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I posted a very popular video a couple of years ago featuring the young Bridget Nielsen, a self-described alien hybrid, alien abductee, “Galactic Ambassador” and the genetic mother of several alien hybrid children.

Here, she very glibly goes into fine detail about the alien hybrid project in which she says she’s involved.

If we are to take her at her word, “watered-down”, “human-looking” alien hybrids are being created to start arriving on Earth, to pave the way for the arrival of full-blood aliens, so that we can be acclimated to the more alien-appearing hybrids who will follow:

“As the program continues, you’re going to have more and more odd, alien-looking kids. You’ll start to have reptilian hybrids, you’ll start to have just really freaky, awesome-looking kids! Because the genetics are going to be more altered and there’s going to be more of an insertion of the extraterrestrial genetics because the first ones that are going to land, we need to be able to even handle them…

Nielsen appears to derive much of what she says from the entity known as Bashar, who is channeled through the Canadian spiritual medium, Darryl Anka.

On her eponymous website, she describes being raised with great wealth until 2009, when her family lost all of their money in the Global Financial Meltdown and then experiencing homelessness. Nielsen today makes a living with public speaking events and online readings.

Regardless of whether we take her at her word one wonders what is the agenda that she is expressing?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 1980 Cornell University. US Government research and study called ” Extra terrestrial Paranormal” / C.O.R.D.S. Head of this government research & study. Professor J. Cordes .
    It was about tweaking the spinal cords of unborn children. They used pregnant women in their 6 to 7th month. What they did is cut the spinal cord at the base of the child’s skull and implant wires on different nerves and worked a long side entities of other worlds. I know crazy huh? “ALIENS”.. lol.
    The research lasted 6 months. They were tapping into the memory banks of children and planting messages with in the unborn babies minds. Some they were trying to change there appearances so after they were born, some eyes were displaced as a normal human was. In this attempt the results weren’t what they were looking for. The children at the age of 10 were listed as nut cases.. You can find the whole document 1,993 page study in Cornell Archives..

    • Elle,
      yes, I guess it is all about chanelling, where the human body is the receiver of all spiritual impact. In genral, I see a channeling by light, which is bipolar and is found in the Art of being a man and/or a woman. Both are being in light by colours.
      I perceive an other possibility of chanelling, nameley the power of invisible, moreover felt light. This phenomenon is for me not bipolar. It is all about the feelings of a spiritual soul.
      Feeling happens by attraction towards the inside being.
      Sensing happens inside the visible light of duality, any reacting happens.

    • Elle,

      Now who/what is canelling?
      What is the instance inside universe?

      It is for me very difficult to accept such a sender as any religion is telling me there is a god. Moreover, There is a sender, where spiritual beings on earth are the receivers.

      • I’ll take such information into consideration. However, the bottom line is one never really knows who they are talking to. For me, that’s enough to make channeled information suspect.

        • Is it not so that any information coming to you, comes from somewhere? Still there is an inner intuition what decides which information is correct for you.
          You for sure live by information, which appears as thinking, sensing and/or feeling.

          The decisive part is: what information do you trust and I guess, this is valid for every one on earth.

          If you life your life as you want, you found the real information for you.

          However, when there is some kind of disturbance in your life, in this case you did not find the real information and you have to find the right information, never mind where it comes from

  • I agree with Debbie that it is refreshing to hear someone talk about these matters with a casual and calm demeanor rather than the usual hedging that carries the underlying defensiveness.

    However, WTF? She is saying that as well as having the skill to change human DNA that these intruders have the power to change human frequency? Sorry, no. Frequency is manifest by the Soul. The Soul is connected to Source; it is a tiny spark of Source. Through extended learning we develop wisdom and that changes frequency. Typically, it’s a slow and arduous learning process. If they have the ability/skill to affect Soul frequency then they definitely do not have humanity’s best interest in mind no matter how giddy she is about “new children”. Not that we didn’t know this already.

    Personally, I’m horrified that anyone would be happy/exicted about having their my free will and that of their offspring crushed by off-worlders who, without a doubt, are empire building. I don’t care what the Deep State, their creepy minions of Satanists, pedophiles and their overlords among the 8500 want. There is no permission here. At best the practice is invasive. At worst it’s militaristic and a declaration of war against humanity.

    • I get the feeling that the truth is pretty complicated. I wonder if anyone really knows all of it, even those on the inside.

      • You’d be right on that. Unless you were one of an onion skin thin minority you’d know no truth in such matters. Only those who work with ETs under Deep State authority would know any facts about anything regarding them. And, those participants would know nothing about breeding programs, for sure.

  • I do not share her giddy joy. I had sperm and don’t know what else, taken from me by benevolent Grays in 1985. Today there are many kinds of Grays including smaller robotic-like made of vegetable matter. I understand that now the Grays are controlled by the Draco/Reptilians that would rather create a radioactive desert-like planet with only few human slaves that disgust them. The once benevolent Grays appear today to have become brutal. They like young German men in their 20’s, take their sperm & DNA, then dump their dead naked from the waste down bodies in remote mountain pools of water. The benevolence of the Grays I encountered has become a horror and I find Bridget Nielsen’s giddy joy disturbing.

  • This is amazing. Not what she talks about as i’ve heard it before.
    But to talk about abductions (that would mean against your will) for sexual experiments with unknown ppl or aliens with a big smile on your face, beats it all.
    There are so many questions to her story: why the need to create yet other species while they are all out there already? If the reason is to slowly get used to them well here again i have my doubts: how many of us are ‘used’ to kids on the autism spectrum, with Down Syndrome just to mention a couple? And have they been accepted in our society yet? Of course most would freak out by meeting kids with reptilian faces, it’d probably take a few centuries for ppl to ‘accept’ them. Another thing is how long is this experiment supposed to last for? A minimum of 500 years? 1000? If we are to believe some ‘in the know’ this cloning has been ongoing for what 60 years, has anyone met one of those clones yet?
    Apparently we were created by the Annunakis, now we’re going to be cloned again?
    It seems that all those alien powers are not too satisfied with the human race.
    Too much air here, too vague.

    • I perceive a spiritual evolution, where ther fighting spirit transforms into a loving spirit.
      This happens without any technical instrument.
      Just breathing and becoming conscious over what is happening inside the own body.

  • She assumes a planet not destroyed by the forces of the Cosmos and/or the forces of Humanity.

    The way things are going, there won’t br much left when “they” do land, except maybe some mutant cockroaches left over from a few grade-B, 1950s Japanese horror movies.

    Hope “they” do better at survival and living sustainably than us plain, old, Annunaki humans who have already poisoned this planet beyond repair with nuclear products and by-products, not to mention chemical poisons.

    This human experiment is neither worth saving nor repeating. It is a complete and total unmitigated disaster of greed, sefishness, and lack of spiritual Unity. To wit, just look at the greedy, self-centered, Nazi sympathizer currently in the White House. It could be worse, but not much. That guy doesn’t display a shred of compassion. He’s a total embarrassment to his species.

    • No don’t give up! Bloch said that utopia is not here because something’s missing. I think we already know what that is…free energy and its ultimate nullifying of the corruption we’re labouring under. We’re waking up after being asleep for thousands of years!

  • She speaks over I and you, about herself and others, where is shown a certain bipolarity.
    She speaks over senses of the DNA. Where is the aspect of the RNA?

    Moreover, I miss the inner most core of no-vibrations.

    Even Tesla stated: I was busy with vibrations and waves. However, I know there is a core, moreover did not investigate it.

    • Vibrations create forms, the higher the frequency the more complex the forms (do experiment with card on top of stereo speaker, sprinkled with salt to observe the forms created by vibration) But maybe the intelligence is outside of the body so it has no material form. Is this what you mean?

      • Vibrations create vibrations, where energy is in motion.
        The form of these vibrations appears by gravitational impact.
        Without gravity of the earth, the earth could not exist and become torn apart.

        This is the same with any body cell and of course now the entire body.
        Gravity acts by matter and mass, where the soul has a mass and the body is matter.
        “This does matter!” The soul, the core was not of interest by Tesla.

        Spiritual intelligence enters the material body from the outside, out of the aura.
        Now the material/spiritual body appears by vibrations and mass.
        The more the aura of colours becomes attracted to the inside, the more the mass of the body becomes enlightened.
        This light can become tighten, where the duality of light transforms into the singularity of the feeling soul. This soul is at home INSIDE the void of the material body, where this void is pure spiritual. Now “heaven” inside is found.

          • Debbie,

            for many years, I started my search for universal love, because I could not accept that “life” on earth just base on hurting each other in any thinkable way. I was 28 years of age. I was ca. 35 years, where I discovered: I am energy, transforming all the time. Moreover, this was at first a thought, In Jan. 1980, I expereinced this “core” energy for the first time. Since than this energy is present ever, increasing in mass.
            The question is indeed: how many survival lifetimes are needed for the “final” fulfilment on earth.
            So for me is it not an utopy.

            I perceive that all human pains are not lived love-energy, where pain now is a lie and not a truth.
            However, all people seems to accept that pain/death is true.

            If you want to know more, I guess that Alexandra could mail you my email address. For me, this would be o.k.

  • Whatever it is she’s experienced she seems completely comfortable with it. Its refreshing to hear someone talk in such an untroubled way about this stuff. The part about your genetics and your energetic signature being two aspects that you can share with offspring was eloquently explained, sounded convincing. Didn’t tesla say you can understand nature in terms of vibration, energy and frequency?

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