

      • “they are delusional terminator assholes and mean to end you unless you end their illusion first .”

        So what’s your great plan their Daniel Laxson? The world is waiting for it. Come on, cat got your tongue?

        • the illusion is strong and getting out of the matrix is a personal choice , sum are comfortable in their sand castles counting their bitcoins the truth don’t matter that much to them and they just want to be left alone to enjoy their life of slavery . the great plan is already underway good luck finding the courage to open your eyes and join in . what kinda doc are you a proctologist ?

          • Hi ,
            I read both ,ya day your awake ,
            I won’t ask how much ,
            But & will say , : You can slow them down , detour them , But Not Stop Them ….

            They are setting The Stage To Bring The Anti-Christ
            Abd the Mark OF The Beast….

            The United Nations Adopted Alice Bailey’s 10 Points in The 1940s ,

            Anyway doorbell ringing….

          • Good reply Dan, The disease of Government is like an ineradicable (plague) that sickens without ceasing We”d all have to (GOVERN) ourselves….A very scary thought for the (Normies) and by the way The Corporate State is indifferent to any Human Values !!!!!

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