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    Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, who has been a harsh critic of the truckers’ blockades admitted on Monday vaccine passports don’t work to prevent transmission.

    True to his words to supporters last Friday, Ford announced that Ontario is canceling their vaccine passports as of March 1st.

    Ford vehemently denied that these concessions were in response to the truckers. “Today’s announcement is not because of what’s happening in Ottawa, or Windsor, but despite it,” he claimed.

    “We also know that it doesn’t matter if you have one shot or 10 shots, you can catch COVID. See, the Prime Minister, he has triple shots and I know hundreds of people with three shots that caught COVID. We just have to be careful. We gotta always make sure we wash our hands and, and move forward…

    “And there’s every single person, including myself, knows people that are unvaccinated, you know? Sure. There’s the rabble-rousers and then there’s just hardworking people that just don’t believe in it. And, and that’s their choice.

    “This is about, again, a democracy and freedoms and liberties,” he continued. “And I hate, as a government telling anyone what to do…

    “Everyone’s done with this. Like we are done with it…the world’s done with it. Let’s just move forward.”

    At least five provinces so far have canceled their vaccine passport requirements in the wake of the truckers’ protest.

    Justin Trudeau’s support is cratering both among his colleagues inside the government and within the Canadian populace, in the wake of his tyrannical and unjustified declaration of Martial Law and threats to freeze the bank accounts of protestors and of anyone who donated $25 or more to their cause.

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    • Melanie Lich and Brian Lichter are not what this guy says. They drove a big rig to Ottawa from Calgary, and are definitely there for the truckers. Quoting one guy’s opinion is always dangerous. I would suggest that you look further for your news on these two. I think they are called Unify Canada. I don’t know who the other guy is.

    • May Day! May Day!
      THEY KNOW!

      QUICK !!
      !!!PUT. ON.THE. OTHER. MASK!!!

      Hey Doug…I’m not Canadian…in fact I’m probably 1000mi. from Ottawa, but I can see from here that…


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