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The Deep State (aka BlackRock) is purposefully crashing Western civilization and handing everything over to China by imposing the malevolent boondoggle known as “Environmental, Social and Business Governance” (ESG) on Western corporations.

First, BlackRock lobbies Western governments for new “climate initiatives”, which shut down projects. Then, BlackRock opens up those same newly-cancelled projects under another corporation that they control in China, which is not forced to subscribe to ESG.


Vivek: With one hand, OK, the BlackRocks of the world are pressuring Exxon and Chevron and others to effectively drill for less oil with emissions caps. Turns out those companies have to drop oil production projects to meet those net zero standards by 2050. Guess who’s – or, no – let me just ask you just a question, to see what your net reaction is. You may know where I’m going with this, so, you may probably get it right.

Do you think those projects are still proceeding, or do you think that they actually just got dropped in the interest of staving off global emissions? Which do you think it is, between the two?

Guest: Um, dropped?

Vivek: No. Wrong answer. Projects are proceeding. They’re just proceeding under new ownership. So, the firms that are buying up these projects from Chevron include the likes of PetroChina on the other side of the world.

Now, you ask the final question, guess who’s one of the largest shareholders of PetroChina?

It is none other than BlackRock, the very firm that was actually pressuring the Exxons and the Chevrons of the world, over years to drop those kinds of projects. That is how deep this runs.

Do you want to know why? Because if you go to China and say they’re gonna establish an ESG agenda and scope 3 emissions targets, they’re gonna tell you to get the heck out and to shut the door on your way out because, “We built a Great Chinese Wall, the Great Wall that stops you from entering the Chinese market, if you’re gonna mess with our companies.”

But, actually, if you’re also one of those firms that’s doing it to the US, we’ll roll out the red carpet. And that’s exactly why BlackRock became the 1st foreign owner to win a license to sell mutual funds in China, a few years ago, because they were doing the bidding of the CCP.

So this runs deep. Right? And when you have sort of concentrated nodes of private-public power in the United States, that’s what lends it to capture – even by other governments like the CCP.

In a truly decentralized free market system or in a truly decentralized democratic body politic, by the way, that doesn’t lend itself to capture, including by foreign actors.

But when you have that level of concentration of both capital but also capital coordinated with state action, that’s what what lends itself to capture from abroad, and that’s the game the CCP has actually mastered.

Video from @WallStreetApes

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Vivek just another whore for Israel, and he’s already been blackmailed or paid-off to comply with the zionist scum. See Jimmy Dores show from last night where Vivek essentially supports continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. He firmly believes that ignoring this Israeli butcher job is the thing to do. He also ignores the continued genocide of young Slavs in Ukraine….the 2nd Homeland for the Evil Zionist.

    No one in the system is to be trusted. No one. WHen lying becomes a felony, maybe then we might begin to trust the gov politicians.

    Vivek is a whore and he is lying through his teeth about everything. How many times have you been thru this routine of “read my lips”. You are no longer foolish, but graduated to being an outright FOOL.

  • Any candidate who is being presented on MSM and these controlled media clowns
    works for the Globalist…
    Dr. Shavia is our man if he can’t do it nobody can!
    The Great Reset is happening right before our eyes
    In reality, either one joins it or learns how to exist outside it…
    Hopeium is not an option…
    This world we all grew up in is crumbling it’s being dismantled
    Be careful what you wish for…

  • I’m a small investor in precious metals mining. Of course, I’m concerned that we are raping and pillaging the environment but I look for companies to do it responsibly. What is becoming abundantly clear to me with Blackrock and ESG sustainability, they know what the dangers are behind the vaccines they are mandating their employees to maintain their jobs and hide behind such soft words like inclusivity, equality, net-zero, sustainability and all the buzz words to make you think they care about their people and the community, There are too many Drs who been silenced from speaking out against the dangers of how the vaccines could pose a danger for people with in 5 years of the vax. For example, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern mandated the population to vaccinate. The health minister collecting the data found 21 % of the vaccinated died after the shot. Even he came out with that information, he was arrested. It was learned Jacinda Ardern sits on the board of Blackrock.
    I’ve been going through my portfolio and selling any company that holds the banner of ESG because in the end, Mr Fink will have all of our heads on a platter, or at least in a McDonald’s burger. The depopulation agenda is real. This all ties into Agenda 2030, BillGates, the Deagle prediction, and all the apocalyptic programming the Deep State throws in front of us. God has this.

  • Is there any nook or corner left that the most greedy, cynical, criminal corporate corruption hasn’t penetrated??

  • Vivek is the most articulate politician in the USA by far. After Trump has served his next term, I’m rather hoping that Vivek will take over next.

  • I love what this guy says and how he says it. All the most important lies are exposed and boldly explained. Knows how to handle lame socialist liberals and lying politicians. Wish I could fully trust him and that what he says is what he would actually do. Very intelligent and knowledgeable with obvious leadership qualities. I guess time will tell. Who can you trust these days? Even with Trump I can see either the best thing for America or possibly the anti-Christ. May God save us.

  • What if all investors asked to divest from Blackrock and Vanguard? What if all investors required from their advisors to NEVER PARTICIPATE IN ANYTHING POLITICAL OR CULTURAL.

    • One factor we mustn’t overlook. The cabal is so successful and resistant to change because the base of those who profit is so wide and deep. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, that’s the most severe problem stopping change.

    • Thanks for the well documented expose on Vivek. Liked many of the things he has said and his presentation but never trusted him because of his connections to big pharma and other unsavory groups and people.

    • Absolutely agree and everyone who tells me Vivek is a real contender, I say “not so fast…and here’s why.

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