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    Former London banker Alexander Pohl worked for years for one of the world’s greenest banks. Idealistically driven, he financed big wind and solar farms, genuinely convinced he was making the world a better place.

    Gradually, he woke up to the fact that today’s green is a broken system. He gave up banking and emigrated with his family to his little forest paradise in remote, northern Sweden. The dream was to get back to Nature, start an eco-farm and put as much distance as he could between his family and the industrialization of nature.

    Until a wind park was planned at the gates of his paradise garden.

    Documentarian Marijn Poels and Alexander Pohl are taking the journey together to ask questions and unravel the green wonderland to its true core.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • We’re struggling to lose our naivety and confusion, on all sides of the globalisation/climate change question it seems. Some great clarity in this film, thanks for posting

    • Very brave man. The gov’t obviously performing brutality upon an individual at the behest of corpse’s will which is based solely in souless acts, greed and unconscionable domination of world wide humanity cannot, must not and will nor stand…
      Billions verses a paltry few sociopaths administering through whips and fear transcends all that is sacred about human experience and existence.

    • All the time they is not a 25 years automatic Prison .
      For the people in power that tell liys .
      To make money and do Damage to people and the planet

    • Alexander Pohl is very naive. EVERYTHING is CORRUPT, and EVERYTHING is about MONEY……..AND…….EVERYTHING THAT THEY SPEW IS A LIE! Once EVERYONE comprehends these FACTS, we would all understand what we NEED to do. Round up all of these PSYCHOPATHS and ‘do away’ with them! GREED is ‘unsustainable’; and, therefore, these PSYCHOPATHIC GLOBALISTS (and their WORSHIPERS) are also ‘unsustainable’…..and we need to be rid of them ALL. Oh, and…….by the way……there is NO ‘climate change’!
      Get rid of the Globalists, governments and their pee-on, ‘yes-men’ worshipers, and this planet would almost be a PARADISE! But instead, we have the DEATH CULT (those I have named) that ARE killing the planet……AND US ALL!
      Time to mine lots and lots of ‘lead’!!!!!! 🙂 It’s called SELF-DEFENSE! A Right that has been given to us by The Creator!

      • Well said , however these Psychopaths know what they are about , and while they may not know what one individual may or may not do , they absolutely know what 100,000 individuals will do . Good luck to us all , for absolutely nothing will happen , these psychopaths’ have gained total control , only an asteroid can stop them now .

    • Money launder citizens tax money through manufactures their friends that manipulate politicians to purchase and place wind farms for their people. Example, Governor Cuomo signs Bill to buy turbines for NY whit Al Gore sitting by his side. Al makes money, manufactures make money and Cuomo gets a book deal during pandemic and getting a few million $$$ for selling less than 40,000 books. Money laundering at its best. Al Gore is a FRAUD! Also, another money laundering op= Al Gore was a partner or part owner to Current TV after he was vice president ( a sweet gig for political favors during office). He then was able to be part of the sale to Al Jazeera for a cool $70 million in profit. This is how it is done. Look at Clintons leaving the Presidency almost in bankruptcy and now over $100 million. Look at all the wealth for collecting Money after presidency? This goes for big pharma with Covid, Obama Care, Build Back Better and on and on. We will own nothing and like it! WEF, UN and so on BAD!

    • Alexandra,

      Here is the Psychology-Based reason “the system is broken” :


      — My Organic Psychology Explains this Near-Death of the West —

      ( ’Socialized Hemispherectomy’—Via Liberals’/Libertines’ Public Schools )

      Barb Oakley had described in her book, “Evil Genes . . . ,” how flummoxed she had been to hear Soviet COMRADES discuss with each other how wonderful and superior
      communism is—compared with Western, non-centralized, meritorious capitalism.

      In the early Seventies, I had had a similar experience with an otherwise brilliant guy, who believed the Soviet Model to be far superior to the West‘s—no matter my recounting the deadly/evil/worse-than-Hitler horrors of Bolshevik Russia’s collectivist society (( after Jewish leadership tracks down that last living Nazi, they’ll begin hunting Bolsheviks who had escaped to hide in the Christian West?—keep in mind Nazism and Communism are sister political camps of anti-individual C O L L E C T I V I S M )).

      My two synonymous terms :
      “ Brain Blindness ”
      “ Utopipsychosis, “
      address an actual, organic condition of
      that Soviet brain – of L E F T I S M – called,
      “Socialized H E M I S P H E R E C T O M Y”
      ( My term—for describing the ROOT
      Cause of today’s failing, Marxian, Feminized
      Public mis-/mal-/un-Education in the West. ).

      There are 3 possible means to removing the LOGICAL/Moral/Executive side of the human brain (( the left-hemisphere’s pre-frontal lobe, used to pass that “marshmallow test”—which passing is very high among Whites and Asians but very low among Blacks and Brown Hispanics; and how may any space-age society keep its science-edge while its collective IQ is plunging!, because of minority demands for more and more Affirmative Racism hires ? )) :

      1. damage during embryonic development

      2. surgically removing the left-logical hemisphere

      3. mis-/mal-/un-education over decades!, via music/art/theater/entertainment/feelings
      teachings —Public Schools’ ongoing FOLLY
      (( BALANCE!, warned the ancient Greeks—
      but, now, academic RIGOR is to be shunned
      because – the braindead have warned us! –
      academic scholarship smacks of “White
      Supremacy” – rigor! – which actually is White
      Christians’ Preservationism / Preservancy
      of the highest High-Culture society in world
      history )).

      The late British author Colin Wilson, a correspondent of mine, had sent a book to me, in the mid-Eighties, which describes what had been the result of surgically removing a tumor-damaged left hemisphere (( masculine, logic-driven side of the brain ))—in an adult male.

      After recovering from the hemispherectomy, he lacked restraint from the compulsion to stop his left arm/hand (( right-hemisphere-controlled side—keep in mind cross-lateralization of brain-body functions )) from unzipping and dropping his pants (( note that that impulse to exhibit a lack of (sexual) restraint is very strong in Democrats, who GLEEfully advocate for the S & M movie franchise, “Fifty Shades . . .” ))—as his right hand (( the left-hemisphere-controlled side—what had remained of it after surgery )) tried and tried to restrain his left, emotion-driven hand (( recall that the Hebrews’ Torah warns against turning to the LEFT—warns against using the emotional-/musical-/feelings-driven right-hemisphere )), as being SINISTER/Foolish while advising to turn RIGHTward!—to be WISE!, by using the logic-driven, algorithmic, don’t-touch-that-hot-stove-again left hemisphere; and that dichotomous Hemisphericity being unknown to them, yet gleaned from observing male/female differences in behavior; and the Holy Bible warns agains following : “Heart, who can know it?” )).

      Soviet Bolshevism had been a full surrender to reptilian-brain appetites (( far more easily reached via the emoting/musical right hemisphere )) : T O R T U R E, rape, robbery, and raucous mayhem (( that’s Democrats’ social character, whenever sharply triggered, such as in the Jacobins’ hellish/bloody/stench-filled French Revolt ))—lusting for the smell of rotting flesh (( to identify one Old-Brain – reptilian – inclination!, and what drives some serial killers to keep going back to where a victim is partially buried, and using the stinking corpse – repetitively! – for orgasmic sexual release/satisfaction )).

      In America, the Sex-is-for-FUN // wombed babies are “unviable tissue mass” // and deny-G_d, and any-virtuous-living Democrat Party has become a serial killer of good civil society (( why it advances/supports those SAVAGE AntifaComs‘ – communists’ – mayhem within our cities, and curiously having an inordinate number of Jewish females in their ranks appearing the most violent—read UNZ-dot-Com report on that matter )) : LEFTISM


      GOOD-Morals RIGHTISTS (( keeping clean, not using drugs, picking up litter, and never lusting after porn and kids as sexual objects )) retreats from the battleground (( he may not be evolutionarily equipped to defeat that savage, reptilian brain—which defeat results from good breeding!, partly, not “hooking up” willy-nilly on a Saturday night )).

      [[ Or, put another way :
      Rightists pick up our TRASH, take
      bathes, stay moral, view sex and
      wombed babies as sacred!, and
      advance Tea Party conservatism
      Leftists TRASH everything in view,
      crap on cop cars, molest women
      and kids, steal from the productive
      – to enable the sloth-type “poor” –
      and Occupy Wall Street with
      libertine, any-thing-goes socialism. ]]

      That appeal to EVIL is product of the rise of RADICAL, hear-me-roar feminism, which is Marxism/LEFTISM/Carnalism.

      Socialism/Communism is always a cloaked/masked lust for getting at that pretty girl (or boy) standing over there, and an EXCUSE for STEALING neighbors’ property—to be “FAIR” / Equitable.

      In short. Leftists hunger for ORGIES, S & M sex and, eventually, CANNIBAL-
      ISM :

      Politically, Leftists NASTY POOPelosi and Chucky-the-Supreme-EMOTER-Shumer secretly hope to rip out MORAL hearts and eat them !

      The C O M B A T A N T S are the pre-frontal lobe (( Angel of Light )) and the
      amygdala (( Angel of Darkness )); and see references to the two combatant angels in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      All of the above may help you to ponder/understand the ROOT Cause of the West’s – of our! – steep moral/cultural/financial decline (( the C O N D U C T O R of our decline cannot be SAFELY named here )).


    • Good and everything said makes sense BUT some vital fews are not present.. The cost of this electricy is 3 times the cost from nuclear witout regarding the backup decessary…. One of this windmills will requireand area of some hundred hectars…. Forsmakr in Sweden will require 1/3000 of the area…. and the Carbon emmisiona are lower during life from the wind per kWh….

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