You have to know that Globalism is real, when officials across the pond and their propaganda outlets all use the same newfangled buzzwords.

I was grocery shopping in the aftermath of the epic-blizzard-that-wasn’t on Wednesday, when I saw local newspaper headlines, that joked about “Flake News”.

Then I saw the UK’s Financial Times’ headline screaming, “Berlin plans €50 fines for hate speech and fake news,” whereby social media companies like Facebook and Twitter will be fined for every incident of hate speech and fake news, which they do not promptly remove.

“Fake News” (whatever THAT really means) has now been officially equated with “Hate Speech” by the Globalist Mainstream Media. But it’s perfectly fine to kill 1M Iraqi civilians and 400k Syrian civilians and 40k Libyan civilians, right – and to completely raze these countries to the ground, among several others over the past 16 years.

When I got home, I saw the New York Slimes’ online report of this story, “Europe Combats a New Foe of Political Stability: Fake News”.  Reading the lies spewing from that article were an exercise in upchuck control. Who believes this stuff?

An “anonymous donor” gave the Slimes $1M last week, for them to supply free subscriptions of this propaganda rag to students – all the better to mind control the young with their lies – this is on top of the business loan given to The Grey Lady by Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, who owns the controlling share of the Slimes, his filthy lucre derived from creative Sinaloa Cartel cocaine money-laundering, through a profusion of corporations.

An 11-person committee created by the European Union to address “Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns,” known as East Stratcom, “Serves as Europe’s front line against this onslaught of fake news,” says the Slimes. East Stratcom is made up of diplomats, bureaucrats and former journalists, who track down reports to determine whether they are fake. Then, it “Debunks the stories for hapless readers”. In the 16 months since the team has been on the job, it has discredited 2,500 stories, with many links to – you guessed it – Russia. WikiLeaks’ recent Vault 7 dump has recently revealed the exact methods for how data on the Internet can be made to appear to originate from wherever desired.

For its part, Facebook will be hiring 700 new people in Berlin by year’s end to monitor “Fake News”. I don’t understand why they don’t just use the US Embassy staff in Frankfurt? Aren’t they all on the same team?

You see, Germany is about to have their general elections next month. Germany’s Minister of Justice (equivalent to the US Attorney General), Heiko Maas, like many other members of European governments have observed with some trepidation what happened in the US last year and they don’t want to see their EU gravy train dry up.

The Slimes continues, “In a year when the French, Germans and Dutch will elect leaders, the European authorities are scrambling to counter a rising tide of fake news and anti-European Union propaganda aimed at destabilizing people’s trust in institutions.”

Might it be possible that the European peoples’ growing distrust of institutions has more to do with destructive government policies than with “Fake News”? Of course it’s not only possible but it is absolutely the case – and these lying sacks of garbage know it! But they’re using that ol’ new “Fake News” chestnut to deflect the responsibility for their (purposefully?) failing policies onto the army of non-existent bogeyman, which of course, hails from Russia.

April should be interesting!

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  • AND, I don’t know if anyone else is having problems retrieving, viewing and writing on the altnews media sites or using search engines that do not rack your movements (not that I completely believe that). However, I AM. I’ve compared the operations of many altnews sites with the MSM sites side-by-side. The MSM sites operate perfectly, never pull-down the internet or refuse to operate while I’m on them. While the altnews sites are plagued with these problems.

    I’m in the USA where making a law to silence the opposition can’t happen in the same manner as the EU. Here, we still have some semblance of the Constitution left and rights that are spelled-out–free speech being one. Although Mr. Global, as Catherine Austin-Fitts puts it, is apparently attempting everything he can to stop communication via frustration. If you are having these problems don’t give up. Keep it up! Spit in their eye!

  • It’s clear that the MSM, as the operations mouthpiece of the freaked-out Deep State, is doing all it is directed to do to silent opposition everywhere in the world. They are clearly afraid that the Brexit exodus in the UK and the Trump coup in the USA will be examples for other nations to bring their power monopoly to a halt. What they do not seem to get is these nations’ alternative media, which they seek to silence, are not the nations’ human populations. The populace is thinking differently; they are evolving. Can’t silence that. Let’s all hope that the evolution happens quickly enough to wrist power from the Deep State.

  • Since the Mainstream Media generated ‘Fake News’ label has been adopted as their weapon of choice I only hope even more people wake up to the true extent perception manipulation that is going on. The worrying thing is how it is swallowed without thought to instigate an unconscious predujice. Over here in the UK the BBC is worshipped without question as an independant bastion for truth. George Orwell’s 1984 was a warning not a guide.

    • OMG, a “bastion for truth”? Yikes. Didn’t know that. They lie, lie, lie as the operation mouthpiece of the MSM does everywhere in the free world.


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