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This is the shape of things to come. The plan is unfurling at a rapid pace. Millions of military-aged men have been catapulted into our country by Globalist-controlled agencies within our government.

Just over a month ago, Mike Adams predicted that over the course of this year and the next, that we would see “Organized raids of armed illegals attacking and carrying out mass exterminations of police departments,” with the systematic wiping out of all the law enforcement jurisdictions, in order to gain control of them.

Mike also predicted that should Trump regain office, the same Globalist-funded Radical Left that rioted in 2020 will revolt over the mass-deportations and they will work to activate all of the military-aged illegals in an effort to jointly overthrow the Trump administration.

He said they will attack the substations, refineries, bridges, ports, water treatment, etc. – and we have seen an uptick of infrastructure explosions in recent weeks.

He said they will even have some surface-to-air missiles and other weapons. He described an event like the October 7th Hamas attack times a thousand, happening simultaneously.

Well, here we are, four illegal immigrants who were arrested for brutally beating NYPD officers, brazenly flipped-off news cameras after being released without bail!

If a New York State Resident were to commit such an attack, let alone a US Citizen, with all of that video evidence, that person would remain in jail without bail and that person would serve a prison sentence.

The Washington Times is reporting that the suspects may have already fled to California!

Also Thursday, 155 House Democrats voted against deporting illegal aliens who commit Social Security fraud and 150 House Democrats voted against deporting illegal aliens arrested for Driving While Intoxicated!

Bureaucrats, moles and agents are waging administrative warfare against the citizens in the US and worldwide.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • So are 12 GA shotguns, baseball bats and pistols of lethal calibers. Don’t forget the millions of Americans that are willing and able to defend their own. We saw this coming years back and with Trump coming back in, this NWO attempt will very likely get shoved in their face the hard way. Unfortunately many will perish either way if it comes to that.

  • Money from the USA pays for NGO’s to guide these future surgeon’s into the country. The day of severe payback is coming, govt/satan is responsible for this and all evils in the world. They lie every minute and MSM keeps the rhyme going for the mass morons we take care of.

  • Biden’s America. Like President Trump said, they are not sending us their finest for anyone who called him a racist. Libs, enjoy. You broke it, you buy it.

  • In my opinion Clinton started this in 1995, and our government is the one that let our seniors be killed by the shot so these guys could commit social security fraud. It’s the governments fault if a bunch of hoods can walk in. Teenagers sneaking in a movie theater get in more trouble than these guys.

  • I guess because the central government has imported them, is paying their freight and giving them immunity from prosecution, that we can rightly identify them as government thugs. Domestic government thugs. Hmmmm

    Wondering also about rightly identifying what central government created in the Ukraine, that overthrew their government a decade ago, that almost immediately turned on ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine and began brutally beating on them with military force. Fascist government thugs. Hmmmm

    Anywhere else? Hmmmm

    Thuggery is a precursor to greater violence and war, which is what central government practices. Little wonder Babylon on the Potomac hate Trump and Kennedy so much, because they openly oppose the conquistadors using our homeland as their private war machine! Our homeland belongs to them now. The day is upon us where many of our fellow citizens are enticed to falsely call anybody who does not lust after global dominion, a traitor. A disloyal American worthy of harassment and imprisonment.

    They falsely call themselves Christians, but in their hearts they are thugs. Imps serving their father the devil! A fruit tree is known by its fruit. A good tree does not bear bitter fruit!

  • Do this in Texas and you’ll get a beat down like you never had before.

    The United States of Texas

    We the People United Will Win

  • And as far as “our” military, I would listen to the Navy SEAL at Three of Seven youtube channel. We will have to walk over our own moron citizens, fight off the migrants, then take the country back from “our” military. Milley should be executed for treason, at the very least arrested for sedition. Trump never did do anything with Hillary, I am skeptical about a new term for him. He is controlled by someone like the rest. —If “our” military was doing its job they would be on the southern border.

  • Sooner or later they will be shot walking out the door and that will be the beginning of the end of this garbage. I can’t understand why fellow cops would let crap like this go. It’s coming. Although I think there are better targets. Truck convoys accomplish absolutely nothing.

  • When I was in New York getting arrested with Tom Heyden and my friend Terry Sheldon (who made the cover of LIFE MAGAZINE that week in 1968) in the Mathematics Building of Columbia University, the was a number of guys from The Village that called themselves the “Up Against the Wall, Motherfuckers” (in homage to a phrase the New York gendarmes were fond of yelling at them). I’m pretty sure the MFers wouldn’t be putting up with this sh!t. Whatever happened to good ol
    V I G I L A N T E J U S T I C E ?????
    Come on New York, get your shIt together!!!

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