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    Alex Jones breaks down how elites worldwide are preparing bunkers for the nightmarish end times they themselves have helped create.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Kill the big tech CEOs??

      Never crossed my mind. (Snicker snicker)

      But I’m going to enjoy it. Especially if the lethal injection is as safe and effective as the you-know-what.

    • Yeah whatever to Alex Johnson (knowing him speaking of behalf of half baked truth) though kinda funny that they have to run into hole (if that’s even true) when they spent trillions of $ for (fake) space programs.

    • Elephants are not found in Siberia because they eat about 350 pounds of foliage daily; I’m pretty sure their wooly mammoth cousins had similar dietary requirements, so I’m also pretty sure that wooly mammoths were NOT living up in the islands north of Siberia where so many of their tusks have been found that they are called “the Ivory Islands”, and where their (estimated TEN MILLION) flash-frozen carcasses lie buried in Siberia’s permafrost so recently their thawed meat is still edible.

      “Conspiracy Theorists” tell us that every 12,800 years the poles shift 90 degrees; unfortunately, the oceans (not being glued on) DO NOT go along for the ride and the only ways to avoid ending up like the mammoths are:
      Be “off planet” for a bit
      Be in a watertight submersible vessel
      Be in a underground (again, watertight) BUNKER

      They also are telling us (as is all the bullshit going down) that the next pole shift is due any year now.

      According to the many legends regarding previous pole shifts, the sea water drains off in about a week, at which time you can return to the land and see what’s left.
      If you were in a bunker, you may have to dig your way up through who knows how much debris that the runaway oceans have deposited between you and daylight, but I’m sure they already have provided for that probability. (Thus the reports of a year’s worth of food stored in the D.U.M.B.s)

      Per woky Wiki:
      “global flood stories may have been inspired by ancient observations of seashells and fish fossils in inland and mountain areas. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all documented the discovery of such remains in such locations; the Greeks hypothesized that Earth had been covered by water on several occasions, citing the seashells and fish fossils found on mountain tops as evidence of this idea.[36]”

      Here are my thoughts on… where would be a good choice to be when the SHTF?

      Any temperate region (I believe) will wind up in a temperate region.

      Two places on the Equator will wind up getting the flash-frozen treatment.

      Antarctica (possibly aka “Atlantis”) will end up on the new Equator (and whoever is left gets to see what’s under all that ice).

      Sure has been a lot of interest in Antarctica lately.

      P.S. Reiterating (so you remember where you heard this), JFK wasn’t in that limo: it was an Animatron, preloaded with blood and explosives which blew part of its head onto the trunk where it had to be retrieved by Jackie (who obviously was aware she was in more danger from the perpetrators of the ruse being dissatisfied with her performance than from any non-existent bullets). JFK’s gf, Mary Meyer, got the same treatment about a year later, except somebody forgot to preload the blood:she was reported to have been shot in BOTH the head and heart, but the first person on the scene (by happenstance, a journalist) said there was no blood.

      P.P.S. Starting a political party called

      The A-Z Party

      I sure hope none of you Conspiracy Theorists out there think A-Z stands for

      ANTI-ZIONIST !!! That would be so wrong.

      $5/month dues, consensus candidates, laws, regulations and rules.

      Job#1 is “get our own money”.

    • Anyone with half a brain hates Barack Obama
      🥸 very well said Alex .. no second guessing on who supports Barack Obama (2008-2024)

    • So these “world leaders” think they can disappear like gophers until it’s all clear up above?
      That they can then just arise from their safe havens to critical acclaim from all the wretches they destroyed with their policies, their cash, their power, their agendas, their influence?

      If that happens, there will be nowhere they can run to escape, and sooner or later, their heads will be on proverbial platters. They will emerge to find that the new leaders will be in the form of Auntie Entity of Thunderdome fame.

      • Raven Rock aka “the devils den” one of #44 favorite places to hang, when away from the throne in the closet of the White House, lives just 2 blocks down the road., caution could have insecurity issues.

    • stank ass new world oder comes steaming through the bunker prison vents the lifestyles of the once rich and now infamous elites living with their heads on a swivel looking over their shoulders as the unforgiven assholes needing our help with assisted suicide as the final solution offered to them in a world that wants them dead .

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    *** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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