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    Jimi Brent had me on his radio show last night, where we talked about the top stories of the past couple of weeks, the coronavirus end game, financial jurisdictions, the end of the petrodollar, the new digital currency, the surveillance state, AI, the Internet of Things – and the Globalist banksters who control it all.

    Then we got into Atlantis and parallel universes and I wondered aloud if the reports of Tartaria might be a “Mandela Effect” resulting from Russian time travel experiments?

    This crazy question popped into my head from my having read the book, ‘Entering the Circle’, by Russian psychiatrist, Dr. Olga Kharitidi, who worked in a mental institution in Novosibirsk during the period immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    In that book, she told of studying with shamans in the Altai Mountains and how she used their healing practices with success on some of her patients at the mental hospital.

    Kharitidi also described her fleeting involvement with a “Dr. Dmitriev” in secret Russian government experiments relating to parallel timelines. Kharitidi was cagey about the details of these experiments in her book but she reported that ancient mummies then being discovered in Western Siberia were claimed by Dmitriev to originate from a parallel timeline. He suggested they emerged here as a kind of collateral damage, as a result of his time travel experiments (!)

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    • around 1:10 or so Trump was mentioned with the hope that he, if re-elected, might take the info that Nunes is holding and actually do some convicting …. I know that that is one of our last hopes, but everything tells me that he is still just a tool of the Hidden Hand and the whole “choice” thing is just a charade … I think that the sooner the better (before it is too late) that we all learn that the sooner and better we can actually do something useful about it all … it is time to quit expecting any good t come from the whole political system, they are pretty much all just tools of those they worship/fear … IMnsHO

    • The City of London has nothing to do w the Queen it is the Crown Corporation owned by the Vatican outside of every jurisdiction. The have their own court.

    • In response to comments about Dick Cheney, Bill Gates and Elon Musk: for me it makes sense that these could be smart people. I tend to think of Dick Cheney as a strategically smart person with no heart and no morals. (A psychopath I would guess). In my fantasy, both Bill G and Elon M. were smart young men who were hijacked and put through some form of mind-control program. Isn’t that what the elite does? Finds the most brilliant people and steals them for use in their agenda. We needn’t deny that they are brilliant. My theory is that they weren’t evil to begin with but that they were reprogrammed.

    • Our Presidency is nothing more than power struggles between oligarchies, military, and the wantabes…

    • I love Alexandra Bruce. I’ve been a subscriber of FKTV going way back to about when she first started. She is a very intelligent, educated and handsome woman. She is well worth the subscription and I strongly recommend her. Gary from Montana.

    • Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben over on AIM4Truth made a video recently in which they discussed a large body of research “the conclave” has produced concerning a group of western pharmaceutical companies collaborating on genetic research at a compound in Surrey, England. At 3:oo min. in there is a map that pinpoints the location of another bio-lab, run by these same companies, in Nanchang, a four-hour drive from Wuhan. No one in the MSM or alt news is talking about this.

    • Interesting topic (s), too kaffe klatchie format. Uhh-ummm uncomfortable pauses. Just the facts and less yuckin it up would be more informational. Thanks for the research. It’s easy to see your intellect and trust your analysis.

    • One of the biggest problems in our world is that “some people” have no soul.
      They are walking talking “meatbags”. I could go on, but I don’t type that well, how’s that for an excuse? By the way, Great Show, you covered a lot of areas, thank you.

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