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Hi-Rez is back with ‘2+2=5’, a hilarious record and video about the idiotic Marxist indoctrination of our children in our captured educational system, with a catchy beat and pithy lyrics that express our shared horror inside this endless Communist PSYOP.

Set in a public school classroom, Hi-Rez plays a transwoman teacher sporting a blue wig and magenta lipstick. The students are played by Dr Robert Malone (!), JP Sears and a supporting cast of internet dissidents.

It’s upbeat and delightfully subversive of the pathological mainstream narrative but it’s as serious cancer.

‘2+2=5’ instills within the viewer a sense of belonging to a humanity that is much better than the vileness that is being foisted upon us. It’s positive mind control.

Some may remember Hi-Rez from another smash record with Jimmy Levy, ‘Welcome to the Revolution’.

Good music comes from hard times, of which both works are conscious commentaries and of which both will stand as testaments in history.

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Alexandra Bruce

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