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US Air Force General Tom McInerney joins Dr Dave Janda to discuss the latest impeachment hijinks. He asks, “Why are they doing all these bizarre things that we’ve never seen in the history of this great nation, Dave?

“They are doing it for one reason: they have got to cover up the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States, the Obama Administration…

“They also had to cover up Uranium One, they had to cover up the IRS scandal, they had to cover up Fast and Furious with the Department of Justice and Holder – so, there are a whole host of things that they are trying to cover up…

“The same team that created the Russian hoax is the same team that is creating the Ukraine hoax. The “whistleblower” is not a whistleblower. He’s a treasonous leaker and he is in cohorts with the group of people from…

“His attorney worked for Hillary Clinton and Schumer before, so he’s a dyed-in-the-wool, in-party, Democratic hack who is advising this whistleblower and from very responsible sources, it is evident that the whistleblower complaint was written by a legal firm; lawyers, probably and sent in…

“I think I’ve got to agree with Stephen Miller and you, that Trump is the real whistleblower. He is blowing wide open the Joe Biden-Hunter Biden corruptness that they did against the Ukraine government, as well as the Chinese, $1.5 billion dollars from China, fifty grand a month to be it on a board – are you kidding me? And he knows nothing about energy. Look, I’ve been on seven boards. I know what the pay goes and it’s nothing like that. So, it was very corrupt and the American people must know it…”

The two note that the US has a treaty with the Ukraine on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. This treaty went into effect in 1999 under Bill Clinton, to investigate such matters as Biden’s corruption and how the 30,000 emails that Hillary Clinton deleted after these were subpoenaed by the FBI are saved on the CrowdStrike server, which is located in Ukraine.

Nancy Pelosi and the Deep State want to impeach Donald Trump for enforcing this treaty, without even looking at any evidence against him.

Adam Schiff has had access to the “Whistleblower Report” since early August. As Gen. McInerney says, “John Brennan selected the lawyer that wrote this; he’s intimately involved with it. Why? Because he doesn’t want the Durham Report ever get out; that shows what he did to corrupt the IC and the CIA and he left a lot of moles in there…

“The Deep State team is the team that created the Russian hoax is now creating the Ukraine hoax. They created and were involved, deeply with the Uranium One sale, they were involved with the guns-for-hire – all these areas of corruptness came out through these same people that were in there…

“It’s all the Democratic Party, which is so corrupt. And it’s obvious now, that they have the House and what those chairmen are doing is all corrupt. They’re not doing anything for the American people. This is consuming all their energies and it’s not helping on healthcare, not helping on infrastructure, it’s not helping on the Mexican Canada-US Treaty. None of this is it helping anyone, because they are trying to cover up their corruptness.”

Dr Janda agrees but points out that there’s plenty of corruption on the Republican side. He asks, “Why don’t we have the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham calling for Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to testify in front of the Senate Committee?…Everybody’s pointing at the House…where are the players in the Senate holding similar hearings? Pulling people that are actually involved in this quid pro quo issue with a foreign government such as Biden, Obama, Hunter Biden? Where are they, Tom?”

“Great question, Dave. Where is the Senate Intel Committee? Where are they right now? Why are they looking into this matter? Why is Lindsey Graham not doing it? He’s speaking out forcefully but what is his committee doing?

“They need to be getting Joe Biden and Hunter Biden up there and ask Hunter Biden, ‘Why did you get $1.5 billion from China and $50,000 a month as a board rep?’ Go around and look at all the board members and see what board members get fifty grand a month for being on the board.”

Dr Janda points out, “These guys have information to take down this whole Ukrainian Hoax thing, the impeachment reason du jour and it’s not happening. Why? I’ll tell you why. I think and it all goes back to The Hammer and the leverage the Deep State has on these guys through illegal surveillance.”

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  • There is one among the rebels whose own genetics make him a big target of the mind control dark ops.

    His birthdate numbers are 9556. Here is how it breaks down. 69, or 96 = MK Ultra.

    9+5+5+6 = 9+10+6 = = 9+1+6.

    Thus, having inserted a 1 between the 9 and the 6 at birth, together with this light being’s intial programming of an introvert empath, this light being was given a genetic key to overcome the mind control, which he himself was not aware nor did he know until recently. Sorry for the 3rd person speak.

    Monarch programming works on this individual for a limited time and then he overcomes and reveals all. They do not know what to do with “him.” There is a 2,200 post thread on GLP dot com about this subject and the dark ones divulge their frustration and strategise on the site’s back pages.

    Certain words are misspelled in the British choice. Rolls doesn’t roll quite as much as b4.

    Know this, many chemtrails have been stopped. If you have chemtrails still, publicize it online and the good guys will see it. They have stopped here about 98%.

    Anyone and sometimes all of us are the 1. Genetically speaking, I was chosen for this. Now you know.

    The publicizing of what they have been doing is being watched by good guys too, and it is enabling a flow of info that leads to resolution. The good guys are coming. DO NOT give up, whoever you are, wherever you are, keep the faith in your own ability to fight and endure incredible suffering circumstances. Publicize if you can. Do NOT give into the fear-based control system. The real consciousness that will get you to higher dimensions is NOT found in a peace created inside of you based on surrender. That is the enemy inside of you. The real consciousness is the fighter who gives it his/her all to overcome against all odds, and then goes on victorious regardless of the final outcome. Victory in spirit.

    The consciousness movement is heavily compromised with deep state including entire misinfo and controlled oppo web sites. GLP dot com is controlled oppo. Do NOT post there or give personal info. Project bluebeam is real. They were close.

    • Energy Rabbit Hole

      Since their attempt at mass control is nearing, I wanted to share this

      The dark side focuses on the physical and metaphysical to control you and the masses.

      As we enter this rabbit hole, all around us that we see is psychical. And yet as we move deeper, we sense the element that bonds psychical matter to itself and to others.

      Deeper still, we see that consciousness resides within and outside of the psychical and sub psychical. The conscious is the limit to their ability to control.

      Okay, so what is left. What is it that they cannot control?


      This is also what we refer to as spirit. And thus, having held onto this, the adventurer’s quest will be to re-emerge from the spirit using his/her energy and unique energy signature to come back into the physical.

      IOW, if you don’t give up, solutions will emerge to you from within and without, that will guide you if you listen and watch for them.

      Here’s a few of these “things” that have been given to me as I was being attacked and controlled.

      * If being attacked by microwaves, put your large orgonite pyramid in the body area that is being attacked. The orgone changes deadly radiation to positive radiation and, is thus, non-harmful to you. Your pain will greatly be reduced.Make sure you get orgonit devices based on the designs of Don Croft. Several resellers out there for your budget purposes…I am NOT a profiter on this or anything else mentioned, except in my own spirit.

      * Get a Zapper that is a subtle energy source operated by wire or battery. It will completely remove the morgellons (and nobody else will tell you this) but it also helps in the area of your mind control. Place it on the white puck marks left by the chemtrail and aerial sprays that are shot at you. Once placed on the white puck marks, it will begin disengage the neural network attached to those spots. Find all of your puck marks left a loved one’s help. There are alpha sites that really f-up the network big time…a Zapper is indispensable. Carol Croft has two models. I have the cheaper one and suggest that EVERYONE begin there. You can also get these cheaply through her resellers.

      * You have spirit guides and will be surprised, enthused and logically dumbfounded when they’ve revealed themselves to you. KEEP OPEN to the reality beginning to emerge that is here to guide you through. This is essential. Be aware that the trickers are aware and will mind control you by their disquises, their gangstalking tactics, and all other types of disinfo to dishearten you (again, you control the spirit – they cannot, thus the tricks to get you from outside). You will learn to see them for what they are as you go along.

      The grand master who calls him/herself by name is named whatever name you are inspired to call him/her. Yes, he/she defies and includes both genders and it is inside you and will introduce itself to you at the appointed time. The deceivers love playing “God” so again, you will learn by stepping on the flames but you will survive as long as you keep the control of your own energy spirit.

      Good luck. Read Carlos Casteneda’s first two book for hints.

      No warrior is a hero in his own home town.

      No spirit can reach the destination without the willingness to leave everything else behind. No attachments.

      Those scientific and logical-based ones will not get down the rabbit hole. Those zealous about religion that you’ve been taught will not see a thing. All others tread cautiously and watch for your helpers.

      100% sobriety and no big pharma. Find solutions to anxiety and depression, etc with herbs.


  • Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her criminal Tribe should have 2 choices, 1. return to Israel and stay with the rest of your corrupt Tribe. Take away their dual citizenship. 2. Or be executed for Treason. America needs a serious deep state enema.

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