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    Has anyone noticed how the shrill accusations of racism from AOC and the Squad, which seemed outrageous and anachronistic a couple of years ago have now become the dominant theme at all of the Globalist mouthpiece institutions, like the United Nations and Mainstream Media?

    Has anyone noticed how Black Lives Matter has recently garnered billions of dollars from all of the most powerful corporations on the planet?

    Has anyone noticed how this newfound effort to divide us along color lines is massively engineered and how members of our own government and corporate institutions are running a Color Revolution against their own citizenry, using “racism” as a cover?

    Apparently, the Squad and other mostly-Democrat politicians had been briefed on this Globalist script a few years ago, before the Scamdemic and its attendant rioting were cynically unleashed upon us.

    What is masquerading as a bleeding-heart “moment of reckoning” actually has civil war and asset-stripping as its intended purpose. People are being hurt and killed, as a result of this Sadistic manipulation.

    This video was originally posted to Facebook by Georgia H, who like me, was born and raised in a very Progressive environment and who was also forced to abandon the DNC when their true colors were revealed during this hideous psychological war of the past 4 years.

    Her humble, compassionate and articulate testimony in this video has garnered millions of views over the past couple of weeks.

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    • Oh, wow, thank you for detailing this. I am older than you, independant doing my own thing, but getting this ‘vibe’ from my ‘progressive’ culture and sort of confused where it was coming from. I was just explaining to a ‘conservative’ client of mine how it feels like I haven’t moved at all but the entire Democratic Party has gone extreme. I likewise have been a pretty reliable Dem voter all my life and well, things are getting pretty strange now and I have distanced myself from their messages, have stopped participating in Facebook, and am now hunting down independant journalists who are old-school, doing the work to fact-check and verify information. I guess you could consider me an Independant now who is currently listening to the messages coming from both sides of the aisle and seeing what each of them are getting right, and getting wrong; and just how hollow is the substance of our governmental system now hiding behind a thin veneer of plausibility. As my favorite podcaster would say, “It’s all one party now, and it’s them against US.”

    • Thanks so much for recording such an illuminating transition from mind trap to free thought. Really helps me as a conservative to both understand the grooming process for liberal minds, and to possibly gain some insight into helping libs out into the wider world of free thought and right action. Thanks again!

    • Still caught in the same trap: Left-Right mentality paradigm. Both march into tyranny because THEY ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE.

      Newsflash: Your vote doesn’t count. It never has and it never will. It’s a SELECTION not an election.

      Most importantly, why… WHY WHY WHY would you EVER symbolically (and literally) give your power over to a complete stranger (or anyone for that matter) to rule over you and your life? What moral authority is there in ruling over others? None. No one has it to give to another, so even if your vote did count, it would be immoral b/c you have no authority over others to give to another.

      Who says we need government? The individuals seeking to rule over others say we need it, that’s who. Psychopaths one and all. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it, but it intends to take your sanity, and every ounce of energy given to it by your compliance, your conformity, your participation, and ultimately YOU manifest the reality through the willful physical/mental energy given to it.

      Welcome to the New World Order CONSPIRACY FACT.

    • This was wonderful, explain beautifully. I appreciate your candor and gentle way she explains reality. Thank you Dr. Becky Keshmiri

    • What an outstanding articulate revelation of your transition to becoming a conservative!
      I am much older than you but have a similar story.
      I was in college in the 60s and was a liberal like most college students at that time.
      When JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, that quote inspired me.
      I also believe in helping others as you do. I joined the Peace Corps at the end of my senior year.and was sent on a solo assignment to organize communities in a poor remote region in Colombia. Community members worked on self help projects to improve their quality of life through volunteer labor. I lived with a family with 3 kids and spoke no English for 2 years. As a result, I became fluent in Spanish and decided to become a Spanish teacher.
      Your comments about your teaching experience is exactly what I encountered. I have taught in many different schools in wealthy as well as low income communities and discovered that when I was offered a job, I had to join the teachers’ union. I refused whenever I could because I knew that my payments went to the Democrat party. I was ostracized for doing so.
      Your remarks about coddling minority students had an impact on me because I discovered that in my long career, students who misbehaved suffered no consequences. There is now a CA law that says that no minority student can be suspended regardless of their behavior.
      I taught in a school where a star athlete was caught snorting coke out of his home economics textbook but was able to play in the basketball game the next day with no consequences whatsoever.
      I taught in another school where the Superintendent set a policy that teachers were to pass every student so that she could post the district’s high graduation rate of 97% on its website. The Principal’s daughter never came to my Spanish class so I gave her an F. It was changed to an A by the school’s counselor within 20 minutes. Two weeks later, I was told that I would not be hired back the following year.
      At the age of 76, I was hired to teach Spanish at a private school. During the 1st semester, 5 substitutes had worked there and the students learned nothing.
      I take my teaching seriously but quickly learned the school’s policy. Students could turn in homework anytime they wanted. Tests could be retaken 3 times. There was no discipline or consequences for anything. Grades were changed on a regular basis. The entire staff consisted of fanatical irrational progressives.
      That experience triggered my conversion to becoming a conservative.
      Your remarks about the media’s role to produce propaganda on behalf of the Democrat party is so obvious that I’m amazed that more people don’t become conservatives
      The Presidential candidate debates are a farce and completely biased on behalf of Biden. He was humiliated during the Democrat debates by Kamala Harris yet he selected her as his Vice President.

    • “Georgia, trust me, we need to hear you, all of you, all you have to say… We conservative can’t deal clearly with cherished, deeply believed lies, !! Only you can bring conservatism in a gently even way. You know what your friends and family need from someone they HAVE TO TRUST!!! YOU ARE THE BRIDGE OVER THE HARDEST RIVER! Thank You for your Grace and defenceless courage!

    • this woman is partly waking up, but she still doesn’t grasp Hegelian Dialectics where both parties are allowed to make good pts even as The Controller march on using both parties to advance their Agendas.

    • Georgia, thanks for teaching so many the most important lesson of all…how think for yourself and to trust what you know to be true. Wonderful.

    • Georgia, There is no future in LA. A smart girl like you needs to get out of there. You are the enemy there and you cannot win or make it better. Go where you are loved and appreciated for who you are.
      There are only 2 types of people on the planet. People who produce more than they consume and people who consume more than they produce. Conservatives generally fit the first group and liberals the other. The problem comes when the governments use the threat of violence to take the production and redistribute it to the unproductive. The old fable of the ant and grasshopper comes to mind.

      • Using consumption to equate to the humanity of a human being is a lie. What happens when economics no longer guide the compass, like now, for example? Move on, reality has updated.

    • Thank you, Georgia H, for speaking your mind and expressing your thoughts and feelings. Thank you mostly for really expressing your thoughts, and not regurgitating what the left-owned and -controlled media tells you.

    • John Dewey, (1859 – 1952) philosopher, psychologist, educator and Marxian collective globalist! Not to be confused with Melvil Dewey (1851–1931), librarian and father of the Dewey Decimal system.

      John Dewey was second in line of American educators who were Christ hating bigots determined to rid education of Christian influence. Remember that nearly all education in America was for hundreds of years until the late 19th century a creature of some Christian institution or another. Dewey was highly influential in turning classic American education into secularized vocational education devoid of any spiritual connections.

      Up until WWII American schools remained largely the property of local school boards. In the forties and fifties the central government usurped local authority and ownership through various devices such as Federal court rulings, financial subsidies with strings attached and propaganda which centralized control in the Federal government and locally in huge administrative bureaucracies which never existed before.

      Along with this new “progressive education” came politicalization. God was banned and political polarization filled the spiritual vacuum. It’s a whole lot more complex that this, but this is the sum of it.

      It is not surprising that public education now produces generations of relativistic, class sensitive, collectivist group thinkers eager to destroy America as founded.

      Thats the plan!

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