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James Corbett and James Evan Pilato have been doing the #NewWorldNextWeek show for over a decade and they’ve honed their bubbly delivery of dystopian developments like a finely-tuned machine.

Among the stories covered in this episode is the recent $10.9 billion cancer settlement between Bayer and 100,000+ claimants, where Bayer doesn’t have to admit guilt, doesn’t have to remove Round-Up and other glyphosate-based products from the market and doesn’t have to put any warning labels on these products.

BIOMILQ is a new infant formula company that just received a $3.5 Million investment from a fund backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Michael Bloomberg – or as Pilato calls them, “A rogue’s gallery of New World Order Illuminati Superfriends.”

BIOMILQ will be produced by cultured mammary epithelial cells, to “help reduce the carbon footprint from the current global infant formula market,” (because cow farts). Fortune Business Insight says this market, which represents about 10% of the dairy business will surpass $103 billion by 2026.

Pilato notes pithily that, “The New World Order, the Brave New World, the Deep State or whatever you want to name it, one of their main MOs is essentially stealing the real and selling us back some fake version. They do it in music, they do it in food, they do it in politics, they do it in every single area; they occult it and give us their sort of fake, phony version.”

Meanwhile, the judge in a historic trial examining the dangers of water fluoridation has delayed the ruling, “so the parties may consider new evidence on fluoride.”

The Nova Scotia shooter case, the largest mass-shooting in Canada’s history, which resulted in 22 deaths and caused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban 1,500 kinds of “assault-type” fire arms a couple of months ago is beginning to look like so many FBI false flag operations we’ve seen on this side of the border.

It’s emerged that the suspect, Gabriel Wortman withdrew $475,000 in cash prior to the massacre, which reportedly “matches the method the RCMP uses to send money to confidential informants and agents.” Wortman was driving a very convincing mock Mounty cruiser, which the RMCP said did not belong to them and he was wearing a genuine RCMP uniform. His convincing disguise is being cited as “among the reasons the attack became so deadly.” The RCMP has repeatedly said that it had no “special relationship” with Wortman.

RCMP denials are doing little to dissuade many in Canada that the shooting wasn’t staged to trigger legislation to disarm Canadians during the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown.

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