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Gonzalo Lira is a Chilean national living in Ukraine who’d been posting on social media about what’s really happening over there from his perspective.

In the past, he’s mentioned that he’s married to a Ukrainian woman, with whom he lives in Kharkhov with their two young children.

He disappeared on April 15th and had not been heard from since. He was feared dead by many in the independent news community, as he had just posted a video, saying that he’d been doxxed by The Daily Beast and that, “If ever you don’t hear from me for over 12 hours, assume I’ve been picked up by Ukranian SBU, and assume that the people most responsible are The Daily Beast.”

But he has now just emerged after a week, appearing on Friday morning with Alex Christoforou of The Duran.

He told Alex that he was picked up by the Ukrainian SBU on April 15th and that he’s “a little rattled” but that he’s “physically OK.”

He says he’s grateful for the concern for his life but he says, “There are a lot of other people who are, frankly more deserving of the attention. I’ve highlighted them in my Twitter feed, @realGonzaloLira.

“Those people matter more, because we don’t know where some of them are. Some of them have passed away, well, some were killed but the other ones, we don’t know where they are and so, they matter more.”

He referring to his March 26th pinned tweet:

“You want to learn the truth about the Zelensky regime? Google these names:

Vlodymyr Struk
Denis Kireev
Mikhail & Aleksander Kononovich
Nestor Shufrych
Yan Taksyur
Dmitri Djangirov
Elena Berezhnaya

If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on this list. GL”

He told Alex, “I’m OK. I don’t have my computer and I don’t have my phone and so, anything that was published or posted on the Gonzalo Lira YouTube channel, the Coach Red Pill YouTube channel, the @realGonzaloLira Twitter feed and the realCRP Telegram feed after April 15th – just discount it, because it was not me. I did not have access to those accounts. I still don’t, for that matter and I don’t have my cell phone or access to my email accounts.

“I created a new one and that’s how I got in touch with Alex and I’ve been in touch with, of course, I reached out to my family members; the people close to me and you know, I’m telling them that I’m OK and in some cases, I’m waiting for their reply, because it’s three in the morning four in the morning over there.

“I’m OK physically, I’m OK. I don’t have anything that I can say publicly, other than ‘I’m OK’ and thank you for the concern…

“But I’m still in Kharkov and for the time being, I cannot leave. The authority here has told me that I cannot leave the city and um, yeah.

“But I’m OK and none the worse for wear and I’m rambling and I’m sorry about that. I’m a little bit discombobulated, as you can imagine but I will come up with something clever to say. So, I’m going to end here, Alex. Thank you so much.”

A few hours later, Gonzalo tweeted from his new account, @GonzaloLira1968:

These are the accounts I have lost all access to as of April 15, 2022:

• YouTube channels:
—Coach Red Pill
—Gonzalo Lira

• Twitter account:

• Telegram channel: /realCRP

• Instagram: /realGonzaloLira

Assume someone else wrote any posts after 15/4/22.


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    • Already happened with Franklin Roosevelt threatening about turning in your gold, so he can rescue the failing Federal Reserve. Then FDR threatened those that refused to go to WW2 and kill their German Volk.
      Look at how many people were killed off after John F. Kennedy assassination, witnesses and journalist.
      Besides I’ve lived next to a political figure for over 30 years, he gets threatened by his own all the time.

  • Is he currently “captive”, aside from being restricted to Kharkov?

    Can’t remember passwords/access to YouTube/Twitter/Telegram/etc accounts…access via a new phone could get him online again.
    Threats punishment resulting?

    Why not for an interview with Christoforou, then?

    Gonzalo was , IMO, very casual about his risk/safety over the last few weeks, prior to his abduction.

    There’s a bit chute vid up asking if the public is getting a repeat of the “Jussie Smollet treatment”.

    Buyer beware.

    • I have 6 pages of passwords and have to use my phone when I go to find them when I decide to sign on using another device. Hard to use that as your reason of doubt. If you had been watching him, you would see the concern he has chosing his words VERY carefully. We don’t know to what extent he “can not leave Kharkov or whether he is in “house arrest”. The SBU are not exactly US/Chile friendly… the fact that the West is concerned about him might well be why he is still alive.

  • Chris Christoforou, Please post pictures of the Steel factory in Mariupol. Does not have to be recent. This “City within a City” certainly has photo’s to show what your reporting.

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