After listening to I Am Australian, I was reminded of the power of music. I was looking for an anthem for the US – but I didn’t expect to bump into a smash record so soon!

Good music comes out during hard times. ‘Welcome to the Revolution’ is an inspiring new example, with a beautiful melody and great lyrics and outstanding vocals performed by artists, Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy.

We will not comply

With the institutions’ sick illusions

No, it won’t be televised

Welcome to the revolution…

The very sparse and documentary-style video, directed by Rachel Katz and Brandon Morin is shot on-location at multiple Washington DC monuments.

Keep the money, I would rather have my soul

They want power and control

That’s their number one goal

All my friends turn to foes

Look how easily they fold…

This spare style reminds me of the ancient and classic first music video I ever directed in 1989, for Special Ed at Profile Records (and which Vevo mastered out of sync, with the video 4 frames behind the audio, probably due to an unsupervised transfer).

Anyway, if history is any guide, we will probably be getting in a lot of great new music over the next few years.


…and then this little legal disclaimer:

The views, information, opinions and/or activities expressed in this video are solely those of the individuals appearing in the video, and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of Hi-Rez LLC, or its producers, officers, agents, and employees. The video is strictly journalism, and all of the content contained in the video are filmed for historical documentation purposes. The video is not meant to promote one side of an idea or another. The video is objectively documenting history, and is only filming individuals in their natural setting. None of the footage has been altered to enforce any particular narrative. Hi-Rez LLC has not verified, and is not responsible for, the accuracy of any information contained within the video. Hi-Rez LLC assumes no liability for any views, information, opinions and/or activities contained within the video.

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  • Love you guys hang with it for all humanity here in Australia been tough but lots like myself not complying looking forward to our better world for humanity
    LOVE Your Music
    Sincerely Wendy

  • Not everybody is as far down the rabbit hole dear. Some people prolly still think Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack. And when I hear “9/11 was another Pearl Harbor” I am quick to agree: Yep, another “put-up job”.

    “Welcome to the Revolution”, is a clever, listenable song, but not singalongable, thus not an anthem.

    “America” is meh and this is about more than America or Australia or any other particular locale. There are some lyrics that seem appropo to this time and they go like this:

    Well, I won’t back down
    No, I won’t back down
    You can stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won’t back down

    And I’ll stand my ground.

    There ain’t no easy way out…

  • Oh my gosh. This is incredible. A song from heaven.

    MAke it our global NATIONAL ANTHEM.


  • I listened to this song a few more times today and the more I listened the better it became and the deeper it moved me. However, that noted, I do not think it is anthem material but I could be very wrong about that.

    On another note…today at work while listening to a radio station that plays old country western music, they played the song America by Waylon Jennings. It’s not a protest song, it’s more a song about recognition and acknowledgement of some good and not so good qualities of America. If you’ve never heard it or haven’t heard it in a long time, I highly recommend you go have a listen. And, if you’re so inclined, I suggest reading through some of the comments too. There’s some good ones there. Here’s one in particular that caught my attention posted by James Edwards: “I’m British, and this song really moves me. I really wish we had that essence of individual liberty and pride that some of the Americans have. What a brilliant song that amplified this. I love England, but songs like this do make me reconsider my nesting ground. God bless the USA and the UK.”

  • Great up until the lyric “even the Nazi’s say they were doing what they were told” Makes me question who is sponsoring you two…..

      • That maybe, but it certainly was Not the Truth. It is All based on an illusion & an appalling miscarriage of justice. A misuse of evidence gathered up from accused persons that were physically tortured.
        The International Tribunals at Nuremberg were neither international nor Legal. These trials were arranged independently by Britain, U.S. Government, France & Soviet Union whom all were guilty of many Crimes and Atrocities themselves.

  • I haven’t come across a song that moves me like this in a very long time. Absolutely wonderful creation guys!!!!

  • If you, who call yourselves Americans, allow one person’s God given rights to be taken away from them, you have now open up the path for your own rights to be taken away. YOU, who call yourselves Americans, have watched the wicked court system take other people’s God given rights away from them every day and said nothing. Who then around the world even cares if Americans loose some stinking rights anyway ? Capt Joe Kelley

    • there is no God given rights in a legal society; in a lawful one, yes
      the legal society has removed you a (wo)man and has given you a monopoly piece i.e. person, parent(a pair that rents), plaintiff, defendant,basically titles. We have been removed from creation and have been created by the legal system. i signed up at and donated my property (money)and compensated them for their knowledge to teach me; of course there are others out there as well where we can learn; we the people need to stop defending and go on the offensive

    • Thanks for making Gary Pecorella and his song, Save America, known. I just went and listened to it. It’s a really good song. I see on YT that it was published in Feb of 2019, which tells us that Gary saw what was coming way before many others did. Here’s another link to a video that is just the song:

      • It appears Gary is no longer walking the earth with us. Sad it was a good song. Sad though for now we know that the words on our money were put there by the cabal to honor their god and not our God. WE do not trust their god, or honor Their god. We honor and trust the one and only true God the Biblical God.

  • Love you for this!! We must stand strong to defeat the evil! If God is with us who will be against us… In the end God will provide the justice for all the evil!

  • Ever since the 1960s, popular culture has been in steady decline. We pretty much hit rock bottom in the 90s when the Rap/Hip-Hop fad became a thing that, like Disco, shouldn’t have lasted long. Thirty years on, it’s still around, which to me is proof positive that intelligence is likewise in decline. I don’t feel very hopeful that the West will ever recover. China at least has had the sense to preserve their (etymological) nationhood, and resist the degeneracy that’s sinking the rest of the world.

  • Really good song! Thanks much for sharing this Alexandra.

    Music and lyrics are incredibly powerful tools/weapons to maneuver and manipulate emotions of an individual or the masses either up or down in frequency. And, as we all know from first hand experience, emotions directly influence the behavior and actions of both individuals and groups. For example, juxtapose the experience of the Melbournians singing I Am Australian to what the attendees of the Astro Fest music concert in Houston experienced.

    It seems that being oppressed is a efficacious catalyst for the germination of communication through music and lyrics to address and counter the adverse social condition(s) being experienced. And it also seems that music and lyrics that originate from these periods of rampant social injustice, pain, suffering and oppression are timeless.

    The time period of the 60s and early 70s was a time when there was an abundance of musical artists and others that were using their talents to address the social injustices of the world. There is no doubt that the music and lyrics from this period empowered, fortified and, in some cases, instigated, motivated and activated resistance to the “establishment.” This was a time when art was being used to raise the emotional tone (emotional frequency) of the masses and it was very effective. TPTB, recognizing this countered it by the aggressive dissemination of drugs that would internalize the attention of the users thereby rendering them inactive and impotent. Woodstock, for example, was a key component of this counter attack by TPTB. They used the music of the counter-culture as a delivery system for drugs, sex and rock n roll. They took control of the artists and music industry and have been using it for population control ever since. Hopefully, now, though, in this time of heightened oppression, pain and suffering, the people will take back control of music and once again and intentionally use it to raise the emotional frequency of society.

  • Wooooa. As an old f*rt and sound engineer and musician of forty years with the plectrum and soldering iron….all I can say is WOOA. KRS one meets the message of NWA while autotunic apsirations of the human voice climb the universal Cypruss Hlll. Some music should not be nice and polite yet you did the sugar coated pill at the Washington monument and did not fill the frame with pum pum porn,glock nine glitz n shitz. Some things are simple.clear and true. It takes a lot to move me , especially new music. Recommend Skull n Bones n Fear of A Black Planet ,
    In our times this is a breath of fresh air.Well done good production,simple visuals…..ckear message…. eternal free and spirit..


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