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  • Biden/Obama has deliberately pushed Putin into Xi’s waiting arms through his desperate Virtue-Signaling of trying to save his Nazi Deep State Money Laundromat. If Putin simply borrows N. Korean soldiers to help finish Ukraine, it need not come to Nuclear War. Without that, Ukraine has value only to the residents and the farmers as a worldwide food producer. This Conflict is the fault of the DC Communists. I have watched Donald Trump shake hands with all three of these Leaders, and I have no doubt that he can resolve this conflict satisfactorily if he is allowed to purge the DC Warmongers and Communists. Nobody truly wants a Nuclear Holocaust, not even them.

    • Yo I do, nothing else will bring those asshole aliens hiding out in the clouds down to Earth faster than a nuke blast and get them to disarm the f*cktard DS and do a little disclosure all on their own without our help . If the DS loses the alien tech weapons they now use with impunity on witless civilians we can beat them to death with rocks and sticks and shit since most of us are defenseless now due to all the gun grabbers crying out for our safety and doing it for the children while the ghettos are armed up to the teeth with guns they don’t even have to steal and are not legally available in stores to steal. DS kingpin Don is the pindar wannabe in waiting better to wish for something else.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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