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Graham Hancock has an amazing talent for bringing serious intellectual and scientific rigor to bear in challenging established ideas in a way that is fresh and inspiring. He was just on the Joe Rogan Experience to talk about the archeological dogma that viciously suppressed the study of human activity in the Americas before 13,000 years ago, which is the subject of his latest book, ‘America Before’.

The dogma has been that the New World did not become significantly populated until much later than the Old World. However, recent discoveries of human remains have found Anatomically Modern Humans in the Americas proven to be from 50,000 years ago, as compared with 60,000 years ago in Europe and Asia.

If archeology is wrong about the peopling of the Americas, which appears to be the case, then what else have they been wrong about? Dogma says that civilization as we know it began in Sumeria 6,000 years ago but Hancock is adamant that not enough work has been done to categorically rule out that civilization may have been developed in the Americas first, because archeologists have simply not been digging at the layers where they would make such discoveries.

The rampant deforestation of the Amazon, however has been revealing the remains of vast cities there that pre-date those of Ancient Greece – and much larger.

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  • Reading the discredited, but believable, Project Bluebeam story. And reading or waiting much from Graham Hancock, its interesting to see how his work, and that of his colleagues, are unraveling the items that were exactly predicted by “conspiracy theorists” long ago.

    Items they said had to be unraveled prior to project bluebeam’s timing.

    * major new archaeological finds that would change history
    * evidence that ET existed and that he had been visiting earth all along
    * society’s moral unraveling
    * proof that major religions got it all wrong

    These things have now occurred. All of them.

    Which makes me wonder just who Graham Hancock is. Looking at his impressive background I find that he worked for the Rothschild-owned Economist just prior to launching his career as an author.

    Very interesting.

  • I have been watching Joe Rogan’s podcast for about a year now and the folks that he brings up to the cast are very interesting and i would say dark horse of their relative fields, except ELON.

  • Actually, there is MUCH more evidence that God/Woman/Man were “Seeded” on this FIRST, in AFRICA more like Half Million years ago, and then From There migrated all over the planet.
    There are LOADS of video on line that Prove this, with loads of artifacts DATED to be 100’s of Thousands years old.
    Ever Wonder WHY there are certain areas like the Grand Canyon are heavily Guarded by US military and won’t Allow access by Anyone???
    WHY, is what going on in Anartica is so SECRET…INCLUDING A VISIT BY THE POPE & KRIL???
    VERY Soon, the REAL-Story will Expose History as Almost LIES.

    • It’s accepted that Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH) first appeared in Africa and Hancock is not challenging that. This is about the peopling of the rest of the world with AMH and the start of civilization as we know it.

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