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    Graham Hancock says that enough studies have been done at this point for him to conclude that a series of cometary impacts that occurred between 11,600-12,800 years ago were the cause of a mass extinction event. In the work of Hancock and others, including Dr. Victor Clube, retired Dean of the Astrophysics Department at Oxford and former astronomer at the Royal Observatory, as well as Dr. Richard Firestone of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in California.

    These and others believe that the collapse of several Bronze Age civilizations in the Fertile Crescent was caused by meteoric impacts from the breakup of a larger body that is today known as Comet Encke and its accompanying Taurid complex, a stream of matter that is the largest in the inner Solar System. Taurid meteor showers occur twice per year but the stream has a cycle of activity that peaks every 2,500 to 3,000 years, when there are larger impactors. The Royal Observatory in Scotland estimates that the next peak involving large-sized meteors from the Taurids will begin sometime between the years 2400-3000 AD. Some astronomers note that dates for megalith structures such as Stonehenge are associated with these peaks.

    Encke and the Taurids are believed to be remnants of a much larger comet, which has disintegrated over the past 20,000 to 30,000 years, breaking into several pieces and releasing material by normal cometary activity or perhaps occasionally by close encounters with the gravitational field of Earth or other planets. Due to the stream’s size, the Earth takes several weeks to pass through it, causing an extended period of meteor activity, compared with the much smaller periods of activity in other showers. The Taurids are also made up of weightier material, pebbles instead of dust grains. Many astronomers consider these to be the cause of the 1908 Tunguska event. I wrote about all of this at length in this book.

    Graham believes that we are capable of solving this problem, of sweeping the cosmic environment. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s covered in this interview with the great Graham Hancock.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thanks, Alex. Nice presentation. It’s always a joy to listen to Graham. Excellent scientific support having come forth since 1995. Vindication is sweet.

    • Whether any premise approaches truth remains of secondary importance to its degree of mental stimulation, IMHO. Mission accomplished.

    • At some time spiritual life came on earth, by which cultures appeared.
      At some time comets came on earth, by which cultures disappeared.
      Why is this happening this way?
      Why is their so much suffer on earth?

      I became aware of a spiritual evolution, where all spiritual dualities has to become transformed into a spiritual singularity (oneness).
      It seems to me that the spirit came out of a space, which now is known as dark dualistic matter, where it on earth can transform itself into oneness. Here appears an energy which is coming home into dark energy.

      So the question is: How and where can I find this energy?
      My answer is: going inside and find the inner core of being.
      This inner core is present in the middle of any duality.

    • We can stop any collisions with artificial gravity tech, which we received from the Emerthers of Zeta Reticuli; unfortunately, we may not understand how to manufacture interstellar craft yet (see William Thompkins for the story of our existing clandestine celestial craft, based on artificial gravity propulsion). But we’re nearly there, and we can manufacture such technology, knowing what has to go where, so WHEN we build it (or buy if off-world), we’ll be able to send thousands to the stars (but a very select group to be sure). Unfortunately, the only way this can happen is if we’re able to overthrow the current power-tech-financial structures that are keeping this truth secret.

      • How is it possible to create an artificial gravity tech?

        I prefer to find the gravitational impact, which is not made by humans.
        This impact is found inside the inner core of being, where a spiritual mass is present.

    • For the record, the early church he speaks about was not Gnostic. Gnosticism was one of the heresies that arose after the birth of the infant church, not out of the church, but it attached itself to the Alexandrian church for a period of time having already been in existence there. The institutional church has never completely rid itself of this scourge, but for the most part it’s gone.

    • Until Graham Hancock and his mentor Randall Carlson move to the next level and integrate the information we have learned about the Saturn Sun System, of which Earth was a part, they have only PARTLY “solved” the mystery.

      Sure meteors and asteroids rained down. But from where?

      If anyone with a working brain (Hancock and Carlson have excellent brains but competing explanations seem to be avoided by them as it might not sell their books and seminars…everyone’s gotta make a living and they have their demographic and fanboys they play to… and maybe they don’t like being upstaged, or even just SHARING the stage)

      It’s HIGH TIME Forbiddenknowledge enters the arena of “forbidden knowledge” they eschew.
      Go to, or and get your feet wet on the Electric Universe model (EU); they have a BIG channel on Utube, with Space News, and tie into, all based on plasma science, space weather based on plasma science, and that the universe runs primarily on electricity and plasma, gravity being a much weaker and subsidiary effect.

      Egos are involved, but these peeps claim to be “scientific,” All over the ancient world the mythology says that SATURN was earth’s sun, hanging unmoving over the north pole, with Venus and Mars in a polar axis configuration.

      If Carlson who is clearly brilliant would go through the works of Dwardu Cardona he would have an orgasm… Hand-cock too nudge nudge wink wink.

      We’re all in this Re-Membering together. Today’s paradigm is a lying watered down Control System. You can explain virtually ALL the symbols in today’s religion’s and myths when you understand the plasma phenomena earthlings saw in the skies overhead from the time of Zep Tepi, the Fiat Lux moment at 10,000 BCE, down to then plasma electrical storms that ended the Bronze Age with droughts, mass migrations, electro-shock madness making humans nutsoid.

      UPGRADE your understanding.

      David Wilcock is letting this in, gently, so as not to dilute his paycheck. But he DOES reference Wal Thornhill and EU, and he present great info on his Wisdom series of how our entire solar system is entering a highly charged (electrical) magnetic zone of the galaxy called the Fluff Cloud. This is straight out of NASA and the Pioneer probes.

      Yup, those weirdo Christians have a piece of the puzzle too! There is going to be, in fact, is now going on, an electric surging throughout the entire solar system that is driving our weather changes via the Sun, and it is also making people highly polarized just like at the collapse of the Bronze Age.

      We may be in for a RAM reboot which could flush out all the malware that has accumulated in the human psyche, with the madness that drives the coke addicts in the secret financial upper layer, SSP, and the advanced physics post-Einstein.

      This may end up with mankind feeling like waking from a bad dream, with Mom (our Galactic friends and Elders) gently shaking us and saying “honey it was all a nightmare from your Saturn Sun birth trauma.” But prolly there will be a lot of a-holes painted into their paradigmatic corners shrieking they would rather take us all down than surrender.!!

      Just my 2 cents

      • I appreciate your alternative electrical universe potential explanation. Bringing in Wilcock (who has aligned himself with Cory Goode) leaves me cold and almost made me forget how you began.

      • Great twopence, Phil. I agree with many of your points, and Wal Thornhill’s team has done a lot of salient, innovative work along these lines (the Primer Fields are interesting, as well as Cardona – wow, thanks for that! Although, I’ll need to check – I didn’t know that “All over the ancient world the mythology says that SATURN was earth’s sun,..” – where did you see this? references please – so much anecdotal hearsay, especially on the web – I can’t believe anything unreferenced.

        These electric thunderbolts coming down as a plasma (as Loki rained down fire on Sodom & Gomorrah.?), or perhaps a CME? It does seem at many megalithic structures that a high fire/ plasma-like heating & rock melting occurred. I Found Thunderbolt theory really compelling, but not definitive… yet..

        I ESPECIALLY agree with our consciousness reboot necessary. Why do people buy all the fear, the xenophobia, then there’s the greed and psychopathy of politicians, who have been blackmailed with videotapes of hookers, by the hands of the cabal.


        I do what I can to help my own consciousness; in my meditation class, my Middle Class/Middle Age white entitled co-students tell me that it’s all in your head – that your life experience depends on how you think, and things happen to you because you somehow deserve it (Karma – which I believe). So either I was a real sonofabitch in my past life (or previously in this one), or in fact, infinity is random, and there is too much complexity for apeman to grock. But I cannot close my eyes and be happy when the fragmented race of a diverse species of humanoid beings allows certain behaviors, such as Arab culture (beheadings, clitoral mutilation), Afrikan (same, and their tribal war violence.. despicable!), so, it requires changing hearts & minds, and killing some real fucked-up motherfuckers, if you ask me. But I’d rather everyone get enlightened, as the hundredth monkey phenomenon.

        So say you?

        • PS – we ought to read the Mahabharata as historical fact. Krishna was a blue-skinned alien (NOT a blue Avian alien..); What we should also read if the Book of Enoch, and ancient Sumerian texts..

      • I’ve been publishing clips from the Thunderbolts Project since the very beginning of this blog in 2010.

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