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‘Happiness’ is the latest animation short by the talented and deep Steve Cutts, who clearly has some strong views about consumerism, a subject that many artists like to critique but his rendering of it is the furthest from trite. It’s pithy, it’s funny and the sheer amount of work that he’s put into this piece is stupefying.

Even if ‘Happiness’ is perhaps a tad dark, I’m left inspired by Cutts’ immense gifts.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Singing and breathing.
    It is for me very remarkable that any kind of song happens by the exhale controled.
    At the start of life, the first act is breathing by the inhale.
    What comes out by the exhale is either not used or some waste has come out.
    Therefore it is logic that what is haled inside either can presented as a song of the inhaled love or as the sound of waste what has been haled to the outside by the listeners.
    The last breathing act is the exhale.
    Singing by the inhale is not so easy!

    This way a human moment in life is present between one inhale and one exhale.
    The more disharmony is taken inside, the more disharmony is haled outside.
    That is the way how a human lives from moment to moment, presented by sounds speaking and songs singing.

    How many songs base on unfulfilled longing for the other one.
    How many songs base on jeaulousy and pain.
    How many songs base on self love and partnerships?

    The songs for self love mostly are not so money oriented.

  • Cutts’ film is great, but in the email I got the blurb under the title “Happiness” references a Black Budget/UFO coverup piece by Mouthy Buddha. Probably what Halvor was talking about. Don’t know where the link for that one is.

    • I’m not sure what you mean. The animated film by Steve Cutts IS the video referenced in the article.

  • In order to get out of this rat race, it could be helpful how this functions:
    – First of all, there are emotional yes- and no instincts, supported by the sense organs developing an unconscious robot like mind. This is almost the same as believing and observing. The rat race is an emotional race.
    – Besides these instincts, there is a capacity of feeling by intuition. However, this capacity is seemingly insufficient in order to “beat” the instincts. Here again, the question is: Why?
    This question bothers me already for such a long time, where I found some answers. However, not enough.
    Here I found a special cut, which I felt in my meditations. Wondering where this cut came from, I thought about cutting my umbilical cord.
    Wondering what happens at such a cut, I found some information:
    By a rapid cut, the blood of the placenta containing much nourishment of the born child cannot enter this child. The result, too less iron, oxygen, stem cells, intelligence etc. The missing volume can be of 30%. It appeared to me that the soul of our blood has been cut of, of what really belongs to the child.
    See some of the many videos:

    It became clear to me that a COMPLETE birth happens by the birth of the placenta also, as a unity of child AND placenta.
    – Now the question arises also: Why is this separating between placenta and child do important by the common doctors. In the world of today, this seems to be a financial affair, where even the content of the placenta becomes used for f. e. beauty articles.
    Still there must be some other reason also.
    Inside religions, there is a special commandment: Respect the parents, where the respect for the children is NOT a commandment.
    Such a respect I see with animals, where they have no knifes to cut an umbilical cord. They manage it in a natural way.
    – A new humanity could take advance by the vision of birthing complete.
    Besides this, I perceive now my aura around my body and the spiritual self inside my body, identical as a complete being, like the child and the placenta.
    The spiritual blood out of the spiritual placenta enters the spiritual child for a spiritual health.

    – By near death-, out of the body- and reincarnation experiences base on emotional pains (instinct!) there is involved an individual aura, which I recognised by my work since 1981.
    – In order to be totally myself, I have to accomplish this self by attracting and contracting all what is inside my aura into my self, which is present inside my material/spiritual body.
    For this reason, I wrote also about a spiritual blood circulation some time ago.
    – I had to smile a bit, by reading this name Steve Cutts as the producer of this video. Still knowing there is no coincidence.
    – My conclusion now is: By a complete birth out of the mother’s womb, it is more easy to experience a ripening of the self inside the universal womb. Is this the path for paradise inside, where all people are so much longing?

  • You too can be the first to the red light. Yes we have been trained to do what we do, and very few can see that, or think outside the well decorated box we live in. Life any more is closer to the movie “They Live” then anything else. Thank You Alexandra for trying to open the eyes of us in the maze.

  • Stunning and poignant. I only recently understood that consumerism is actually participation. A diversion from political participation. It’s so disgusting how we’re manipulated

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