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    When I look at a group of Antifa members, I often feel that I’m looking at a group of people with High-functioning autism or Aspberger syndrome.

    Then I think about the work of Dr Andrew Wakefield, Robert Kennedy Jr and others who’ve discussed the coincidence in the rise of autism cases with the rise in the number of vaccines administered to children, starting roughly 30 years ago.

    Wakefield directed the 2016 film, ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe’, about CDC whistleblower, Dr William Thompson, a senior scientist involved in designing vaccine safety studies, who came forward in 2014, stating that safety research in 2004 was fraudulently manipulated by the CDC.

    Thompson said, “We have lied, we have found a causal association between measles mumps rubella [MMR] vaccine and autism risk and we decided not only to cover that up but to destroy the documents, so that there would be no record that we had ever had found this effect in the first place.”

    This caused ‘Vaxxed’ to become one of the most-censored documentaries ever, in a precursor to this current age of censorship, where mass de-platformings have become the norm.

    In this video, commentator Bill Whittle cites Politico chief political columnist, Roger Simon, who in a recent opinion piece for the Epoch Times asked whether cancel culture Progressives are not malevolent fascists, but suffering from symptoms of autism? Simon writes:

    “Interesting here is why Big Tech is the way it is? Why its leaders – with the exception of Peter Thiel and a few others – so uniformly think the way they do. Given their history and the monomaniacal focused manner in which they got there, I would wager many of them suffer from Aspergers – ‘a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and non-verbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviors and interests’

    “They get technology, they get business but they don’t really get people. They don’t read widely, only within their world. Their machines have revealed the truth and they want to make sure the world follows their orders, which are, after all politically correct.

    “When they censor, they are doing what they are convinced is the right thing. They are what we may call Asperger’s Fascists.”

    In contemplating his own experiences and those of other Conservatives, of having their videos removed by content moderators at YouTube and elsewhere, Whittle asks whether the Internet is controlled by people with serious cognitive deficit.

    Whittle gets into the symptoms of Aspberger syndrome and the “lack, or dearth, of demonstrated empathy…and impaired nonverbal behaviors in areas such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture,” which were very much in evidence during the Congressional testimonies of Big Tech CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

    Whittle remarks at “…how unnatural they were, how almost inhuman they were, how fundamentally wrong they appeared. Dorsey was essentially incoherent and virtually incapable of speaking…Zuckerberg displayed the kind of passive facial expression that that is, I think impossible to imitate unless you have something really fundamentally wrong with you.

    “If you are being…grilled by a Senate Committee and for hours, your face is just a stone mask of impassivity and your responses are so monotonal, so completely devoid of any emotion; no anger, no enthusiasm, no resentment, no desire to prove things. Certainly, no sense of humor. All of these things, watching them at the time struck me as very odd…but now that I look at this, I realize that these symptoms seem to be more or less consistent and if that’s true, then we have got a problem on our hands that is even bigger than the problem that we thought we had on our hands…

    “If the entire nervous system of the 21st century is controlled by people who have a clinical inability to form human connections and to be able to empathize with other positions, then we are not going to win an argument of persuasion. There’s only one way to stop this and that is to break them up; is to break up this monopoly that is controlled by people who don’t particularly care for people.”

    I think all these are relevant but in my opinion, Bill Whittle’s own normalcy bias is in evidence here. He seems to forget that we are in the throes of a global information war.

    Before 2018 (the year Alex Jones was de-platformed by every major social media platform), Big Tech censorship was a relatively rare phenomenon but from that year on, it began to escalate.

    In 2020, the coronavirus became Big Tech’s justification to de-platform users posting opinions that deviated from the diktats of the CDC. Next thing you knew, Twitter suspended the New York Post for publishing articles about Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” and then both Twitter and Facebook de-platformed President Trump and tens of thousands of others (including me) for challenging the results of the 2020 Election.

    This was not autism.

    While it may be true that Big Tech CEOs and many of their Antifa-affiliated content moderators – and indeed, many in the cohort of Americans born after the 1980s exhibit symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, I believe that, rather than their neurological condition being the cause of Internet censorship, their condition has been weaponized by a military-grade psychological operation as part of the information war being waged by the Deep State against the human race.

    I believe this is especially the case of the Antifa members who are content moderators and “fact-checkers”, who are not truly in positions of power – even if they do have the power to nuke your Twitter account or to publish a derogatory report about your website on Newsguard.

    As for the CEOs, they may indeed be Aspies but I believe there is an additional level of control via blackmail and threats that is in operation. Remember, that it was less than two years ago, that most people were free to post their opinions about anything from presidential elections, to Big Pharma, to the vaccine industry on social media, without the fear of being permanently banned, let alone temporarily suspended from those platforms.

    Doug da Rocha Holmes, a subscriber wrote to me the other day, saying, quite rightly that, “This is a war on humanity. It is not a war between countries. It’s a war to enslave humanity and there are almost countless attacks of all types – psychological, pharmaceutical, food, air, water, and often there are pawns who really do shoot people, i.e. Antifa or Black Lives Matter’s useful idiots.”

    The real questions may be whether a generation of Americans has already been neurologically damaged by an aggressive vaccine schedule – and whether the enemies of humanity are now coming after the rest of us in a genocidal campaign to vaccinate “the entire global population” with CRISPR gene-editing technology that has not been approved for use in humans.

    Perhaps the most pressing matter is that most people don’t understand the nature of the war we’re in. Most people’s idea of war is the classic Third Generational Warfare of World War Two, Vietnam and Iraq. What we are experiencing today is far more insidious.

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    • Then I wonder if you could please answer a question I have? ; then where in this picture would the truth loving digital army of Anons fit in? As you probably know many of them call themselves “weaponized autists”? 🤔

    • Jesus described them best, when He said: “”Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”  Joh 8:44 (KJV)
      Satan “abode not in the truth “ he left reality. He somehow decided that it was possible to murder Him who was the source of his own existence, and survive to take His place. How crazy is that? Do you see why these people are so irrational?

    • Outstanding revelation. Very serious connections can be made following this line of thought.

    • I absolutely agree. For quite a long while now I have thought they have mental problems. Thanks. Good report.

    • I think this idea is so valid but even older people seem Asperger inflicted,just look at Bill Gates,he has all the symptoms!!I have taken the test and score 1-2 points in to Asperger syndrome!I am not w/o empathy but have had difficulty understanding humans but still love everyone❤

    • This is a very striking video. It can possibly explain many of the communication problems we have today. You cannot ‘see’ Aspberger’s or Autism in others as you communicate with them. What the heck, maybe they are just being thoroughly objective. You do not know until you test. But the commonality of this video in explaining certain thought patterns and behaviors is there. And when you are, let’s say, thoroughly objective in just a certain direction, questions can validly arise. Especially if someone uses a commonly used ‘thought word’ or ‘catch phrase’ in a repeated fashion with their eyes in sort of a glaze you can begin to wonder. After all if you appear stunned or non-verbal after listening to such a stunning lack of a more wide-ranging viewpoint, you might have achieved the result they were seeking in you, the result that you cannot think of no other explanation than their own (in stunned disbelief). Except they do not realize your stunned reaction is not to the accuracy, the validity, the truth or universality of their statement but to the opposite interpretation of their statement, that their statement is completely ludicrous and out of touch with normal reality and history going back farther than the Greeks. .

    • ?????????? ‘What if’?????
      There is NO DOUBT!!!! And their ‘condition’ is call SOCIOPATHS/PSYCHOPATHS. We are witnessing the INSANE ‘running’ the INSANE ASYLUM!
      Psychopaths are both born and created. MOST are BORN insane!! The TOXINS individuals ingest is off the charts (including while pregnant). Fluoride (plus other toxins) in the tap water; highly toxic (FAKE) foods that are processed + GMOs; plastics and aluminum that the FAKE ‘foods’ come in/are stored in; toxic pots/pans used to cook with; microwaves (I cannot believe people are STILL USING THESE!!!); microwaves/TVs/WiFi/cell towers/ect; the highly toxic chemicals falling from the sky (geo-engineering/CHEM-trails); toxic Rx’s/OTC medications……and I can go on and on. These things turn, once humans, into brain-dead, zombie PSYCHOPATHS!! And there is NO ‘fixing’ them!!!

      PSA: Sociopaths and Psychopaths are NOT HUMAN!! Treat them as such! ALL Lives DON’T Matter! (Socio/Psychopaths want to KILL YOU! They want YOU DEAD!)

    • Right On! We have a dystopian nightmare of a generation of kids who have been poisoned since birth with aluminum and other chemicals via vaccines. The sexual ambivalence, that is, massive hormone disruption is also vaccine poisoning–80% of transgender kids are autistic. I have a daughter who is “high- functioning” autistic–vaccine damaged. She is very empathic (especially toward animals) but she can’t put herself in someone else’s shoes. Keep in mind, though, that there is substantial evidence that the creative breakthroughs in the tech industry came out of DARPA and military contracts, not out of the basement whiz kids. How convenient for the “elite managers” to find these disabled kids to be the face of their control freaking take over.

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