Gag Order Failed | Forensic Results of Dominion Machines Stealing Votes LEAKED!

Cyber teams which examined Dominion Voting Systems machines in Antrim County, Michigan last weekend have found concrete proof of massive cyber election fraud, according to CDMedia.

The forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines had been authorized on December 4th by an Antrim County judge after it was found that the Dominion machines had flipped 6,000 votes in the historically Republican county from Trump to Biden.

On December 12th, another judge allowed Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to block the results of this forensic audit. However, some of the team’s findings were leaked to CDMedia, who published it yesterday.

It was found that the voting machines had been connected to the Internet (which is illegal in the United States) and that fake ballots were sent in batches for “adjudication” in either Germany or Spain. “Adjudication” is a Dominion override function that is meant for a marginal number of ballots – not for 106,000 ballots, as was the case in Fulton County, Georgia.

CDMedia’s source, who took “great risk” in getting out this information said, “The evidence of fraud was not where we were looking. It was cleverly hidden in the error rate.”

The error rate for ballot verification was set to 1000s of times the legal rate and then massive amounts of fake ballots were sent to Europe, where they were “approved” and tabulated.

In this video, Salty Cracker – who’s called “salty” for a reason, as you’ll soon see – reports that, “Now, this information is in the hands of Gen Flynn and his team…

“These BLM people [working at the polls], they scanned the votes into the machine and the machine was like, ‘Error! Error! Error!’ and so they said, ‘OK,’ set it off to the side for adjudication, all of these errored ballots, which were dumped into these places.

“These errored ballots went over to Spain, went over to Germany, probably through our CIA and they worked out the math. They needed to make sure that there were enough stolen ballots…that wouldn’t be too easy to catch – but we broke the algorithm.

“So they panicked and they adjudicated hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of these bullshit ballots into the system for Joe Biden. And now, it’s all breaking! We got the f***ing machines! We audited 22 of these machines, we’ve got the receipts! It’s all breaking out!

“This is why they put a gag order on us, this is why they silenced us!..This is why the censorship is skyrocketing up! This video can’t even be on YouTube, even if I wasn’t banned on YouTube right now. There’s no way this video would be allowed on YouTube. You’re not going to be able to talk about this on Twitter, you aren’t going to be able to talk about this on Facebook.

“FFS, yesterday, Donald Trump put a tweet out – they banned the likes and the comments section for his tweet!…

“The ‘Safe Harbor’ deadline [YouTube’s justification for removing all videos that refer to election fraud] don’t mean sh**. The Electoral College on the 14th – that don’t mean sh**! The 20th – the Inauguration, at this point – I don’t think that means sh**!

“If Donald Trump declares war on China and identifies Joe Biden, Dominion, the DNC, all of these poll workers…as enemy combatants, you’re not gonna get a f***ing Inauguaration on the 20th! None of these deadlines matter when you’re in f***ing war!

“What was it? The Election of 1860 wasn’t settled until 1865? We might be in that situation, right now! We might get 12 more years of Trump, because it might take a while to work all this sh** out of the system.

“But there you have it. We have these people dead-to-rights. This is why none of the courts want to hear the information that we have…they don’t want to be blown up. We’ll take it to the military courts, to dudes that are used to being blown up! Who want to make sure that this country isn’t overthrown by these ChiComs.

“There’s a bunch of people that would rather fight China in a military tribunal…than on a military battlefield. And we’ll take it to those people – we’ve got the receipts!

“Again, the f***ing receipts have now been leaked. It’s over, Joe!…You better concede or we’re going to throw your ass in prison!”

On September 12, 2018, President Trump issued an Executive Order to impose sanctions for interference in our elections by foreign powers. It calls for the Director of National Intelligence, who is currently John Ratcliffe to issue a report no later than 45 days after the election, on December 18th, which is next Friday.

If Ratcliffe admits this evidence, the EO calls for the blocking of all property held in the US by the perpetrators.

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  • Canada needs to be investigated with the treasonous Justin Trudeau, Castro’s son. I believe Canadians were definitely compromised with voting machines and Soros investment for Trudeau. Canadians have NO FREE PRESS….. FEW FIGHTERS…… FEW CANADIANS KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON……China has a grip on Canada. Canada needs help from the great American people and President Trump to free the tyrannical grip on the Canadian people. Head medical officer – CHINESE, Head of Defense for Canada -EAST INDIAN….very few REAL CANADIAN PATRIOTS represent the Canadian people.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONAIRES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ conspired with the News Media and Big Tech and the Democrats’ to remove Donald Trump and to flip then Senate. They may well have bought Judges, perhaps even Federal Judges. Only God can open up a path way for Trump to come back from the jaws of defeat to win reelection this

  • wow…..oh wow…….bit my nails down to the quick

    BUT THIS IS CERTAINLY CURTAINS FOR SLEEPY JOE [and for Sooooooo many slime bucket pols and judges, CEOs, bankers and media people.]


    dennis morrisseau 802 645 9727

  • Sad. The content is substantial, but the messenger is a filthy mouthed juvenile moron. B/c of that I can’t share this. How does this serve, idiot. Grow up!

    • Spoken like a true democrat sissy, afraid of spreading the truth. Using the F word a few times negates the value of the content? Idiot!!

  • Hey, wash your mouth out with soap B4 you go public okay…you come across as a juvenile, moronic ANTIFA/BLM member despite being in your 30’s…you seem to delight in the prospect of war as some kind of an exciting adventure…its not a video game, dude. Families with little infants and children are very vulnerable right now…grow up!

  • I find it ironic, if not devastating, that here in the UK, naive citizens queue up for what is an unproven vaccine, like lemmings pouring off the cliff-edge.

    Our solid belief in our medics would be heartening if it were not so pathetic.

    Our Doctors are trained by the Pharmaceutical Industry, simply to recognise the opportunities in each of us to administer one or more harmful drugs. Drugs that often do far more harm than good!

    Sadly our somewhat obese PM, Boris Johnson and his fiancée are avid supporters of our failing NHS. Boris’ solution is to pour yet more millions of our hard-earned money into this unfit institution. Likewise, he seems to have an unhealthy faith in the range of unsafe vaccines to be foisted upon us, in the name of supposed ‘protection’ and ‘good health’.

    Ever since the original bogus vaccine produced by Louis Pasteur to supposedly protect from anthrax, vaccines have been the Pharmaceutical Industries licence to print money, whilst totally disregarding our long term health.

    Here in the UK, we seem remote to the struggles ongoing in the US, where Joe Biden, China’s puppet Presidential candidate, is falsely being declared ‘President-Elect’ by the Main Stream Media, including our left-wing, anti-social, undemocratic BBC.

    Due to relentless propaganda by the MSM, we, here in the UK have had President Trump demonised before our eyes, every day of the week for the past four years. Yet without Donald Trump being re-elected, or staying in office through a State of Emergency, we here in the UK will rapidly see our personal choice and freedoms eroded as the Globalists quickly take over our world and strip us of our freedoms and in many cases ‘our lives’!

    If you do not already know of the frightening ramifications of the dramatic depopulation intentions of The United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 decree, then I urge you to wake up and smell the coffee!

    The ‘Vaccine’ is why the Chinese released Covid-19 upon an unsuspecting and unprepared world. It is not about ‘health’ but ‘Control’.

    To control each of us 24/7, to modify our DNA in ways that you cannot imagine. To limit or remove our personal freedoms, that just nine months ago, you would not have felt possible. If you do not believe me, look what is happening in Communist China. The longer-term ramifications are horrific!

    And yet as we go about our lives, intent upon the trivia of our existence; we are at great peril through our determination to stick our heads in the sand.

    Even, if you do not believe one word of what I am saying, please for the sake of your health and those of your children and grandchildren, watch this short 6-minute video presented by two non-pharmaceutical, honest doctors of integrity?

    Finally, because both speak of America, do not under any circumstances delude yourself into thinking that it will not happen here, in the UK, tomorrow!

  • I don’t know who this guy is but he sure needs to clean up his language. It’s hard to to listen to his good info because of his unclouth language.

    • Typical…shoot the messenger because you either don’t understand the message or you don’t like it!

    • Agree. He’s excited, but I can’t share this, it’s disrespectful of mainstream good people and comes across as rude and uncouth. I KNOW that’s not his intent, but parents, insist that your kids NOT CURSE in mainstream conversations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I was looking at the article in the Austrian Parliament whereupon Coco-Cola tested Positive to the useless, never peer-review-tested PCR test for Covid-19 and found the comments I have appended below. Apparently, there is some truth in the claims?

    Just heard though the medical grapevine: Australia stops administering vaccine because of HIV + test after vaccination !
    130 Reply
    Well whadaya know.
    Fauci came up with a vaccine for HIV/AIDS after all.
    Too bad it’s almost 39 YEARS later. Remember: he wanted a complete shutdown for HIV/AIDS too!
    What was that? You say Fauci’s solution is GIVING PEOPLE HIV/AIDS????
    120 Reply
    Yes, I read that article too. Apparently, the manufacturers are adding protein strips from the HIV virus to the soup. I wonder what else they are putting in it ? A little herpes maybe ?
    Or some bats wings, toadstools, or ground up birdie feet ? After all, what do they care ? YOU are the guinea pig.

  • Now its time to prove to all Americans that there is justice in the United States that doesnt matter what your name is and what position you hold. You all know who all these people are. Send them to Gitmo and warm up the firing squads.

    • Personally, I would rather have his colourful language displaying his honest, transparent glee at ‘Evil’ being caught-out, than the slick ‘Evil’ inspired, pretentious language of say, Obama!

      For me, I know which has the filthier mouth!

  • This is great news, till now i was frightened that the DemonRats were going to succeed and steal the election, all because the courts did not want to become a target for the Antifa traitors, so they took the cowards way out, knowing this had to be dealt with, but not us, way too dangerous, the constitution is too explosive too the left. Love to all Patriots from the UK.

  • Sounds like things are heating up down South of where I live. Regardless of where this goes ,the most important thing is that the corruption is blown up wide open .People need to see just how corrupt politics have become .World wide !

  • Dear Alexandra,

    What nobody in the UK realises is, that the 2016 Brexit Vote was similarly rigged!

    Adolf Hitler was helped to escape to Brazil by his daughter at the end of the war. A daughter no-one knew that he had.

    It was she, that set up the European Union Project as a foretaste of the Globalist New World Order. Hence our PM Boris Johnson finds them belligerent and unrelenting!

    The 2016 Brexit Vote was rigged by the usual culprits, MI6 in conjunction with the CIA, in orchestration with that rat, whom did not qualify to stand for Presidency; namely the quite despicable, smooth-tongued Obama.

    If the UK residents knew that they did not win the Brexit vote by merely 18 million; but that they won it by over 29million!

    All hell would be let loose!

    And so, it should!

    The Secret Service Organisations of both our countries are riddled with corrupt, ‘Evil’, paedophiles.

    We recently had a police enquiry shut down in this country over paedophilia amongst high ranking politicians, the military and others in high office, including the despicable Ted Heath. Needless to say, MI6 lent on M I5 to keep the despicable individuals from being found out.

    I would love to name names but sadly my guys are not listening!

    • Likewise that is how Macron was elected!

      Just as in your recent US Election, Marine Le Pen was winning and then suddenly it all suddenly went to the despicable little jumped-up Macron.

    • Christopher, You are merely confirming what I suspected about Doris’s 2019 election – all the UK elections are rigged! I would like any information that you could share as I want to create a stink so bad that everyone in the UK gets to smell it. I know it was MI5 that rigged the Scottish Referendum so we need to blow this deception and corruption wide open. – John from Scotland

  • Keep digging theres massive fraught! Is well cover and protected ! But we will bringing to light! ! America is about transparency and honesty! ! Dems are about lias cheating and fraudulent globalist corrupt criminals communist organizations !


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