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I just discovered historian, Matthew Ehret last week and his penetrating historical perspective on our current predicament is so gratifying because now, we clearly understand that what’s happening to us now has been happening since 1776.

Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review, a Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow and author of the ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. He joins Timothy Kelly’s Our Interesting Times podcast to ask how did the British Empire reconquer the USA during the 20th century and how are the methods of oligarchical control identical today, relative to those deployed two thousand years ago? What role did the Khazarian Empire play in world history and how do the Rothschilds relate to the deeper oligarchical structures of control which predate the rise of that dynasty during the mid 18th century?

He begins, “You have to understand that the British Empire never disappeared after World War II and not only that but the British Empire never forgave America ever for coming out victorious for the Civil War in 1865 under Lincoln. Not only that, the same British Empire – the individuals change, the generations pass but the institution is the same – the same institution of this oligarchy never forgave America for declaring independence and succeeding in that battle in 1776.

“So, there’s been an ongoing unifying principal of history, which one needs to have in their mind if they’re going to make sense of things like the Great Reset, the depopulation agenda; how is it that these Wall Street banks took over control of the US, enmeshed with the CIA, in this weird intelligence agency that was created in 1947 – that was when the CIA was created – and the FBI, which are two aspects of the same beast? The FBI, itself was created a little bit earlier in, I think 1909 under the first incarnation, as a secret police force.

“Are these things – Wall Street, is the military-industrial complex, are these intelligence agencies – are these American or is it something else?

“Anybody who looks a little bit under the surface can see pretty clearly and fairly quickly that the US has been consistently destroying itself and cannibalizing itself for over 50 years.

“We were just talking before the show began about the Vietnam War. That was a war of complete self-destruction. There was no benefit to the USA, which ended up getting its ass kicked. And it destroyed, really, emotionally the foundation of an entire generation that went through this insane war that had no reason to be, except to flood the nation with heroin, with existential nihilism, a lack of faith, a total destruction of faith in their government, in the Establishment; this is what a lot of the younger people came out of that experience with…

“If you really look at the economic self-destruction, those who actually ran the policies of the Post-Industrial Revolution…After ’71, you had a complete deregulation, floating-of-the-dollar, speculative  system emerged and it became a nation-asset-stripping.

“So the US began outsourcing all of its heavy industry, its manufacturing, its factories and it began ceasing all investments into basic economic infrastructure.

“It all dropped off, by 90 or more percent. The space program was shut down. We retired, by 1973 space shuttles that were used to put human beings in space and to go to the Moon. All of that was retired. It was shut down, because the priorities were now on the consumer society, instead.

“That’s been, then willful self-destruction going on, for I think fifty years [1971-2021]…Is this the US doing it to itself? No. It’s really not. This is the same parasitical empire that killed JFK, that created an operation within the USA, itself, with the creation of Wall Street, which goes back…to really, the years, a little bit after the American Revolution.

“Aaron Burr, right before killing Alexander Hamilton, his enemy set up the Bank of Manhattan. The Bank of Manhattan became the foundation for Wall Street. You have to look at the fact that Aaron Burr was always, after killing Hamilton, what did he do? He avoided being arrested, because he was caught in a plot to break up the Union, back in 1807. And he tried three of four different plans to break up the Union and to a North-South, or when that failed, a Western Commonwealth versus Eastern Commonwealth. And he tried to do this on a variety of occasions.

“Was he a lone actor? No. He went immediately to Jeremy Bentham’s house [in England], for 5 years, he lived there, to avoid arrest inside of the United States. And then…on the cusp of the War of 1812, that’s when Aaron Burr was deployed back from Jeremy Bentham’s house. And for those that don’t know, Jeremy Bentham was the de facto head of British Intelligence…this is the kind of person with whom Aaron Burr found himself a bosom buddy…

“So, this is Aaron Burr, the former Vice-President of the United States was a British asset the entire time!…

“There were three types of Americans who responded to Benjamin Franklin’s initiative: You had those who were the real patriots, who put their names on the Declaration, who risked their lives – and did give their lives – for the creation of a new type of society that had never existed in reality before, with the Republic, as a nation founded upon the inalienable rights of each individual…[and] you had those that wanted to stay in the British Empire and they were called the United Empire Loyalist Americans and they basically left the United States, the 13 Colonies and they went to British-friendly territory in Quebec or Lower Canada – today’s Ontario and Quebec – and they created what is now English-speaking Canada. That was the second type. The third type is the one that’s often overlooked but it’s very important; it’s what Aaron Burr represented – or Albert Gallatin is another one – and there’s many others who chose to stay behind under the garb, the veneer of acting patriotic but they really were never.

“They were always part of the slave power, they were beholden, always to the interests of the British East India Company and the City of London and really, when you get down to the British Empire or understand it, it’s not so useful to think about it in the way that Hollywood movies in the ’60s tried to portray, with Michael Cain…not as goofy guys in red coats and big hats and “stiff upper lip”…

“The deeper, real, actual way that the Empire functioned was through the City of London, which…is still today the center of world finance, it’s the center of the global derivatives regulatory bodies.

“The City of London, itself is the zone of world control of the speculative global beast of globalization…It controls the Federal Reserve, for example and every other central bank, which is sort of beholden to the Bank for International Settlements, which was a British brainchild in the 1930s, ‘the central bank of central banks’.

“It was that, the British East India Company, that was a mercenary force with a private, corporate component to it. It was never about making money, per se, it was always about controlling the rules of the system so that the victims would be incapable of standing on their own two feet; they would always be dependent upon the Hobbesian Leviathan; that creature that was able to impose its will onto the weaker…

“So, inside of the United States, you had always this pro-British, traitorous group. This is what created Wall Street…”

Well, I’m not going to transcribe the nearly 3 hours of this video but I am going to tell you to listen to it! It is such an enlightening conversation about world history and how so much of it has been and continues to be a manipulation of the British Deep State, so much of everything we’ve witnessed all our lives makes sense! It’s completely worth every second of its 162-minute running time!

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  • Adolf Hitler’s concerned with occupied Russia was the ‘Bolshevik’s.’ Hidden from Western history books, an early morning attack on June 22, 1941, by a Coalition of 8 Nations led by Germany. This event ended Stalin’s planned Communist invasion of Europe, that was set for July 10, 1941, with the ‘Wall Street’ funded Bolshevik “Dogs of War.” Now in retreat & Stalin in hiding, United States prepares for war. Hitler’s respect for Britain is no secret, he spoke of her as an asset for Western Civilization.

    • Hitlers respect for Britain only goes to show how naive he was. There was never any intention of treating Hitler and Germany as equals.
      Hitler and the Bolsheviks were BOTH Britains dogs of war. To be used and abused, Britain hoping to be able to ‘sit on the fence’ watching the carnage and then later entering the scene to grab the resorces
      The anglosaxon empire is now like before the instigator of all radical movements because radicals are irrational and may thus be manipulated.
      The british just as much manipulated China into an irrational ideology.
      After Mao China has ridden herself of irrationilism and is able to move forward in a constructive manner.
      It is obvious that the anglosaxons are supporting nazis hoping to use them against Russia, which isnt bolshevik anymore.
      Like the anglosaxons are using irrational islamism.

      • My comments are based on history of WW2 & the events that happened after WW1. These are the Key to understanding World events today, but more importantly why & how things unfolded between 1933-1947. If you are an White European/Aryan I would be very concerned why are they lying about (all) history & why are they looking to get rid of us. That is very evident with the Bolshevik Genocide of Russians, the Holodomor starvation in Ukraine & the unjustified attacks on Germany. These 3 events in the Century that just passed, makes up over 100 Million Aryans Genocide, now ask yourself Why! 100 Million no longer here to procreate as well.

  • In my previous comment I claimed that Klaus Schwab was a member of the Pilgrim Society , but he was apparently only under their direction and was actually a British Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, 2006
    I also claimed that Britain in the victorian era and later acted to prevent the loss of their dominance in banking.
    But I omitted the more wellknown motive to mount an imperial bridgehead in Palestine originally to counter advances of France and Russia in the ME.
    I challenge people to think about which motive would really be the strongest for Britain towards the later part of the victorian era. Of course the official motive was necessary in order to entice the jews while the hidden motive meant that, for Britains selfish motives, jews would not be allowed to assimilate among Britains rivals.

  • I write this because somebody in the thread thinks Mathews text comes from federal education.
    Couldnt be more mistaken.
    The following constitutes some earlier background.
    Hitler admired and was very significantly inspired by the british empire.
    It is reasonable to believe that he, unlike his british inspirers, had a genuine concern for the german people but unlike typical germans, Hitler was aiming to enslave the russian people, turning the Soviet union into ‘Germany’s India’.

    Hitler complained about the germans being too deep, too much into reflection.

    While he saw the british as less thinking and more for acting like members of a master race doing what came naturally to them.

    He wanted the german schools – Napola – to emulate the british type of influence.

    And long before Hitler was born the british elites had began working the germans and other nationals against the jews and the jews against them simply by recruiting jews for doing Britains dirty imperial dealings.

    In order to stress and accentuate this polarisation it seems the first draft of the “protocols of the learned elders of zion” emerged very timely in 1858 just as Bismarck contacted the Rothschilds for financial advice.
    There is consensus about it having origined from the continental freemasons and this was further amplified later when the final version came from a russian freemason.

    Lord Palmerston was a major factor behind british imperial intrigues and there is a some chance it was the freemason Lord Palmerston who may have ordained that document.
    This is very logical in view of everything else the british elites did in the victorian era even though established historians wont tell you about it. Both the background of nazism and zionism had a british hand behind it.

    And the motive was to prevent the center of mass of banking from moving to the continent as it was anticipated that the empire would weaken due to rising competition.
    But this didnt prevent Palmerston, on one occasion, from officially arguing for sending the British navy in order to protect one particular jew in Greece.

    Some among the british elites were like fish in the water when it came to doublefaced dealings.
    And the british elites knew their own plans so they had a unique perspective for giving the above mentioned document an authentic appearance.

    Mathew has alot of good material.
    Another interesting website is
    The most recent article tells us about Klaus Schwab, who among other things, turns out to be a member of the Pilgrim Society.

  • This is an interesting overview but I think the relation between Christian/Jewish dynamic is not historically correct. The Jewish trade of the early Middle Ages along the “trade routes” to china was slavery. Slaves were picked up in the weekly markets in impoverished Europe; then transported into the wealthy Islamic countries or China. That is why we have Saturday markets to avert the slave trade. There is no way to minimize the suffering and exclusion of Jews in late medieval Europe, but it all exploded in the Sabbatian heresy of the 16th century. Check out Jacob Frank and Frankism. This is the source of modern occultism. We need to name the culprits or all is lost.

  • I’ve looked at various conspiracy-oriented data for very many years and thought I had a pretty good idea of the overall structure. But this introduces some different ideas. I had assumed that FDR, Hamilton, and even Lincoln, were on the wrong side of events. And the idea of China being a positive influence is now foreign to me. I like sidney Powell and a few others. I also have a marketing/PR backgrouns and know how to spread a message broadly. Seeking clarification . . .

    • Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill supported Communism. American & British Imperialism rescued Bolshevik Occupied Russia, under ‘Lend Lease Aid’ to the USSR during WW2. England sent 5,000 Tanks, 7,000 fighter Aircraft, 15,000 million pairs Red Army Boots, 550 Royal Air Force Pilots. The Capitalist United States, Britain & Canada sent free of charge , 450,000 Military Vehicles. (the list goes on) The ‘Red Army’ then crushed Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia & other Eastern European Nations.

  • Think about why most Banks look like Temples where you sacrify your money or sweat equalty to their “god” and where the Temple power comes from

  • They did it the same way as always, infiltration instead of invasion, JFK told us the way they do it everytime

  • The assassination of Chicago Mayor Antonin Cermak was just that, not an attempt on Franklin Roosevelt. Mayor Cermak was meeting with Roosevelt to speak about ‘The Chicago Plan’ based on Irving Fisher’s plan, after the height of the ‘Great Depression.’ The Plan was to completely eliminate bank runs & reduce public & private debts. Because Roosevelt worked for the bankers, he could not help with ‘The Chicago Plan’ so he helped to assassinate it!

  • I hope to someday be half as smart and as well informed as these gentlemen. Wow. Thank you. Great interview.

  • Matthew, Blessings to you and your work. I am an author currently writing a book that relates to this subject. Might you have the time to communicate with me on this? I would like very much to pick your brain further and share notes. Great information here. Thank you so much. Joey Thompson. 504.239.9184

  • Thanks very kindly for taking the time to transcribe the intro and share it Alexandra. Very cool

  • Adolf Hitler worked effortlessly for The Ethnic German People, from the very beginning, Period. In January 1939 matters came to a head when the president of the ‘Reichsbank’ Hjalmar Schacht refused extension of 3 billion Reichsmarks. January 7, 1939 Schacht sent Hitler a memorandum signed by himself & 8 board members following points: 1. The Reich must spend only that which is covered by Taxes. 2. Full financial control must be returned to the Ministry. 3. Price & wage control must be rendered effective. 4. The use of money & investment markets must be at the sole discretion of ‘Reichsbank.’ Schacht concluded “For now the time has come to call a halt.” By these means Schacht intended to collapse the German economy, which during 1933-1939 had increased it’s ‘Gross National Product’ by 100 %. Adolf transformed Germany into a Socialist Paradise. On January 19,1939 Schacht was dismissed & on June 15,1939 Article 3 of a new ‘Reichsbank’ Law decreed the bank now an arm of the German government, which made the bank unconditionally subordinate to the sovereignty of Germany. It was this event that would trigger WW2. Germany’s ‘Usury’ Free banking system would destroy the evil financial empire. In the next 5 months Polish government intensified attacks on remaining 1.5 million Germans living in Poland (once German territory before WW1). Polish Thugs slaughtered German families In this wanton massacres, of 58,000 Germans perished in this Corridor, which Hitler submitted many negotiations to Poland earlier. So these two Controlled Opposition Clowns in this audio is trying to put another spin on history, as usual, because The Truth is Documented. The Truth is Not Negotiable, Period.

    • Hitler was a eugenics loving Wall Street/City of London STOOGE. Prescott Bush and Union Banking and other Harriman connected misanthropic financier oligarchical fascists made a fortune funding Hitler through the 1930s-1940s. I demonstrate that thoroughly in the following two articles:


      • Bla, Bla, Bla, Matthew, you recite your Federal Education very well & know nothing about WW2 & the Crimes against ‘The Fatherland’

      • Eugenic: Concerned with, or encouraging the production of healthy children. Eugenics: The study of methods of protecting & improving the quality of the human race by selective breeding, (genes).
        So what are you complaining about Matthew, you got the world you want!

        • “The ill-conceived `love of thy neighbor’ has to disappear, especially in relation to inferior or asocial creatures. It is the supreme duty of a national state to grant life and livelihood only to the healthy and hereditarily sound portion of the people in order to secure the maintenance of a hereditarily sound and racially pure folk for all eternity….”

          -Dr. Arthur Gutt, Nazi Director of Public Health, 1935
          (who ran the Nazi T4 program that euthanized over 200 000 Germans who were cost effective before even getting around to other groups for not being cost effective). Hung at Nuremburg with 7 other leading Hitler-approved anti-Christian doctors

          • You cannot see your own hypocrisy. In 1920 there were 40,000 heavily armed Black African Colonial Troops unleashed on the Rhineland, to Rape German Women & Children. ‘Horror on The Rhine.’ Sounds like a form of twisted Eugenics to me! Furthermore, when you start caring about the German Genocide that British Royal Air Force & her Commonwealth, Canada plagued on innocent German Men Women & Children in Dresden, that was incinerated & burned alive estimates of 400,000, then their was Hamburg 100,000 burned alive. Lets not forget ‘The Terror Bombing’ continued in Munich, Berlin, Nuremberg, Darmstadt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Wurzburg, to name a few. You see Matthew, WW2 never ended & “Got Mit Uns” because the Al-Lies Sins have reached all the way to the Heavens, and I won’t blink an eye when Justice 4 Germans is served!

        • Victoria,

          The crimes against the fatherland have nothing to do with a racist fascist named Adolphus Hitler. You wouldn’t
          Know the father if he tapped you on the shoulder. His land is spread out over the entire planet. Rock your fascist ass to sleep lil dal’ling.

          • John, Clearly you do not know the real story of Jesse Owens sticking up for Mr. Hitler, August 1936, Berlin Olympics. Owen clarifies in his autobiography: “When I passed the Chancellor he arose, he waved his hand at me & I waved back. I feel the writers showed bad taste in criticizing Hitler, the man of the hour, in Germany. The Chancellor didn’t snub me, Roosevelt snubbed me thou.” John, you sound rather Racist yourself against Aryan’s

    • The puppet masters control all industrialized nations including the British Empire, the Vatican and the rest of them!! Who are the puppet masters many call the ‘elites’ which also entails the minions or ‘useful idiots’ as the real puppet masters call them. Who are the real puppet masters?
      I have done a lot of historical research of their own documentations and bible study to find out who the people are who have been controlling this world in wickedness; creating this free slave world in which we all now live in a debt based, fiat economic system and you can read about them here; if you care to and if you do, read to the end to learn all of the truth. It is slow going in the beginning because the ground work had to be laid so you will understand how it all ties together; be patient it will be worth your time.

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