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    HBO has posted a 5 and a half-minute version of the segment they shot with Dark Journalist and me and these are their show notes:

    “54 years ago today, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. When long-awaited documents related to JFK assassination were released, we filmed with Daniel Liszt, aka the Dark Journalist. He tells us about his theory that the CIA killed JFK to hide ‘the Alien Presence’ and discusses how the newly released docs corroborate his ideas.”

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    • This is by no means a new theory and probably embodies one of several reasons JFK met his end so quickly and violently at the behest of a domestically sourced conspiracy of Deep State types and their financial backers. The words and circumstances surrounding the last days and death of Marilyn Monroe (a paramour of both JFK and RFK), the many powerful enemies JFK had made among the elites (the CIA, Pentagon, Texas oil industry, UFO insiders, et al.), and the testimony of prison lifer James Filer and certain others all strongly suggest both clear motives and means — and urgency — for the assassination. Unfortunately, there’s simply no rational reason to believe that the U.S. government will ever release any documents that evidence conclusively what has been pieced together so diligently, if circumstantially, over +5 decades to explain what happened, why, and by and at whose hand on that fateful day. Some cover-ups, sadly, are virtually certain to outlive almost all of us, given what is fundamentally at stake with anything even approaching full disclosure.

    • The greatest whodunit of the century. Theories abound as to who and why. One thing for sure is it wasn’t the “lone nut” Oswald. My heart bleeds for him as well as JFK. He was the sacrificial lamb. While I wouldn’t discount Daniel’s alien theory, and I don’t pretend to have “THE” answer, another theory that looms large for me as to WHO would be the people behind the (privately owned) Federal Reserve. It’s a very little known fact that JFK authorized the printing of real debt free US Treasury notes backed by actual silver stored in the Treasury when he signed Executive Order 11110. If allowed to continue it would have eventually put the Fed out of business and end their system of debt slavery. The fact that this is so little known tells me something. One of the first things LBJ did was to reverse this executive order but we didn’t hear about that. In the end I think there wasn’t just one reason WHY and the alien thing could have been part of the reason he had to be eliminated. I still carry the grief to this day as I was 10 years old in ’63. In so many ways the soul of this country died with him.

    • i watched wed 22nd, great work daniel and alex.
      my sis and mom watched too they were like wtf.
      but i am trying to wake up friends and family.

    • I think it is remarkable that behind any killing there is a certain kind of organisation, which can be one by the law or one as an outlaw organisation.
      I also realised that certain hopefull leaders found their death earlier, as some leaders which survived longer although they committed many crimes.
      What so ever, here on earth it seems to be that the centre of attention is…..death, dying.
      It is just a matter of time that death comes in one way or another.

      In my work, I met many stories, downloaded inside many brains, over
      reincarantion. Where this reincarnations again and again show that there was a previous death of this individual being.

      Even the stories about aliens, are still related with death.

      Could there be inside universe an alien space, which has nothing to do anymore with death?
      If yes, would they live in a spacce/time of eternal life, which someone calls maybe heaven??
      When such a heaven could exist, where is it present?

      Anyway, I percieve a structure of eternal suvival where death destines the length of life and a system of eternal live, where death is no more.

      Because of the fact that death is not so much longed for, as for an initimacy between man and woman or male and female, there must be a path for finding an universal intimacy.
      Anyhow, this is for me more related with truth as death.

    • What about HBO can they be trusted? I hope they treat DJ and Alexandra with respect otherwise that’s the last Sopranos box set I’ll be buying!

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