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    Minnesota Democrats, media and the Department of Justice have continually ignored strong evidence supporting the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) may be directly involved in tax, marriage and immigration fraud.

    A federal lawsuit filed last May by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, Inc. seeks to investigate allegations of fraud in 1. Omar’s application for refugee status; 2. Her bigamist marriage to a purported brother; and 3. Her support of terrorist organizations. If convicted in a criminal proceeding, Ilhan Omar could face deportation, at the very least.

    1. Omar’s Application for Refugee Status

    Klayman’s complaint alleges, “Because Omar’s family was living safely in Mombasa, Kenya, she was not eligible to be admitted into the United States as a refugee. She was safe in a country near to her home country and not eligible for entry into the United States on the other side of the planet.

    “She may have also been admitted under ‘Temporary Protected Status’ (‘TPS’) which would not lead to citizenship. Therefore, Ms. Omar was not eligible for naturalization as a US citizen because she was not legally and properly eligible to be a refugee. Based on those circumstances, it appears certain that Ms. Omar’s application for refugee status – being already safe in Kenya at the time – contained false statements making her refugee status fraudulent.”

    2. Omar’s Marriage to a Purported Brother

    “Thereupon, in 2002, according to marriage records in Minnesota’s Hennepin County, Omar applied for a license to marry her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, who Omar says went by Ahmed Abdisalan Aden at the time in 2002.

    “Mr. Hirsi is the father of Omar’s three children. Omar is depicted with Hirsi and their children on her social media and internet postings.

    “Thereupon, on February 12, 2009, Ms. Ilhan Omar married her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who was not a US citizen, according to a marriage certificate issued in Hennepin County.

    “It appears that Ms. Omar was still married at the time to Mr. Ahmed Hirsi. Omar disputes that Elmi is her brother, but there appears to be no other conclusion possible. Elmi’s birthdate on the couple’s marriage certificate would make him three years younger than her. Omar’s campaign has said she and others can’t get birth certificates because the infrastructure in Somalia collapsed during a civil war.

    “Ms. Omar is evasive about her family, describing herself variously as one of seven, six, or five siblings.

    “In 2011, Ms. Omar separated from Elmi, with a Muslim cultural divorce not an official governmental divorce.

    “But in 2012, Ms. Omar reunited with Hirsi and had a third child with him, according to her divorce records.

    “In 2017, Ms. Omar formally divorced Elmi (after being elected to the legislature).

    “In 2018, Omar either married or re-married Hirsi.”

    “The evidence indicates that Ms. Omar’s sham marriage to her brother was an immigration fraud to assist his entry into the United States and intended for him to be naturalized as a US citizen.”

    “If Ilhan Omar were convicted of marriage fraud, the criminal conviction may be grounds for denaturalization and the loss of citizenship of not only her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi but also Ilhan Omar herself.”

    3. Omar’s Support of Terrorist Organizations

    “Omar was the keynote speaker at the Council for American Islamic Relations’ (‘CAIR’) 4th Annual Valley Banquet on March 23, 2019 at Woodland Hills, California, where she dismissed the tragedy of September 11, [2001] as just some persons ‘doing something.’

    “The US Department of Justice had previously named CAIR as an unindicted coconspirator in a criminal prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation in Dallas, Texas for allegedly funneling millions of dollars to the terrorist organization Hamas.

    “Additionally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) named CAIR a terrorist organization along with al-Qaeda and ISIS in 2014.

    “Omar was also the keynote speaker this month at a fundraising event for Islamic Relief USA (‘IRUSA’), an affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide (‘IRW’), the largest international Islamic charity in the world.

    “The connections between the IRUSA, the IRW and terrorism indicate Ilhan Omar’s support for and/or membership in organizations that provide support to terrorists.

    “In 1999, the IRW accepted a $50,000 check from Osama Bin Laden.

    “In 2006, Israel arrested [an IRW] project coordinator in its Gaza office for funneling money to Hamas.

    “In June 2014, Israel officially declared the organization to be illegal and banned it from operating in Israel and the Palestinian territories.”

    “In November 2014, the United Arab Emirates declared the IRW to be a terrorist group.

    “Omar spoke alongside senior IRUSA official Yousef Abdallah, who was widely criticized in 2017 after the Middle East Forum found he had expressed violently anti-Semitic ideas on his social media accounts.

    “Even if the proceeding is brought longer than five years after citizenship, if membership in a group such as a terrorist group began less than five years after naturalization, her citizenship can be revoked.”


    “In sum, A full investigation should be ordered to be commenced and undertaken, a full evidentiary hearing held, and Ilhan Omar, if the prima facie facts set forth in Freedom Watch’s petition at Exhibit 1 are substantiated, Omar should be denaturalized as a citizen of the United States, deported and criminally prosecuted for immigration fraud and her other alleged illegal actions including but not limited to her support if not collaboration of and with terrorist related domestic groups like CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Brotherhood and other international terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.”

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    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I think the objective here is Exposure. Because of Trump’s tweets and the reaction of The Squad, investigators will now bring to light all of the background information available on these four invaders of America. The divisiveness these four project onto the President, which they themselves are responsible for, are obvious to anyone who is awake. I was so glad to read about their low ratings in the political polls. I refuse to imagine them being reelected. They have no clue about the future of our great country and the betterment coming for the whole world. #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening

      • Generally speaking Americans have no clue as to the nature and consequences of the on-going unarmed foreign invasion which Trump has not stopped. We have no clue because our own culture has been ripped away from us by social engineers. The only culture most Americans understand is what they personally experience, because they do not ever read serious literature. Because of this deficit in knowledge and understanding America is loosing its culture to foreign cultures and they will not be happy with that outcome.

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