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    In a documentary that might get RT de-platformed from YouTube, this amazing film goes deep into the minds of three men in their 60s who suffered from gender dysphoria, transitioned to female, got the surgery, took the hormones for years – and then decided to to transition back. Two are happily married, devout Christians and all three work to help people in their respective communities in the Southwestern US.

    Of the three, two had been sexually abused as boys, leading one to comment, “I think it’s safe to say that when somebody has been…physically abused and sexually abused, that psychotherapy is the most-needed therapy, not hormones and surgery.”

    Another now says, “Doctors who are honest will say that the gender dysphoria is always there…it starts out being about your anatomy but really, it’s [that] you don’t like yourself.”

    One commenter on the YouTube page summed-up my concerns about pre-pubescent children who are being railroaded by this relentless trend into taking puberty-blocking drugs when he wrote, “There are a very small percentage of people that have legitimate gender issues. Unfortunately, this has become a cultural fad and by far the vast majority of trans people are on a societal bandwagon.”

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    • I loved this video. I found these folks very genuine; they are a group that has a lot to offer this world. I understand their pain and regret. You can either wallow in despair and perhaps end ones’ life or pick up the slack and get back into the game. They are striving to get back to the ‘why’ of their choices. It’s a powerful journey for not only them but for society. To understand anyone’s choices is a transition in and of itself. Everyone of us has come to a crossroad.
      I just wish that they had more talking and understanding about what was the energy urging them to go the full route……outer changes do not compute to inner changes. Medicine needs to take more time before taking the plunge.
      What one gets given at birth is the biggest challenge of all. What would life be without choices….?
      Thanks Alexandra for a glimpse behind the scenes.

    • The title bothers me. It should be “gender” rather than “sex.” That is more accurate. My committee chairman required I change a category from “sex” to “gender” in my experiment and Dr. McGuigan was correct.

      I feel for those who were deceived into thinking that surgery could correct things. We have politicized gender confusion to the point I could not treat it and help someone unless I complied with the political dictates to get them to accept themselves and their perversion; otherwise, I risked a complaint and my license would likely be revoked.

      I know of an individual who had such an operation many years ago and it appears to make her more functional but as far as I know she remains alone in old age.

      I recommend we help people to become comfortable with themselves they was God created them rather than urging them to mutilate themselves and live in continuous confusion.

      The current politically correct dictates are dictating disaster and I expect we are going to see a lot more suicides among those who can not resolve their confusion and especially among those who have had their bodies mutilated!

    • Saudi Arabia is the first country to claim a robot as a citizen.
      The computer has been installed into the robot shape of a human female. The robot has been given a name, Sophia.
      The robot Sophia stated in a female voice, “humans are very programmable”.
      A socially engineered populace of humans can be led to accept unwise policies.
      What does the transgender movement have to do with transhumanism?

    • what a bunch of whiners! I don’t think that I can even watch the whole thing; it’s just a few crabby people who will never be satisfied with themselves. I am a transgendered female, had surgery in 1989 at age 39. I am now almost 68, and have NO REGRETS! Yes, I had some unreal expectations about what life would be as a female, and when I got to the other side of gender, it was not what I thought it was gonna be. But, rather than get all huffy about it, like “oh no! what have I done?”, I just determined to make the best of it and I am now more content and at peace than I ever have been in my life. I wholeheartedly agree that the “trans phenomenon” has gotten blown way out of proportion, and it’s just plain stupid for parents of so-called “trans identified” children to encourage that behaviour. I don’t pretend to be the picture of femininity, and I don’t care what other people think of me, that is their “shit,” not mine. First Nations people call a person like myself “two spirited” and I believe that I fit into that category. I further believe that it is a blessing, not a curse to be able to perceive both sides of the gender coin. I’m sure that I will get some flack for my statement, but I don’t care. I deeply love, honour and respect myself and that’s more than I can say for a lot of people. For all of you critics, take your attitude and stuff it.

      • Danielle, I am 100% in alignment with you. I have grown up knowing trans people since I was child and I think it’s fine. What I think is pernicious is how it’s become “trendy” and how this could have devastating impacts on people who are already vulnerable.

      • Sounds like a fair assessment of your predicament. Good on you for your honesty & ability to enjoy whatever life has thrown at you. Life is a journey not a destination!

    • All this shows is just how far most of humanity has been effected by VERY Poor leadership (Govern-Mind-Ment & Religion) who FEED off their citizens instead of HELPING them by teaching REAL TRUTH to them.
      It all got started long ago by the “Fallen Ones” (Luciferians/Satanic) and has just become much worse today with the development of new technologies since then.
      This Mess was NEVER the design “Prime Source Creator” wanted it to be, but a creation made by the Luciferian rebels called “Man-Kind”…NOT God-Wo-Man/Man as originally created to BE.
      Thus this mess was only ALLOWED to show how BAD the results would become when left alone for a time.
      AS the saying goes: “The Proof is in the Pudding” that it IS a “Complete Failure”…BUT Very Soon those “Renegade Followers” of Lucifer’s progeny WILL be removed, and the ORIGINAL Creator’s (Divine Providence/Source) will be RESTORED…When ALL become ONE with It.

      • What on Earth are you on ?? I believe we are the progeny of an experiment of some other civilisation from somewhere else in the ‘universe’,that may have used the great apes as a bearer of their procreation. This explains our DNA closeness, & our distinct difference all at once. Don’t use mumbo-jumbo & mysticism to mask a truth which science will one day prove correct. Maybe this is the reason for our fascination for our reaching out to the stars & interplanetary/interstellar voyaging. Are we looking for our long-ago , but now lost/barren homeland ? Or is our destiny the same on this satellite, as continue to destroy our present homebase !!

        • Apparently You have not SEEN the Real Truth about “OUR-Story” and have been drawing from “Mankind’s” version called “His-Story” which is Loaded with LIES.
          I suggest you start researching the REAL Origins of “HU-Manity” (Wo-Man/man)
          Which actually STARTED “OUT-OF-AFRICA”…The Internet is Loaded with this info. Find out WHAT “Melanin” is and WHY it is so IMPORTANT to Have going into “Ascension”
          Be prepared to be SHOCKED, and spend MONTHS going over it…I spent YEARS trying to find Holes in iT….Only to find out even MORE info PROVING IT TRUE!

          • anyone who keeps trumpeting the same, boring sounding points, like you Kennyboy, is all talk and nothing substantial. You’re like an intergalactic piece of political dust. One tires of it, along with your assinine random capital letters, after about the 3rd time.

            You are a phony.

            Drop the mask bs and just talk to people or just shut up.

    • Having lived a long life it’s been my observation that there is little difference between genders of the same species, but that difference is profound. Two sizes don’t fit all because of the complexity of genetics!

      Though behavior is predicated upon genetics, it’s mostly learned behavior, primarily from parents but also peers and sociological environments. Therein are a number of things that can impact trusting, impressionable, developing humans, such as abuse, neglect, violence and disruption of a nurturing environment and even institutional sensual stimulation.

      We all aspire to happiness, purpose and fit in the world where we live. Our institutions are supposed to assist in this regard, but when those institutions are used for selfish purposes they cease to function in a healthy way that should benefit society. Here is where the problem lies today. Children are being impacted by these institutions largely for profit, but also for selfish philosophical reasons.

      Humans are both hypnotic and addictive and when one or more institutions take advantage of those characteristics for profit or selfish philosophical, even political reasons, those of us who recognize the danger need to expose it for what it is so that weaker minds (I use this term respectfully because some have not developed their minds to the fullest and remain developmentally arrested and it may not be their fault) can begin to protect themselves from it.

      When such as FKTV attempts to expose those institutions that are infected with gender confusion, for instance, and are infecting society, their reaction is predictably censorship.

      Here we see in real time that there are some physiological and psychological things that cannot be radically changed with wrenches and screwdrivers so to speak. Even with the best of efforts we are stuck with our skeletal make up and glandular output. Making significant changes in the plumbing fails to change the rest no matter how tempting the sensual stimulations are coming from the visual communications and educational institutions.

      We are indebted to Alexandria for her courage to shine light on a dark subjects.

    • Like millions of females, I was a tomboy until puberty, ‘wanted’ to be a boy since they seemed to have more freedom and fun. Still played with dolls, etc, and once puberty hit I was all female. So it’s obvious to me that tomboys are at great risk from the transgender agenda.

    • Many don’t like themselves. Others actually hate themselves. Meanwhile, some project that hate unto others. Amid all that, few choose operative surgery to augment that hate.

      While an interesting psychological study, it isn’t helpful for society, beyond the hate-filled individual, except to say that some will lead better lives with the surgical new personal mask.

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