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GiveSendGo Was Hacked. This Is the Video They Put on the Redirected Site

After raising 10 million Canadian dollars and being booted off of GoFundMe, the Freedom Convoy 2022 truckers moved to the Christian crowd-funding site, GiveSendGo, and raised $10 million all over again.

But on Saturday, Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank froze two personal bank accounts that had $1.4 million paid into them to support trucker protests in Canada and on Sunday evening, the GiveSendGo website was hacked but was quickly back up.

It had been previously reported that the site had been leaking sensitive user data despite allegedly fixing the issue earlier last week. Reportedly, 55% of the donors are American.

While it was down on Sunday, the URL redirected to this creepy Disney video and a message that looks like it might have been written by an Antifa member. Some suspect it was done by the Meiselas brothers, who founded a Far-Left Super-PAC that behaves more like a Next Gen ADL.

Meanwhile, de-banking is being fully mainstreamed and normalized, which is the entire point of the civilizational collapse being visited upon us now by the banksters. Their Great Reset would force us to use their social credit score-based digital currency that monitors your every activity and which can be shut down if you don’t conform.

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