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George Webb has launched the deepest, most impressive investigation of Democrat Party corruption and crime, about which he’d been posting daily for the past several months. However, unless you watch his posts daily, it’s hard to keep up with what he’s talking about.

So far, I think that this interview by DC-based Tim Black, posted on March 30th is the most informative and mind-blowing. One prediction Webb makes here is to expect a major leak coming from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Webb’s work, in no way shape or form constitutes a Right Wing hit piece. What we discover here is that, like the murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, George Webb was a Bernie Sanders supporter and his primary motive for launching his investigation was outrage about what he learned from the DNC emails published by WikiLeaks.

Webb comes from a Big Data analysis background and is now working on a 3D printing venture but lately, he’s been on a road trip through Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore, following the leads which are unveiling unfathomable corruption, involving everything from Congressional office break-ins and thefts of hard drives to government-subsidized heroin smuggling to organ harvesting.

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  • It’s impossible to be isolated, coincidental or limited to foreign intrigue.

    It’s a network of criminal mobs working with politicians, the CIA and other agencies. Comey knows! If he blows the whistle, he’s a dead man, but really someone close to his heart will be sacrificed first and he has to know it. The FBI is an evidence black hole. Oh they will take out lower level criminals from time to time, probably to keep the rest in line.

    You don’t hear much anymore about Weiner’s life insurance emails do you? Big enough to choke a team of horses, but it disappeared into the bottomless evidence hole, likely never to be seen again.

    I know how it works on the local level, it’s very effective. The mob ran rings around my legal methods of collection. They could accomplish in a day what might take me a year or more through the courts.

    This is what Trump means by the DC swamp. I’ve heard as much as one third of congress is compromised. It’s international in scope. Americans are naive about how things work and MSM is party to the crimes, so they keep the population in a fog . Thats the way it worked locally and I’ve no doubt it works that way nationally today even more so than before.

    There are only a few like George who “work the streets” and work around bought and paid for establishment editors to get the truth out.

    Without election reform, Trump will be tilting at windmills. He has to get another new crop of legislators, else he will likely be stymied by political cronies to the very end of his political career. Swamp draining is a team effort and Trump has yet to materialize even a focused team.

    • Well if the Dems would stop the being such obstructionists and let Trumps nominations go through he would have his loyal team in place. All of Trump’s sub cabinet nominees are being held up by Schumer and Co.
      How can Trump begin to drain the swamp without a loyal team watching his back?

      The DNC hack brings to the front 2 [yes 2] separate and distinct issues.
      1. Who did hack the DNC? Depending on who did the hack this may be a National security issue, or simply the lack of proper security by the DNC.
      2. If the leaks did in fact affect the election it was the content of the leaked information, not the hack itself, that would have affected the election.
      Neither of the 2 issues are related. It was not the hack itself that affected the election, rather it was the content of the leaked information.
      Actually we should praise whoever leaked the information. The information would never have reached the public without the leak. Deceit cannot survive the light of day!

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