Alexandra Bruce
November 13, 2014

A Honey Badger named Stossel, lives on display in a South African wildlife sanctuary – but on his own terms, as demonstrates the uncanny intelligence of the Mustelidae family of mammals, to invent new ways to escape his exhibit enclosure, over and over again, using anything from mud balls to rakes, to the amazement of his keeper, who marvels at his tenacity and how much fun he seems to be having, in mocking the humans’ attempts at locking him up. Needless to say, Honey Badgers are not on the Endangered Species list.

The Mustelidae family encompasses weasels, otters, ferrets, minks, badgers and wolverines, from the 6-inch Least Weasel, found in Europe to the 6-foot Giant Otter found in South America, all of whom exhibit a playful, creative intelligence that puts the highly-vaunted intelligence of primates on notice.

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