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This is a great, intimate interview with Scottish Sys Admin, Gary McKinnon, a self-described “Nerd Who Went Too Far”, describing his unexpected experience of becoming an Enemy of the State of the US. McKinnon weighs in on the veracity of the Apollo Moon Missions, as well as on the missions to Mars and much, much more in this unpretentious and unprecedented interview.

In 2002, Gary McKinnon was arrested for visiting the unprotected pages on NASA’s network and on other US military computer systems.

From his basement in London, using nothing more than a cheap Windows PC and a 56k modem, he viewed the files of the world’s most powerful military organizations.

What McKinnon did cannot be construed as “hacking”, because there was virtually no security on these websites he visited.

McKinnon did not need to do any hacking to gain access to these files. The files were publicly available for all who had access to the Internet, using Windows platforms on PCs, requiring no security passwords. He says he saw IPs from countries all over the world visiting these sites at the same time that he was on them.

Nonetheless, the US Government requested his extradition and put him through Hell for over a decade.

What was the real reason for his public lynching? Were the masses being psychologically trained to envision a new type of terror threat?

Possibly – but McKinnon did access a NASA project charged with air-brushing out the UFO images captured by satellites, as described by NASA employee, Donna Hare, in Dr. Steven Greer’s 2001 ‘Disclosure Project’.

McKinnon also stumbled upon an Excel file with a list of “Non-terrestrial Officers” as as well “Non-terrestrial Ships”, on the site of the US Navy, which named names and named vessels.

For whatever it’s worth, in the urban legend known as the Montauk Project, the US Navy is alleged to have long been deeply involved in interstellar and interdimensional exploration.

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